✨✨✨ Though things may not yet be #moving_forward as you would like for them too, it is #important that the #process is transpiring as it is! 💫 Before you #move_on, you need to fully #understand what something has meant to you. ✨ The #change that you #desire to #create has to be approached properly. ✨ It has to be handled with #tact rather than being handled abruptly. 💫 Though you may have already made your #decision, ✨ the over-all #energy of this period suggests that you bide your #time! ✨ There are certain points about which you need to gain more #clarity! 💕✨✨✨🍀 It is #best to know when to stop! Change is #coming. But, change is coming a little more slowly than you would like for it to. So, you figure that you will #help it along just a little. But, this #results in frustration. You #feel you might be on the wrong #path. Panic ensues. Before you #know it, your situation is more confusing and not in the least bit simplified. There is something that you need to #accept rather than deny! 💕☀💞 #Share with #Love and #Gratitude. 💕☀🍀 * ** #AuthenticAstrology ** * * 🍀 #AstroMouda✴ 💞 #Nothing_But_The_Best 💮 💖 🍀

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2myJslV

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