* * If you’ve been slogging through the mud of blockages and frustrations * * or feeling the austerity of defeat and obstruction, * * take the day off to enjoy an art gallery, crafts fair or happy summer entertainment. * * Let go of the grind leave the slog of chores for another day and do something creative. * * Define yourself different for a few hours by changing the routine. * * And while you’re at it ; * * change how you look on the outside ; * * walk tall and look more confident ; * * and if you don’t feel it..; * * fake it till you make it * * and that can be the beginning of a transformation on the inside. * * * ☀ 🍀 #Awareness #Authenticity #moving_forward #I_am #inspiration #peaceofmind #Integrity #Balance #Love_Unconditionally #energy #enlightenment #healing #Letting_go_of_what_no_longer_serve_us 💫 ✨ 🌠 #light #Let_it_ALL_go_and_create_anew #harmony #life #SoulHappiness #thoughts #creativity #creative_force 🌛 #TheBridgeToFreedom ☀ #AstroMouda 💕 #Nothing_But_The_Best ❥ http://ift.tt/2iOTbR0 ♥

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