💕💫🌠 @astrologyangelmediums 💫✨ Repost from @krissyabooboo ☀❤🌿 #Cosmic_Consciousness_Weekly🌐✨ For the week of Feb. 20-26, 2017 Get ready for an epic life altering week ahead, filled with unexpected shifts, surprises, and wake up calls that facilitate the clean breaks necessary to step fully into our most empowered Selves and into our highest vision, focusing 100% on what matters most. We’re elevating, fine tuning, and upgrading, and as crystal clear as our next step becomes, it’s even more important to be willing to let go of any old familiar patterns of safety and comfort that have become crutches and ruts. While the new terrain might seem a bit unsteady at first, we’re learning to walk with a new sense of inner balance and higher alignment. Navigating change can be stressful, especially when letting go of something we love in order to elevate up to a higher frequency. Oftentimes our evolution requires us to trust and have faith in an unknown landscape that doesn’t quite make sense logically, or that we’ve never even considered. It’s important to remember that all energy flows through the fibonacci spiral sequence, moving through the lower 4 body system from spiritual, to mental, then emotional, and finally expressing in the physical. By the time we recognize and feel familiar with anything new at the physical level, our energy patterns have already been calibrating and manifesting for quite some time. There truly is nothing “new” other than what we’ve allowed ourselves to receive as a physical reality. We’re constantly trying on options in our mind and hearts, while our highest blueprint and vision is attracting and drawing forth the options that resonate most with our soul’s blueprint. As long as we can remove any fears, doubts, or limiting conversations, we can allow the highest manifestations of ourselves to emerge and become the new reality. The old paradigm is to work hard at making things happen. The new paradigm is to do our inner work to remove the limitations, resistance, and blocks that have prevented those expressions from already showing up. We have all that we need, and every solution or new beginning is already vibrationally attuned…

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2loICH9

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