💕💫🍀 @imeldaarcilla 🌹💞🌻 (I am excited about my first post on PositivelyPositive.com. Along with other amazing bloggers and leaders in their respective field. A site that inspires and expands the beauty of the soul.) Titled: Why Not Having to Know Can Serve You in A Beautiful Way Soul evolution and long term success is hardly ever a straight shoot. It can be messy, acutely challenging and thrilling at the same time. Sometimes on our way to fulfilling our big vision we forgo growth, earned wisdom and beautiful surprises. We label, plan and because we’re uncomfortable with uncertainty we obsess about having to know. Intuition serves to protect, gives a heads up and helps us navigate from into the future. But if your radar is on like a heat seeking missile feeling out a situation of having to know if something is good or bad, wrong or right before it can really develop. Then you’re missing the point. I love my alignment to my intuition and it has served me well. And there are times where you can see or feel from a still point that something isn’t going to go the way you’re expecting. You can feel it as you move through the course. We get drawn into situations that will activate a greater potential in us. Or maybe something we need to learn, awaken to or perhaps discover a talent that we’ll ultimately need in the long run. Not everything needs course correction. Allowing it to play out despite your expectation can give us an unexpected beautiful twist on something we were sure about. Growth isn’t just about progress but Soul Evolution. To be continued on next post. #beautyoflife #Cosmicconsciousness #soultransformation #ascension #spiritualentrepreneur #creativeentrepreneur #lightworker #divineliving #higherconsciousness #createyourlife #lawofattractionspecialist #divinefeminine #metaphysical #starsoul #starseed #soulevolution # awakenedsoul #infinitepontenial #herenow #spiritjunkie #truthbomb #personalgrowth #intuitive #soulevolution #soulpower #soulexpansion🌻✨🌛#AstroMouda 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best 🌇☀🍀

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mtk2qp

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