💫 @erikaalaura5 ☀ Do you have any blocks to receiving or benefiting from energy healing? This is so important to clear, because you could go to many different healers, and if you innately have a block to healing, it’s like throwing your money away. You might get a half result, but by releasing what’s blocking you, you can have a full and complete result, a shift from the healing session. A block to receiving healing could be the energy of terror that you’re carrying from a past life. A lot of the energies that I work with in my clearings have to do with past lives. The huge majority of what we experience in this lifetime is a continuation of past life themes. You don’t have to keep playing those energies out, you can clear them. It could be that in a past life you were mentally, emotionally, or physically harmed for spirituality reasons. Maybe you were practicing something some form of spirituality and you were harmed or even killed because of it, so it created a block for you to receive spiritual healing. You can easily clear these blocking energies and programs of self doubt, abuse, bitterness, emotional or mental poverty, which are blocks to real fulfillment in your emotional life. What this means is that your higher self, your soul, your inner being is reviewing the lifetime and having a new understanding about what happened. You’re able to now see it from a new vantage point, so you’re able to really take in the accumulated wisdom of the lifetime, understand what happened, integrate whatever the lessons or the understanding was meant to be, and you’re now releasing the negative on what happened. When you do that, it releases this discordant and negative energies that were a part of your vibration. You can replace it with a new positive vibration of trust, self esteem, appreciation for yourself, love, optimism, energies of a deeper connection to spirit, etc. get in touch with me if you could use my help 🌠@erikaalaura5 💕 #receive #healing #lightworker #healtheworld #letgo #pastlives #soul #spirituality #energyhealing #unconditionallove #energy #highvibes #emotions #clearing #awareness #oldsoul #higherself #guardianangel #connection #alignment ✴

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mAPIuc

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