☀ ✨ 🌛 It’s possible that you are feeling ambivalent about a relationship or situation in your life. * * It could be that your heart is telling you one thing, and your head, another. * * In general, the thing to do is (within the bounds of your morality) to follow your heart. * * Some people say there are only two modes that any of us are operating under at any time; and that’s “fear” or ”love.” ✨ Then you can: choose 😍 🌻 * You may be facing a choice or decision in relation to work. * * Analyze all available information, then make your best choice. * * It’s possible that what you initially interpret as a bad thing will turn out to work in your favor. * * Be cautious about mixing business with romance; if you chose to go there, make sure you know exactly what the stakes are. * * This time is likely to bring LOVE in capital letters to the center stage of your life. * * This is either a new relationship, or a powerful re-bonding of an old one. * * Either way, you will be quite happy about how romance is going and others will likely remark that you are “glowing.” * ✨ This is serious stuff. * 🍀 It could mean, even in a new relationship, when you are meeting each other’s families and talking about “forever.” * ☀ * Again, share your joy with those around you who need it. * * Life will feel blissful to you now, which is wonderful. * * Things are likely to be going so blissfully for you romantically that it would be easy for you to lose track of where you are with your personal/financial life. * * Most things can wait, of course, but some things absolutely can not so just be sure that you don’t lose sight of the things you really must do. * * If you are facing health challenges, know that the right partner to help you get back to wholeness will come to you. * * Whether that’s a traditional doctor, nurse, or healer depends a great deal on your preferences and choice in life. * * Again, if you are facing challenges, think deeply about your current understanding about health and wellness, and undertaking any healing affirmations/forgiveness work that you may need to do. ✨ #Authenticity 🌻 #Awareness 💕 #Nothing_But_The_Best 🍀

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