✨💕✨ A #new_beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with #passion. Your own self-talk is a very #powerful tool in #cultivating your #belief system and ultimately your #results. If you are defeated in your thoughts you will be defeated in your #life. If you are a champion in your thoughts – your success is inevitable. ✨💕✨ This upcoming #new_moon is very fiery, so there will be a great many #independent voices speaking up, and #creative people are especially inspired. With #Mars sextile #Neptune, people yearn for more #meaning in their lives. There’s a stronger #spiritual_awareness. ✨💕✨ There is a softer influence, and that’s the sextile between Mars and Neptune.  This gives more intuition, and helps you ground yourself in your body and on the earth.  Your intuition can help you sort out what’s valuable and what’s not, in all the frenetic activity around you.  Some things, you know, you can just ignore, and so you do.  And they go away. This lunar cycle lasts until the next new moon on April 26.  Its climactic moment is the full moon on April 11. The new moon occurs On Tues, 28 Mar, 3:57 am (GMT). ✨💕✨ #Awareness ✨💕✨ #AstroMouda ✨💕✨ #Nothing_But_The_Best ✨💕✨

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2n4opnG

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