💫@rasalilahealing🌠 A whole lot more happening then what can be conveniently said with some astrological terms but with three planets changing directions within a couple weeks it’s no surprise this video comes out later then expected and the video shuts off later then expected. These are days where despite our best intentions we may just keep getting checked by both Saturn and now Mercury retrograde if we don’t expect the unexpected circumstances, sudden changes of directions and disruptions well in advance. It can easily seem that despite our best efforts to come up for a breath of air something will knock back down. Tuesday’s Libra full moon pulls us into different directions as Uranus squares asteroid Vesta presenting an obvious conflict between our desire for instinctual freedom, self-autonomy and individual freedom versus our obligations to the family, our intimate connections and duties to work. The dissatisfaction and restriction holds us down and forces us to look into our underbelly and investigate where the hurt is coming from. Saturn square to Chiron, where Venus now stations, speaks loudly and forcibly: The healing road is the only road. It can be a challenge to take care of ourselves along with so many who are struggling. It’s as if we are all hurting in different places and looking to one another for the different ingredients we need for the cure. Yet when everyone is flailing about and drowning it can make thing difficult. These next couple weeks are our chance to learn and evolve into new standards of living and breathing in love, peace and harmony and we must remember that when we, through that love, take eachother into the depths of our own personal insecurities. There are no good or bad-guys in this journey of healing exploration. Yet the reflection may shine back the parts we’ve resisted, the sadness we’ve hid from, the truth that is hard to bear. The bubble that bursts, the heart that bleeds releases the medicinal sweetness, the mystical cure that mends the wounds and then washes the soul afresh. The sadness, the pain, the beauty, all points to the heart which leads the way and guides our lost souls back into paradise. #rasalilahealing☀

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