☀ ✨ 🌙 Today’s reading 📖 * * You are probably already inclined to be thinking positively; this is a time to do so specifically. * * What are the changes that you would like to make or see in your life? * * Make a list. * * You can accomplish nearly anything that you set out to do now. * * Think big. * * Work * * should be going very well now. * * If you’re not happy in your current position, this is a time when you can expect new opportunities to come flying into your life if you are open to them. * * Be ready for them. * * Dust off your resume, read tips and tactics about making positive career changes, and when opportunity knocks, be prepared to answer. * * * This is an excellent time to meet someone new if you are in the market for a new relationship. * * If you’re ready for love, get out and mingle. * * A new relationship could happen at any time. * * If you’re already committed, your relationship may move to new, higher, more fulfilling levels. * * * Again, this is a very powerful positive omen. * * You will do better financially than you imagined. * * This is a great time to take risks (only those you can afford.) to ask for more money at your job, and to sell things. * * You’ll have everything that you need, more than likely, and then some. * * Enjoy it. * * * This should be a fabulous time, health wise. * * If you are waiting on test results of some kind, they are likely to be very good results. * * You’ll be calm, and inspired. * * Take good care of yourself, though. * * * 💕 ☀ 🍀 #Astrology #Awareness #Authenticity #moving_forward #I_am #inspiration #peaceofmind #Integrity #Balance #Love_Unconditionally #energy #enlightenment #healing #Letting_go_of_what_no_longer_serve_us 💫 ✨ 🌠 #light #Let_it_ALL_go_and_create_anew #harmony #life #SoulHappiness #thoughts #creativity #creative_force 🌛 #TheBridgeToFreedom ☀ #AstroMouda 💕 #Nothing_But_The_Best ❥ http://ift.tt/2iOTbR0 ♥

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