๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ซโ˜€ @sufianchaudhary โšก๐ŸŒ โœด The darkest storms will forever lead to some of the most enlightened pastures. โ˜€ There is a new phase of spirituality that humanity needs to reach. We have to become ‘Untouchable’. We will either explode in so much Unconditional Love and continually vibrate in the most heightened and beautiful way, manifesting true abundance and positivity, or we will forever be destined to feel the tsunamis that are quickly approaching. The spiritual world is no longer going to support fake spirituality that doesn’t lead anywhere. It’s now time to see who can rise to the surface based on the undying strength of their soul. The energetic flow of our world has hit an asteroid belt and it seems we have some visitors. They are ingraining codes to deconstruct even the most powerful and ancient souls with doubt and fear. The butterfly effects of these codes have risen as energetic disasters. This is now the true testament of what spirituality means. Falling over and getting back up to explode even harder. You are God in human form. You are a golden Creator of Unconditional Love. You are every single Creator that has ever existed. You are the fullness and completeness of Everything in this Universe! Explode your golden energy like a burning Sun of Unconditional Love. You have to reach an Untouchable state and maintain the most pure of vibrations. As ascending beings, we can no longer ignore our flaws and keep sailing like leaky pirate ships. It’s time to leave the war behind. It’s time to forgive everybody involved. It’s time to transcend this life and become an Unconditional Source of Love. The next dimension will be determined by exactly how and what you feel. Surrender to your perfection and the world will soon follow. ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ž #spirituality #spiritual #soul #ascension #enlightenment #bliss #manifestation #awakening #love #indigochild #goodvibes #IAM #spiritjunkie #consciousness #yogi #starchild #yogini #healing #meditation #unconditionallove #wisdom #oneness #weareone #namaste #chakras #zen #master๐ŸŒป โœจ ๐ŸŒ›#AstroMouda ๐ŸŒ  #Nothing_But_The_Best ๐Ÿ€

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mQJIsP

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