💕 #Palmistry 🌠 The range of ur heart line reveals that u’ll learn harsh lessons of love in life. But in the end, they will make u wiser & will help u grow with the right person. Be careful of acting casually without thinking about the impact of ur actions. This habit of yours may make u ostracized by ur family & ur partner may not b 2 happy with it. The clarity of ur heart line shows that u r a passionate lover. U’ll be very sincere about ur relationships, considerate & respectful towards others. The curvature of the heart line shows that u’ve great skills at attracting someone from the other gender. Wherever u go, u’ll create an atmosphere full of romance & positivity. 🌠ur mind-line shows that u have an excellent memory & concentration. U’ve been blessed with the power of focus & u can concentrate on ur work 4long hours without getting distracted. Your head line tells that ur a very simple & straightforward person. & u also have a tendency to act before thinking of the outcomes of ur actions. Hence u’d look at all possibilities before making a major life decision. The course of ur head line tells that u’ve very strong people skills. Ur very likely to find immense success in fields such as mass media, public relations, literature or social sciences. 🌠ur life line shows that u have a strong character. U leave a very strong impression on others. U can utilize ur strengths to ur advantage & at the same time work towards converting ur weaknesses into strengths. The span of ur life line indicates that at times, you will feel very exhausted & might run out of energy quickly. Hence u’d wisely conserve ur energy as u go through ur daily activities. U’d also try to devote more energy towards love & relationships, as these might be the worst affected by lower energy levels. Ur life line reveals that ur destined to travel a lot. International travel is also shown in the palm, specifically for professional purposes. Ur blunt yet charming nature will make u the centre of attention in crowds. U may be the social butterfly but u also are the perfect one to have the late~night, deep conversation with. 💕 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2oSQaCl

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