🍀💫💕 @nicoleastrology 🌹💞🌻 * VENUS RETROGRADE * On March 4th the planet of love, beauty, relationships, finances, values and art goes retrograde for 6 weeks. Anytime a planet is retrograde it signals a time to be more introspective. To reflect and reassess the needs of that planet. When Venus is retrograde we are being asked to reconsider how we relate to others, our values, creativity and money. A new love comes, a relationship dissolves, an old love reappears. Creative inspiration could take hold. Whatever is manifesting in your outer world is a reflection of something you’ve been neglecting within. Now’s the time to reconnect with yourself. Perhaps a new love or friendship enters your life because you’ve been avoiding a meaningful relationship even though a part of you longs for companionship. A current relationship becomes stressful because the problems you’ve pushed aside have become too loud to ignore and you need to find a new way of handling these issues or you realize this other person doesn’t align with what you really value in a relationship. Old loves come back for closure or to be repaired. Aesthetic response could reach new heights. A creative project or hobby is revisited and seen in a new light. The value you place on money could shift. The area of your chart where Venus is triggering will show which part of your life will be brought into focus over the next six weeks. To put it simply Venus Retrograde asks us to rediscover parts of ourselves we haven’t looked at in a while. To reconnect with those things that are important to us. If you use these 6 weeks to look within and are open to change you can move towards living a more joyful life based on authentic relationships and greater self-awareness. 🍀💫💕 #venus #retrograde #love #beauty #romance #selflove #creativity #art #introspection #relationships #review #revisit #reconnect #values #joy #newbeginnings #newlove #rebuild #change#growth #astrology #trending 🌻 ✨🌛 . . . . . 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best 🌇☀🍀

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