♈☀ ♎🌛 The #period of stagnation has come to an end, and the #timing is ripe for #direct action. Disintegration does not automatically give rise to #peace and #harmony, but requires the action of a strong person capable of shaping a #new_order. ⭐ The moment of #transition has arrived, and conditions are #changing rapidly. But before you take #action, ask yourself, “How could I fail? What could go wrong?” Here #danger besets a person who is overly confident of his or her capacities. Remain #alert and skeptical, and take care to see that all of your assets are well protected. Move cautiously but determinedly, like someone crossing a canyon on a tightrope. There is no going back — and there is no #safety net below. ⭐ Stagnation is on the wane; the dam is about to burst. At such times, it is #essential to act only within the #boundaries of your #authority. Personal exuberance during the #potential breaking of a deadlock can lead to #excesses and error if you are not careful. Use your #intuition, #trust your #instincts. Are the #time and #conditions ripe for you to act? If this is your calling, the #energy of the time will #support you.. ✴ Inferior forces are advancing, so it is best to reduce your visibility. Others of like #mind may follow you into a temporary shelter from events; it is through this means that #plans can be made for #future action. ✴ When events have reached a standstill because of the corrupt influence of inferior people, the wise endure the period of stagnation, and accept suffering willingly in order to preserve their integrity. Avoid submission to inducements that do not serve your long-term interests or violate your #value system. 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀

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