⭐ Happy #Saturn-day 🌠 The oldest recorded observations of Saturn come down to us from the ancient Assyrians, who nicknamed Saturn “Lubadsagush,” or “oldest of the old,” perhaps because of its stately movement across the sky. The ancient Greeks also imbued Saturn with age, naming it after Kronos, the Titan father of Jupiter, who reigned during Hesiod’s Golden Age. The Romans honored this figure with their most popular holiday festival—Saturnalia—the late-December cultural ancestor of Christmas, when, among much other drink and merriment, Roman masters performed table service for their slaves. But none of these ancients knew the full extent of Saturn’s beauty, because none could see its rings, with the possible exception of New Zealand’s Maori people. Descendants of the voyaging Polynesians, the Maori were skilled readers of the sky. “Parearau,” their name for Saturn, means “surrounded by a headband.” 🌈 http://ift.tt/2ltk5So 💫 #Astrology #facts #Awareness #Integrity #Authenticity #BeYourself #SpiritualAwakening #healing #light 💮 #Nothing_But_The_Best 💕

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