✨✨✨ #Health issues can sometimes arise on a #Venus_retrograde, but this is simply her way of #reminding you to listen to your body and its infinite Universal wisdom. In each of us we carry a Universal wisdom. This #Universal wisdom allows our #body to #heal and look after itself. This Universal #wisdom allows our #heart to beat, our eyes to blink and our skin to heal when we cut ourselves. We don’t need to tell our body to do these things, the body just knows. The body has its own wisdom and the more we can #connect with this, the #deeper our #relationship with ourselves will be. This year, #Venus is #retrograding through the signs of #Aries and #Pisces. These #astrological_signs embody the #energy of #new_beginnings (Aries) and #endings (Pisces). When Venus goes retrograde it is a #time to #heal_the_wounds_of_your_heart, to #let_go_of_past lovers and #relationships, to let go of past #hurts and #blockages, and to #open_yourself to a deeper_love. Venus retrograde is also a time to tap into your #intuition and to really #listen and #follow through on your #gut feelings. Venus is all about the between the heart and the gut and this is a powerful energy we all possess. We all know the feeling of butterflies in our stomach or “gut feelings” and these sensations are believed to be an accumulation of energy that filters down from the heart. When you can get your heart and gut working in with one another, it will be easier to follow your intuition. 💕☀🍀

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mdb3Xo

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