☀💫💕 @perspective_n_wisdom 🌻💖✨ February 26th 2017 power message. The angel of Gabriel is known to be a patron of #creativity as well as a helpful and supportive guide to accomplish all of our goals. Your power message for today is telling you that all of your power is in your sense of wonder. You may be starting new and this is your chance to do something amazing that comes out of your passion and inspiration. You instinctively know what to do so do not doubt yourself when you move forward. This is a time to take action. Examine what your passions are and what drives you. When you know yourself, you can move forward with so much confidence and inspiration that it’s easy to get followers and people to support you. You are definitely starting something new and you hold the magic wand of opportunity in your hand. You have the drive to gallop into New Dimensions of your existence and create something. And you are also being helped by the angels to pursue your wants and your needs confidently, courageously and be enthusiastic about what you are starting new! On another note, be single-minded and have passion for life. It’s also a good day to exercise. When you exercise you feel your power and carry that momentum into other parts of your life. You will have an opportunity come your way. It’s a time of action when you will be called to take up activity that motivate to the most and make great changes in your life. Please do not hesitate to move forward. It is not necessary to know every single detail of what comes next in order to spring into action! You may be offered a new job or a promotion or you can even start your own business. Fresh ideas will come and Flow To You. Look At The World from the eyes of a child. If you are having a hard time doing this, spend some time with children and ask them questions and you will remember how to look at the world with fresh eyes. Children always tell the truth. #oraclereading #spirituality #lifepurpose #purpose #highvibes #energy #lovelife #livegood #perspective #logical #howto #success #belief #personalpower #angels #power #manifestation #motivation #iam #manifest #advice #lifeadvice #loveyourself #love ❤

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2lIGVoc

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