☀ #Gaia_Blooming © 🌛 April 10 2017 🌠 * #Moon in #Libra Conjunct #Jupiter, * Moon Square #Pluto, * #FULL_MOON LIBRA 21 degrees 11:08 pm PDT 🎑 The full Moon is always an interesting time as it does and can instigate us so much energetically. This Full Moon in Libra is bringing yet another energetic focus on the subject of worth and bringing out our gifts. This #energy at 21 degrees is one of #expansion, and it’s true that whatever we #focus on, energetically expands. As the Moon connects to Jupiter on it’s way to fullness, Jupiter expands the energy you are focusing on, and Jupiter retrograde is highly focused on #worth and finding your #inner_harmony and #balance through this retrograde. The Moon will then meet up with Pluto allowing us to #release the #habits of allowing the outside to corral your inner focus. This is at 19 degrees, bringing, once again, that worth energy to the forefront as part of this #transformation. Full Moon happens at 21 degrees at 11:08 pm PDT. ✴ The Full Moon is a state of #opposition between the #Sun and the Moon, but it doesn’t have to be tense as we notice the #nature of the Moon reflecting the #light of the Sun, the SOL… the #soul! 21 degrees is a degree of expansion, so we can remember that where we place our focus with this #lunar energy can expand in our #life, in our #field. Although Libra is the sign of #relationships, the Sun in #Aries reminds us to focus on ourselves, on our light, so that we can send that light out to be #reflected in the #world. The energy #mantra for this energy is Om Vardhanam Namah: #I_am the nourisher of the #universe and the universe nourishes me… This worth focus is important at this time. The world needs us all to step up into our light. Notice your focus!. 🔻 View the video in here: 🔻 http://crwd.fr/2nvuoHk ⭐ ✴ ⭐ ☀

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2nw37UY

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