Love Horoscopes for 2016 for All Zodiac Signs





Here we are just two days away from a brand new year. And I bet you have all sorts of questions about what lies ahead in 2016. If you do, don’t sweat it. That’s what we are here for. We wake up in the morning to provide Astrology Answers to each and every single one of those burning questions. And we have learned that most of those questions boils down to the same ones. Will I have love this year? Will I have more money this year? The answer to those questions is a resounding YES. How do we know? The Universe promises abundance. And that means that there is enough to go around for everyone, all of the time. Abundance in love, abundance in money, you name it. Whatever you want, the Universe has it for you. And we are here to help you find the answers from astrology on how to do just that. How to find your YES. We already talked about the major 2016 transits for the year ahead, and even touched on your 2016 horoscopesBut we haven’t deeply explored your love life for next year yet, have we? And we know you want to know.
As we say, the answer is YES if you want more love this year. 2016 is going to be an epic one for all zodiac signs. All of us will experience completed cycles and new beginnings, and many of them will be abundant if you want them to be. The key in ensuring you get a YES from the Universe every single time, will be in ensuring your karma is in check. This is a 9 year from a numerology standpoint, and that means karma is in play right now. In a big way. So the cycles of endings and beginnings that occur for you this year, and especially in the way of love, are going to be heavily tied to your karma. Are you in a good place? Or do you need some work? It’s never too late.



The year begins with the love planets in a frisky position. January 2016 starts off with Mars in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius. This is great fun energy for love, and especially during the holiday season. Everyone just wants to have fun! Mars doesn’t stick around here for too long and will be moving onto Scorpio come January 3. This will dial down the rational aspect and drive in love, and focus more on intense passion and excitement. So with Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Sagittarius for January, it is going to be a very hot, and exciting month for many lovers. Particularly for the Water and the Fire Signs. Other zodiac signs will certainly get their say over the course of the year, as there are fireworks in the romance department for all zodiac signs this year. And Venus in Sagittarius is a great energy to kick off the love life of 2016.
Here Venus will stay until January 23, when she enters the deeper and more committed sign of Capricorn. Then we will have Mars in Scorpio, and Venus in Capricorn, and love is both saucy AND committed. Imagine all of your love dreams coming true this year. Because if you embrace the potential and play your cards right, that is exactly what is going to happen. This energy doesn’t come around very often. So when it does, you really want to be open to every single opportunity that comes your way. Here’s more on how to make sure that this 9 year, a year of endings and beginnings, is one that sets the tone for all of the best kinds of beginnings in love. The potential is there for every zodiac sign. Are you ready to embrace your love potential for 2016? Here are the 2016 love horoscopes for each zodiac sign.



#Aries2016Love Horoscopes – It’s a whole new world.

With Venus in Sagittarius, Aries, you are feeling a little twitchy when it comes to love right now and Aries 2016 love horoscopes reflect that. This is true whether you are single or attached. You want a little more spark and bling in your spring, and Venus in the wide wide world of Sagittarius is reminding you of that. There’s a whole world of love out there if you can’t get it here right now, may be what you are thinking. So the month of January is going to play a huge role in your love matters for 2016, until Venus moves into Scorpio. And that last week of January is going to be a bit dicey, it could be make it or break it time. What will you choose? For success this year, Aries, new steps in any way are favored for you, but giving into temptation will backfire on you. Your year is gold and bling in your spring all around if you keep your karma in check. This is especially true until May 21 this year.
So if you are feeling twitchy and tempted, may be the best choice is to just say no. Jupiter chimes in on your love matters by the end of the year and that only means lucky things for you, if you have been playing your karmic cards right. Expect to see some big news come your way on the romantic front around September 9 that will make you glad you made the love decisions you made this year, or, not so glad depending on how you handle that pickle with temptation next month. By this time next holiday season, many Aries will have a ring on their finger, or very close to it, or a whole new world of love with their current mate. If you want it. A whole new world of love is possible for you, Aries, how are you going to go out and get it?

#Taurus2016Love Horoscopes – You’ll want it all, and you want it now.

