*** From #Fated_Crossings *** =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- #Moon in the 14th #Lunar Mansion =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Mansion 14 runs from 17°37′ #Virgo to 0°0′ #Libra, and was called al-Simak by the #Arabs, the Unarmed. Benevolent Spica is its indicator, given the #nature of #Venus and #Mars by Ptolemy. Early #Islamic_astrologers thought al-Simak exerted an unlucky influence on #romances in the beginning, but as time goes on the causes of difficulty seem to vanish, and even if there was no or little love in the beginning a #sincere and profound affection comes with time. The Picatrix advises making talismans for #love during this time, or for #healing the ill. The #Chinese_astrologers called it Ti, the Roof, and thought it fortunate for taking on #responsibilities, although an ultimate rise in social station would nonetheless result from and depend upon other people. Similar to the Islamic interpretation of this Mansion as favoring love that “ripens” with time, the #Jewish_astrologers considered those born with the Moon here to become more socially prominent and respected as time goes on. http://crwd.fr/2ldiyz8 🌻💖☀ #AstroMouda 🍀💫🌅 #Nothing_But_The_Best 🌹💕✴

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2lOelQa

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