☀ ✨ 🌙 * * Your Sun sign is Aquarius 6.1 ♒ (♑in the 10th 🏡). * * The Sun: * * Characterizes temperament, identity and the way others perceive you, it is your source of energy. * * This sign of Zodiac is associated with planet Saturn and Uranus, that’s why people born under this sign, are motivating, flexible and understanding. * * But their character is a bit contradictory. * * They are serious and at the same time sociable. * * If they are in a good mood they don’t have any problem with making fun of themselves. * * In the same time they are prudent, contemplative, they can very precisely estimate the situation so it’s very difficult to deceive them. * * They desire to make their own way, make their own rules which are different from those set by convention. * , People born under this sign, are mostly open-minded, stubborn and sometimes, they succumb to someone others influence. * * Thanks to their conscientiousness and generosity they are always ready to help, but in unobtrusive and reserved way. * * They are tolerant of other people style of life. * * They also have extraordinary intellectual capabilities. * * One of their vices is incapability to make real their good ideas because they are inclined to change their opinions very often. * * That’s why their behaviour is sometimes unpredictable, but sudden changes are premeditated because Aquarians aren’t impulsive. * * They succumb often to depressions without any reason and then they become hesitant and due to bad decision they can lose good opportunities. * * Thanks to their flexibility they make contact with new people and establish new friendships easily. * * These relations are later very important for them, but not for them, but not more than their own individuality. 💕 ☀ 🍀 #Astrology #Awareness #Authenticity #moving_forward #I_am #inspiration #peaceofmind #Integrity #Balance #Love_Unconditionally #energy #enlightenment #healing 💫 ✨ 🌠 #light #Let_it_ALL_go_and_create_anew #harmony #life #SoulHappiness #thoughts #creativity #creative_force 🌛 #TheBridgeToFreedom ☀ #AstroMouda 💕 #Nothing_But_The_Best ❥ http://ift.tt/2iOTbR0 ♥

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