Venus as your ruling planet, Taurus, means you want love all the time. And you want it now. And you have been either having a grand year or a terrible one in extreme ways. All of this is about to change this month, a Jupiter conjunction in your fellow Earth Sign of Virgo is helping you out a LOT this year. Has it seemed like everything has just fallen into place exactly as you planned? That’s Jupiter for you. Or if you have been having the opposite kind of luck, it’s because Universe is pointing you to areas where you need to change. Ignoring that call will not go well for you, Taurus. But in any event you begin 2016 on a high due to all of this awesome luck. It has a positive benefit on your love matters whether you are single or attached. And if you are looking, January is going to be presenting some opportunities your way that make you feel like events are just destined. And they are.
Taurus has a lot of destiny and North Node action happening next month so your luck has not run out yet. By the spring, around March 27 a committed relationship is going to experience some pickles. You may just be coming off of this lucky high and disappointed that it’s not ice cream and daisies all of the time. Don’t sweat the small stuff in love this year, just remember how far you have come. You really can get through anything! Around June 30 is when you will see answers in your love life that you have been waiting for for some time. Deep commitments will come under the microscope and you may be feeling needier than usual. Don’t let the temper ruin a good thing. By the Fall everything falls into place just as it should, so long as you have been clear about your intentions. What are your love wishes this year, Taurus?



#Gemini2016Love Horoscopes – Game playing is not advised.

You’ll be rolling the dice a lot this year, Gemini, and it could only wind up frustrating you if your intentions are not pure. This is most true in your sector of relationships. Gemini 2016 love horoscopes are showing that ruling planet Mercury going retrograde 4 times a year is not a great thing for Gemini. On the other hand, being the dual kind of nature that Gemini is, that will only be the case if Gemini embraces the dark side. So karma is going to be a very big deal for Gemini this year, and that’s all you need to know to ensure your Gemini 2016 love horoscopes go your way. Gemini is noted by the twins and thus a bit of the zodiac flip flopper. Many people never know which way is up with Gemini. They double talk, and it’s often very charming, and sometimes even deceiving. When Gemini is channeling this for good, miracles happen. But when they aren’t, bad things happen.
So Gemini simply needs to choose this year what they want to see in love. The 4 Mercury retrogrades will put a stop and pause button on your love horoscopes as we said in your general Gemini 2016 horoscopes. Relationships will be able to swing it though so long as karmic ties are in place. Around September 9 there is going to be some temptation thrown your way from Jupiter who will determine exactly where those karmic ties are knotted, and where they are not. If there is any time you will see endings in love this year, Gemini, that is when it will happen. The good news? It’s all up to you. Cut the game playing and show off your honest and authentic good side, more than you don’t, and you can charm the pants off anyone this year.

#Cancer2016Love Horoscopes—It’s a year of all or nothing.

Venus in Sagittarius has you starting 2016 off on a high note, Cancer. Your Cancer 2016 love horoscopes are showing a year of extremes for you as a result. And knowing you, they will be the best kind. In matters of the heart, as a Cardinal Water Sign, you know how to do the game of love. You love deeply and are committed 100% to the object of your affections, and you always play for keeps. You are also going into 2016 on a high note from the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day. Home was where your heart was and you had a grand one. Venus in Sagittarius is going to ensure love starts on a high note for you this year in January, and the rest of the year will be a year of extremes. You will be all over the place emotionally, but that is really nothing new to you.
Mars in Scorpio on and off the first half of the year is going to amp up the intensity for you. You will be experiencing strokes of luck in love like your fellow water sign, Scorpio. But you will also be feeling Scorpio’s possessive side quite a bit. And there will be many opportunities this year where you will be questioning the faithfulness of your partner. This is true whether Cancer is single or attached. The retrograde of this Mars transit occurs between May 27 and June 30 this year and there may even be some temptation in the cards for Cancer 2016 love horoscopes around this time. Once Jupiter enters Libra in the Fall around September 9, all of this energy begins to calm down and peace is restored in the land. How will you manage this all or nothing year in your Cancer 2016 love horoscopes, Cancer?

#Leo2016Love Horoscopes – You are playing for keeps. Finally.

You have been all over the place in the love department the last few years, haven’t you, Leo? This is more true for single Leos than attached, although attached Leos have had their share of bumpy years. Leo 2016 love horoscopes show us that Venus in Sagittarius at the beginning of 2016 is going to have you coming out of the holidays on a high, a glow even if you will. It was a great one and a fun one and you are still feeling very merry going into January. And your big old heart is well fed. But as a Leo when you love, you love deeply, and so there may still be a hole in your heart or two from years past. Or maybe something has been percolating that you have felt but not yet seen manifest. That all is about to change this year for Leo.
Big change in love is happening for Leo either single or attached. Single Leos are going to see their Leo 2016 love horoscopes shine with commitment, and attached Leos are going to experience events this year that deepen current love bonds. And they will be epic happy time events. By the first eclipse season this year, Leo is going to be feeling their house of pleasure and intimacy stoked. You are going to want to stick close to this person for most of the year, and by the September eclipse season, Jupiter will be in your third house and you are going to be having conversations with someone that change…everything. In a good way. In the best of possible ways. These are the key periods that Leo wants to keep in mind for their Leo 2016 love horoscopes. Just remember, Leo, keep your karma in check and Jupiter will reward you big time. Who are you playing for with your 2016 love horoscopes, Leo?



