💕 ♒ #Aquarius_Zodiac_Sign_Facts ☀ 💐 Friendly – humanitarian – Honest – loyal – Original – inventive – Independent – intellectual. In the other hand: Intractable – contrary – Perverse – unpredictable – Unemotional and detached. Aquarian’s like to learn about people. They must know the person deeply before any real friendship can be made. Aquarians love making friends and in some ways consider everyone they meet their friend. When it comes to love and relationships, most are incapable of any real partnership. Aquarius prefers friends rather than lovers. Aquarians love to talk and socialize. If they don’t; they can brake down and develop mental problems. Next to Pisces. Aquarius and Gemini are the smartest Signs. They are open-minded and love to hear what people say They love to learn and build their intelects. They also love good jokes and pranks. Aqaurians love to help people regardless if they know anything about it or not. Aquarians love truth and seek it out wherever it may lie. They hate being in the dark on things. Aquarians love starting things off in huge ways. The typical Aquarian is detached from reality and societies rules. They in a sense “Reject your reality and substitute their own.” Aquarians tend to be random in their actions as their mind changes lightning fast. Aquarians are very contradictory in their actions and beliefs. It can be hard to understand them sometimes. LIKES: Fighting for Causes. Dreaming and Planning for the Future. Thinking of the Past. Good Companions. Having Fun DISLIKES : Full of Air Promises. Excessive Loneliness. The Ordinary. Imitations. Idealist. Planet: Uranus Color: Turquoise Star stone: Turquoise Element: Air Quality: Fixed Aquarius Music: Geeks in Love ~Lemon Demon. 💐 #ASTROLOGY 💫 #AWARENESS 🌠 #AstroMouda ♒ #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀

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