🍀 @bodyoflightwellness 💕 🌙 Happy Full Moon! ✨ It’s a Pink Full Moon today 11 April 2017! That’s what the April Full Moon is called in the Northern Hemisphere and this time it will be sitting in the star constellation of Libra. The Libra Full Moon brings in an intense energy of aligning the balance between our heart and mind and as a result, emotions are surfacing to be reviewed. This could be in relation to our relationships, our souls purpose or our strengths and weaknesses. Either way, your circumstances will be steering you toward seeking guidance and clarity to create the transformation required to align this balance. Over the next couple of weeks decisions will need to be made and will be detrimental to how life will flow in the areas that are being highlighted during this phase of the Full Moon. Particularly because of the other cosmic influences at play. We are all being shaken to awaken! The cosmic influences are urging the unconscious to become conscious. Dot x💗 #cosmic #fullmoon #consciousness #evolution #awakening #personaldevelopment #holisticcounselling #chakrabalance #reiki #holistichealth #wellness #mindbodysoul #divinity #inspo #selfdiscovery #growth🌻 ✨ 🌛 #AstroMouda 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀

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