🎑 ♐ ☀ ♊ * * Boats are safe in the harbor but that is not what boats are for. * * #Full_Moon_in_Sagittarius * Discovering Truth * June 9th * * GOOD MIXTURE OF EXPANSION & CONTAINMENT * * * The need for clear boundaries becomes a pressing concern with the Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn on June 9. * * The June 9 full moon at 18°53′ Sagittarius Sign is in Ophiuchus Constellation Sometimes called the 13th Sign of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus the Snake Holder gives passion and a blindly good heart. * * But also waste, seduction, hostility, unconscious desires. * * This energy can cut through illusion and reconnect us with our truth. * * The Moon conjoins Saturn, bringing a potentially harsh but useful reality check to the ways we may have fallen out of integrity with our inner faith and ideals. * * This also resurrecting old feelings from last year’s Saturn Neptune square. * * With Sagittarius’s naturally expansive attitude muted by Saturn, it may be harder to feel optimistic as old ideals (Neptune) are released to make way for reality (Saturn). * * When the Moon opposes the Sun in mind oriented Gemini, discriminating between what is real and what isnt ; is integral to understanding the big picture (Sagittarius♐). * * 💕 THE UNIVERSE lS SMlLlNG ON YOUR HOPES & DREAMS. * * * “Marriage principally teaches the tougher virtues such qualities as humility, restraint, order, and forethought.” Rudyard Kipling * * The energy of Saturn also teaches retraint and since he’s involved with today’s Full Moon, there’s a mixture of sensible caution to hold back along with the enthusiasm of Jupiter to move forwards and that combination is helpful for business and financial projects that are launched now. * * * Add to that the auspicious waves of acknowledgment from Venus (in Taurus) and Mercury (in Gemini) and you have a winning sequence for success. * * * BRING IT DOWN TO EARTH by being restrained and orderly. * * Use the coiled up energy of this moment to speak your intentions out loud and create a ritual that will drive your willpower towards achieving goals. Best timing (2-3 pm GMT). * * * #JenniStoneAstrology 💫 #Awareness 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀

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