💕💫💞 @empowerastrology 🍀❤🌻 More #love, more #abundance, more #joy! Venus in Aries retrogrades from  March 4th at 13° Aries, until  April 15th, 2017 at 26° Pisces. Last time Venus was retrograde was in July 2015 and in the sign of Aries, was in March 2009. When Venus is retrograde, she is also closest to Earth. Therefore putting all matters and themes of Venus in our focus and attention. Venus rules all matters of love, self-worth and esteem, creative talents, art, beauty of self and our surroundings, finance and abundance.  As with all retrogrades, it is an internalisation of the planets energies so that we become more subjective and review, revalue and then reset and reboot! It’s an opportunity to make more room in our lives and our hearts for more love, abundance and joy. And to set the bar higher and step up to the next level in our development. While we may be more critical at this time, we will also come to appreciate and feel gratitude for all that is good in our relationships and lives even more. Helping bonds to deepen in our relationships and gain a renewed sense of purpose and commitment. We can also gain deeper insight into the workings of our subconscious patterns and how we limit and block love, beauty, joy and abundance in our lives as well as our creative abilities and talents. Since we are all more focused on love and the past, relationships, friends or family from our past can suddenly turn up out of the blue to reconnect. Its also a chance to review old relationships and find common ground together and possibly a new beginning. On a karmic level, people we meet and get to know now, can feel fated. Potential new loves can just as surprisingly and suddenly turn up, and we can feel a strong magnetic pull towards them. Its destiny putting two people together at the right time and place, so that they can learn and love and evolve together. Just the right lessons they both need to learn at this stage in their development. It can almost feel like starting over again where you once left off before, whether from this life or a past life. Read the full article on empowerastrology.org #Venusretrograde #Venusretrogradeinaries 🌻✨🌛🌠

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mtucqw

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