🌹💫🌻 @tania_gabrielle 💕☀💞 ✴#Happy_True_NewYear! 🌟 💫 Equinoxes are so powerful – the only time of the year when day is equal to night, no matter where you are on Earth. 🌠 There is no lightness reigning supreme over darkness, there is no darkness overcoming lightness, instead everything is in #balance. ⚡ Whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, this equinox beginning is the perfect time to start thinking about what you would like the next few months to feel like. 🌻 This #Spring Equinox in #Aries – the #beginning of the #Astrological_Year 🌠 signifies a #fresh_start. ☀ #astrology #numerology #inspiration #divine #spirit #sacred 💞 🌠 🌻 ✨ #Awareness #Authenticity #moving_forward 🌛#AstroMouda 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀ 🍀 🎑

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2n8bGUi

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