✨💕✨ No one can say you are not doing your best! And one can hardly blame you for following your heart and doing your best to eliminate all the paths which are contradictory to what feels right! But when things are not going to plan and you feel frustrated, it is easy to allow your emotions to cloud what your heart truly feels. Rather than getting worked up, you need to now come back to point! That should help to clarify things and let you know how far off the mark your emotions have led you. Seek clarity and it shall be yours! ✨💕✨ Watch for accidents, mishaps, and technical problems, as #Mercury_conjuncts_Uranus. People are feeling #restless and prickly, but it’s a #creative time, and some interesting ideas can emerge. ✨💕✨ #Mars_sextile_Neptune: Time suitable for everything requiring subtle spiritual energy (e.g. #yoga, #meditation, #art…). This configuration supports the fight for ideals (especially those socially oriented) and increases the #chance of a good #outcome. ✨💕✨ #Mercury_square_Pluto: The effort to cheat and manipulate will grow in some individuals (e.g. the sects will intensify their effort to find new members). A tendency to assert dangerous thoughts. Try not to strain your nerves, they are unstable. ✨💕✨ #Jupiter_square_Pluto: The leading characters in the society will be trying to assert their ideals and opinions. The influence of the gangs, dictatorship, religious extremism and mafia practice will expand. Many philosophical systems may undergo a radical change. ✨💕✨ #AstroMouda ✨💕✨ #Nothing_But_The_Best ✨💕✨

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2o4KxjB

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