✨💕✨ To The #Aries_new_moon is always a good time for #new_beginnings. This one has five planets in Aries, so people are fired up, ready to take the initiative. Everybody has their eye on some kind of goal, and is determined to beat out the competition and to succeed.  So this will be a very active lunar cycle, with a lot of rushing forward and a certain amount of jostling. This is also an exciting lunar cycle for communicators, artists, and thinkers, since Mercury and Uranus are together, giving plenty of scientific and creative innovation.  This is a good time to solve problems, especially technical ones.  At the same time, people may have very different approaches, so there could be some conflict. This is a time when outsiders prevail, on all levels. Yet there are reasons why these folks are outsiders, and one reason could be because they lack social graces.  Maybe they’re rude and aggressive.  Maybe they have crazy crackpot ideas.  But times are desperate, so you might find yourself mulling over these ideas.  This could be a real breakthrough, or the beginning of the end, it’s hard to tell. ✨💕✨

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2o4Zt1d

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