💐 🌠 💕 “Your #living is determined not so much by what #life brings to you as by the #attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your #mind looks at what happens.” — #Kahlil_Gibran 💫 ‘The card is a combination of‘ two other cards Mother and Preacher. In an astrological plan it is located between the planets Moon and Jupiter, and the signs of Cancer and Sagittarius. Mnemosyne is an ancient Greek goddess of the Titans; she bore Zeus nine daughters and more specifically, the Muses. She is known as the goddess of memory and knowledge, everyone benefits from her power, both the philosopher and the poet. Her eyes are usually closed, because the most important knowledge is turned to the inside; it concerns the person himself, and not the people around or circumstances. Because there is no one single reality; the world is what the given person perceives and interprets. When a personality is in balance with itself, it will be in much more harmonious relations with everything around it. Mnemosyne teaches that there is nothing forgotten and concealed; everything that a man does, thinks, and feels is recorded into the subconscious and can pop out of there at certain moments. So be careful in your thoughts; everything you “cultivate” in your mind has a reflection on you and what happens to you. The card also points that this is a good period to finish old things started long ago in the past; and you may find some information from before that you need; you may meet old acquaintances who might render assistance to you. In other words the past plays a role in the future whenever Mnemosyne appears on the horizon. At the same time, one must not cling onto past events, relationships, emotions. When you #finish the things you #need to, you must #move_on on along your way in #peace. 💫 #TarotCard #AstroInsight #ArabicLiterature #Awareness #Authenticity #Integrity #Balance 🌠 http://ift.tt/2iOTbR0 🍀 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀

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