💕☀🍀 Delve into The #Healing_Vibrations of #Self_Love #Endings & #beginnings have been a #Universal_theme for quite some time & it seems that this #Venus_retrograde is no different. The only #difference here however, is that Venus wants us to #see things through the lens of our #heart & not our #mind. This is one of the most significant #astrological_transits. For it’s quite rare & only happens once every 18 months. Venus is also the celestial body in #charge of your heart #center & your #gut. Because of this, Venus retrogrades are often deeply #healing & #help to #awaken your heart to a new #understanding of #Divine love. Venus retrograded officially on March 4, 2017, however, Venus has already been slowing down since January 31, 2017. Since the end of January, Venus entered into the “#shadow” period, which is a time when Venus starts preparing to go retrograde. On this #preparation day, Venus usually sends a #message and highlights what the retrograde #lessons may be for you. Perhaps think back to what was #happening around this time to see if you can #identify what Venus may be trying to #show you. As the ruler of the Divine #Feminine, Venus has an important #role in our lives. It is Venus that aligns our heart and teaches us how to love. It is Venus that helps remove blockages & barriers from around the heart so we may experience the bliss of #unconditional & #Divine_love. 🍀☀💕

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mPSw6H

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