🍀💫💕 @imeldaarcilla 🌹🌙🌻 Why Not Having to #Know Can #Serve You In A Beautiful #Way (Continued from the post before this-https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ55TEullJz/ ) Not knowing an outcome forces you to be present with what’s emerging right now. It keeps us naively positive in ways that don’t dampen the lesson unfolding in real time. You’re not preparing for some imagined circumstance, but an openness to own the moment regardless of the outcome. Not having to know where you’ll end up geographically allows you to fully develop within a city’s energy. Where if you had a heads up, either way, it could skew the current potential of where you’re at. Not knowing you’re a shoe in for a job, gives you lots of room to give it all you have and dig deep for those game-changing ideas. And if you don’t get it, allow it to empower for what it can activate in you for your perfect job. Not having to know gives you acceptance to just be in a world without the overwhelming message of needing to have a plan down to a minute. I believe in having a plan, especially for big dreams. But not having to know where my plans can take a divergent u-turn gives me hope for finding magic off the beaten path. Not having to know if he or she is the one gives you permission to love without expectation. Loving unconditionally liberates you down to the roots of your toes. And grounds you deep in your heart. Is a name of a tree, planet or thing eluding you? Sit in surrendered wonderment with it and feel its essence. Listen and it will share with you endless things about it. More than the label culture has deemed it to be. What’s the beautiful surprise waiting for you? #beautyoflife #writerslife #Cosmicconsciousness#soultransformation #ascension#spiritualentrepreneur#creativeentrepreneur #lightworker#divineliving #higherconsciousness#createyourlife#lawofattractionspecialist#divinefeminine #metaphysical#starsoul #starseed #soulevolution # awakenedsoul #infinitepontenial#herenow #spiritjunkie #truthbomb#personalgrowth #intuitive#soulevolution #soulpower#soulexpansion 🌻 #AstroMouda 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best 🍀

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2lU4LNV

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