☀@janet_gracey🌛 ✨ New full moon rising in Sagittarius today. . This weighty full moon will bring up our deep subconscious emotions, aligning us on our true path or soul purpose. At times it may appear the emotions are hard to control, but it is but only giving you the opportunity to sift through all that arises and reassess where you are putting your attention. If the emotions become to much, just remember this is also only transient. . A new moon of inner growth, inviting us to master our emotions and clear out all that is not serving us, letting it go and making room for new possibilities that are in alignment with our highest purpose and life path. . Tonight is a wonderful time to meditate on your emotions, what is really going on beneath the surface, connecting with our heart centre, facing truths about what is working and not working in our lives and overcoming, removing our attention from all the superfluous, knowing that all that comes up is but to only help us grow in the absolute truth of ourselves. . Open your heart, go deeper into your emotional centres, look for the truthful lessons, grieve if necessary and move forward with new possibilities deeper into what your soul truly desires. . Peace, love and light. . 📷 Gostica.com . . . . #selflove #growth #youareenough #lookandsee #loveandlight #goodvibes #spiritualgrowth #soulpreneur #soul #believe #truth #freedom #manifest #manifestations #focus #hippie #universe #awakening #iam #awakened #higherperspective #energyhealing #downloads #higherself #highvibrations #knowyourself #heartcenter #enlightenment #mystic #magic

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