#Virgo2016Love Horoscopes – Like a good wine, you are a very good year.

Mercury is your ruling planet, Virgo, and like Gemini you are going to be having a tough time this year with love. But you will come out of it at the end feeling like your love matters take on the tone of a well aged vintage. Nothing but the best for you, Virgo, even if it means a little stop and go waiting for you this year. The ups and downs won’t be anything Earth shattering for you, because you will have Jupiter on your side until September, and you generally keep your arrow straight anyway. But the stop and go effect of Mercury retrograde 4 times this year will have a roller coaster effect on your Virgo 2016 love horoscopes. The key for you this year will be, whether single or attached, you will reap exactly what you put into your romantic affairs this year. Compassion is your super power and exuding that this year is going to win for you big time and turn your romantic house into that well aged vintage. Jupiter is in your house too and Jupiter loves rewarding you for your random acts of kindness.
An issue will come into the relationships of committed Virgos and here is where you will learn who really has your back. You will likely come through it together with the mindset that you’ve handled worse. The Summer and Fall will be the best periods for you for love this year, while Jupiter is still in your house until September 9. Plant seeds of karma and watch them grow into beautiful romantic things this year, Virgo.

#Libra2016Love Horoscopes—Venus is on the hunt, and she wins.

As your ruling planet, Venus, enters the year in Sagittarius it gives Libra 2016 love horoscopes a little boost. You are having fun right now and enjoying the warmth of the holiday season. If you have been waiting for a year to finally get answers on your relationships, all of that is going to come full circle for you this year as well, Libra. Jupiter enters your house come September 9 and partnerships and relationships and peace and harmony among all will abound. You will get exactly what you want. Single Libras will feel like they are living on the dream dates, or in a dream world, and attached Libras will feel like finally everything is coming together. Many Libras will also get engaged or married this year. Any time after September 9 is the best time to plan or book a wedding for a Libra as Jupiter is there to play, with his lucky wand! And he will be in your house for a full year.
So Libra has a very lucky year in store for them. If you can manage the Mercury retrogrades this year with your karma in tact, you will be enjoying all of the most amazing things of unconditional love that Universe has to offer this year. Uranus will be making a surprise visit to your 7th house of partnerships as well. That means a commitment is going to take your life to an all new level. Do enjoy your year of passion and excitement with your 2016 love horoscopes, Libra!



#Scorpio2016Love Horoscopes—Gold and bling in your spring. Dreams do in fact come true!

Venus in Sagittarius starts the year on a fun note when it comes to love, Scorpio. If you are attached you are finding ways with your partner to explore the big wide world, or even just each other. The big picture is also coming to light. And if you are single, you are in for an even bigger year, one where you will feel like you keep needing to pinch yourself. If you have been maintaining your high standards in love, all of that will pay off this year. Neptune is visiting your fifth house of pleasures on and off this year. This spells out a lot of love affairs for you, or many very fun experiences with one special person. Eclipse season is also going to be hot and heavy for you, in both March and September as these eclipses are also visiting your same house of pleasure and of partnerships later in the year. So expect some shakeups of the most delicious kind! The first half of the year will feel slow to you in the way of love. That is Jupiter in Virgo taking his time making sure you are making all the right choices. Nothing wrong with that! Don’t let the slow pace get you down.
Once Jupiter enters airy Libra in September, the zodiac sign of partnerships, you will be having some very big smiles. Mars in Scorpio is on and off for you this year, with a lengthy retrograde this summer. That is going to bring some past influences into your love affairs this year as well, Scorpio. It’s the real deal this time. Just follow your heart, be true to your love, and Jupiter will be waving his magic wand for you too. And yes, dreams absolutely do come true, Scorpio. And according to Scorpio 2016 love horoscopes, it’s your turn. Who are you hoping to enjoy this saucy year with, Scorpio?

#Sagittarius2016Love Horoscopes – Love is a very sexy battlefield.

