☀@daily_astrology_🌛 * * – June 15th * * Today is all about the big (annual) Sun Saturn opposition, here is my interpretation of its message.☀️ Together they form a Tsquare with Chiron, bringing up how the past experiences that wounded or hurt us continue to effect our present reality. These past situations have left imprints on our unconscious mind. Going as far back as past lives & the stored trauma that is still effecting us today. Influencing the way we take in, understand & perceive what happens in our daily life. Effecting the function of our belief systems & our mindset while influencing how we interpret our present reality. With a Kite pointing towards Saturn, on the fixed star Shaula, showing that in this fated time, we are experiencing spiritual pressure towards our enlightenment. Working to collectively move us through what we have not been able to do for our selves. The Sun on the fixed star Alnitak, speaks of good fortune & lasting happiness. Pointing to the way we internalize what happens in our life & how we make sense of our experiences. Wanting us to see bigger. To rid ourselves of our destructive beliefs & find outlooks that allow us to adapt to life & its circumstances while maintaining our inner radiance.💫 Be observant of your own mental nature & make conscious choices to stop the downward spiral of negative thoughts that keep you in fear, limitation, pain, worry, pessimism, doubt etc. This isn’t about denying what needs to be healed, this is cleaning up what is left behind mentally, from what has already been healed. Neptune ironically is at a complete stop & being joined by the Moon. This is a very emotional, powerful, spiritual transit all while its squaring Mercury (our mind). Wanting to us to mentally let go, release, surrender, allow, love & forgive. To forgive yourself. Let go of the guilt, the suffering, the blame, the judgement, the story. Refocus on you. Refocus on what feels good. Stay in it. Surround yourself with it. Because you are worthy of that reality. Build your life surrounded with all the things that make you feel good. This is your sovereign space and it’s time to reclaim it💖🔥🙏

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