With the year starting off with Venus in your sign, Sagittarius, 2016 love horoscopes for Sagittarius are looking good. You start the year feeling romantic and happy and like anything is possible, whether single or attached. And anything is possible! Mars will be in your twelfth house this year, while he transits Scorpio. This is going to add a sense of intensity to your love game this year. Finally you are playing for keeps. Or at least you feel as if every love encounter could be The One. The solar eclipse around March 8 and its Lunar eclipse partner on March 23 this Spring is going to bring information to your Sagittarius 2016 love horoscopes that you weren’t expecting, but is enlightening all the same. Those two weeks will be saucy ones for you! And, if you play your cards right, those cards will be for keeps as well.
Don’t let your free spirit wander too far during the eclipse season between September 1 and September 16, or that one will alter your house of partnerships, and possibly for good. Just say no to temptations and anything that makes your heart expand like the big wide world. Don’t forget Saturn the responsible one is in your sign for two years, and Saturn has a stern watch on karma. Play your cards right in this year of endings and beginnings, and Saturn will reward you in kind, for the next two years! Who are you hoping to hit the love battlefield with, in your 2016 love horoscopes, Sagittarius?



#Capricorn2016Love Horoscopes – Change is the only guarantee.

Pluto is visiting your first house, Capricorn, as we mentioned during your annual Capricorn birthday forecastThis means there are a lot of changes for you in the works in all sectors, and romance is no exception. But as a Capricorn, you are loyal and grounded by nature and this is only good news to you. Commitments of the romantic kind that are in place now, will be kept throughout 2016. There is also a major career change in the works for you this year, as we have mentioned in many Capricorn 2016 horoscopes already. Your professional status changing could have an impact on any existing relationships. If it takes you travelling however and you are single, the impact will be a wonderful one! You may even meet your soul mate this year, if Pluto has his say.
The Summer of 2016 as we say are super spicy for Capricorn 2016 love horoscopes. We are seeing many planets in your seventh house of partnerships, and that means if Capricorn gets engaged or married this year, it will be in the Summer. June and July would be the best months to book a Capricorn wedding. Jupiter is in your ninth house all year, Capricorn and this means the world is where you will find your romantic affairs improving if you need a boost. The world is a lucky oyster for you, but you must be willing to accept and embrace the changes that Pluto has in store. What are you most hopeful for when it comes to your 2016 love horoscopes, Capricorn?

#Aquarius2016 Love Horoscopes – Satisfaction and secrets, and satisfying secrets.

#Pluto is in your twelfth house this year, Aquarius, and this will have an impact on your Aquarius 2016 love horoscopes. Secrets are going to play a big role in your romantic affairs this year. For the most part, whether you are single or attached, it will be a very satisfying year on the love front either way. Pluto could shake things up in the love department, he does like his change. But in the twelfth house he provides a special protection in the way of a guardian angel, so you won’t have too many lumps to swallow this year. There will be many cycles of endings and beginnings, and it will be a year that leaves a lasting, but satisfying end to things. And new beginnings as well. The spring of 2016 suggests there may be an intense affair for you in the works, but it will be something you keep very mum about.
#Jupiter provides some nice distractions for you in the Fall, and by November 2016 you may even travel away with a new partner, or experience luck in love with someone from abroad. Or maybe even both! The solar eclipse in September’s eclipse season is going to bring a change for you, likely in the way of finances. If attached, it could have a “do or die trying” effect on your relationship. This occurs in your eighth house though so be cautioned that a major transformation will occur either way. It won’t bother you too much as you usually intellectualize love rather than emotionalize it. By the year’s end you will feel very satisfied with how your romantic affairs went this year. Is there one person you are hoping enters your 2016 love horoscopes, Aquarius?



#Pisces2016 Love Horoscopes – It all comes full circle.

With Venus in Sagittarius, Pisces is having a grand time during the holidays and as January begins. And Pisces seventh house is seeing a lot of activity in Pisces 2016 love horoscopes as well. So overall, Pisces is one happy camper in love this year which is just how this emotional water sign likes it. This is true whether you are single or attached, Pisces. As the Mutable Water Sign however you do have a bit of a wandering eye. If you keep this in check then the gods will reward you this year, and there will be many a temptation come your way. You will not be short of lovers this year, Pisces, if you don’t want to be. But if you shouldn’t be, then you shouldn’t be. So keep that in mind.
With seventh house activity in Pisces 2016 love horoscopes, deepened commitments will either be tested or taken to the next level. How that plays out will be all up to you. The eclipse seasons will shake things up for you. The September eclipse season is the one that occurs in your seventh house and will make a permanent change for you in love. How you handle yourself during March’s eclipse season will make all the difference here. Your relationship with your Self, whether single or attached, is the key to making sure your romantic stretches are karmically rewarding. It will all come full circle all either way. How do you plan on going full circle this year in your 2016 love horoscopes, Pisces?
And there you have it. All you need to know for your own personal 2016 love forecast. Got more questions? We have Astrology Answers. Give our experts a call or refresh your reading with 2016 horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Check out our feature on the 2016 astrology transits that will impact every zodiac sign as well. You may also want to review how to channel luck by the life path number in 2016 as well.  

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