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It’s that time of year. And no we aren’t talking about eclipse season or a full moon period. We are talking about a brand new year, with all kinds of surprises in it. That’s why so many people dislike November. It is a stark and wintery reminder of all that has not happened yet in 2015. Have you completed all of your New Year’s resolutions? Probably not. Not many people have. But if you have completed some goals this year, that’s a great start. Sometimes life throws us some curve balls and those resolutions need to wait. And that’s okay. If your heart and your soul are still filled with hopes and dreams, and we hope that they are, there are plenty more opportunities for you to see those wishes come true. Have you started thinking about 2016 yet? We have. And we are very happy to tell you that no matter HOW you finish 2015, 2016 has some awesome trends and surprises for every single zodiac sign. Are you curious about what yours are? Of course you are. Get out your calendars and your pens and have a look right here. Here is your first 2016 forecast and 2016 horoscopes for all zodiac signs, and the important trends and transits that will happen next year. Let’s have a look!

♈ #Aries ❤  Work first, play later.

Saturn is in Sagittarius this year, and for a little while, Aries, and all Fire Signs are going to feel these effects. What this means for you in English is, work first, play later. And tend to all karmic responsibilities with gentle care. 2016 is not the year to play with people’s hearts. It will backfire. And this is true in both work and play. Mean what you say to work connections and love connections, and follow through on those promises. Saturn will reward with wonderful karmic blessings if you do. Jupiter is in your ninth house this year suggesting your lucky strikes come from travel or foreign opportunities. Foreign connections will bring great luck this year as well, in either work or play. Mars your ruling planet will be retrograde in Sagittarius between April 18, 2016 and May 28, 2016. This is a period for you to pull back in both business and play. Tend to responsibilities, but don’t make bold moves until you have more information in June. Between August 3 and November 9 there will be some karmic luck coming your way if you have behaved the first half of the year. What are you hoping will be your karmic rewards, Aries?

♉ #Taurus ❤  Luck is your lady.

You have been working very diligently in 2015 to establish some security and comfort, Taurus. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a standing ovation. Job well done. Universe is rewarding you the first half of 2016 with Jupiter in Virgo in your house of pleasures. Luck really and truly is your lady. Things that make you feel good and saucy are also going to be creating lucky strikes for you. The single Taurus will have some fun flings in 2016, and is probably already feeling those effects. The second half of the year commitments and partnerships will begin to fall into place and bonds will deepen. Mars will also be in your opposite sign Scorpio this year and secrets are going to play a role in changing relationships. Will they deepen for you or will you break free, Taurus? Your themes for 2016 will be to use luck to serve your Self. You have been meeting the needs of your domestic loved ones for some time, and always putting them first. Venus is going to make sure you are very well taken care of this year, in both love and money. For you, if it feels good this year, it can’t be that bad. And it won’t. There is a Mercury retrograde in your sign between April 28 and May 22 this Spring you want to use as your Pause Button for 2016. No major decisions until all information is at hand. Venus will also be in your sign during this period, so when you have a day where you just need to treat yourself, do it. She will be taking very good care of you this year. Where do you want to be lucky this year, Taurus?

♊ #Gemini ❤ Home is where the everything is.

For you, Gemini, your 2016 horoscopes show that your home is going to take front and center in all areas this year. There are a lot of planets in your fourth house at some point in the year, and so your home front and foundations that make you feel secure will be your focus. You may be renovating, relocating, expanding, or even experiencing a new member of the family this year. This will be in the planning stage after January 3, when Jupiter is retrograde, but your plans are expected to go full throttle after May 10. Saturn is in your house of relationships this year, and long term partnerships. Have you been neglecting some legal responsibilities or responsibilities of parenthood? If so, there will be some changes in that front this year. Tend to that garden now. Between June 12 and June 29, Mercury your ruling planet will be in your sign and you will have everything you need to communicate what you need to in order to get what you want. Remember to be fair, or you will find yourself very frustrated. Between May 24 and June 17 is a great time to put feelings words forward to your partner, they’ve been waiting. Tend to your fourth house, your house of responsibilities on the homefront first and foremost this year, Gemini and your karmic rewards will arrive by December 11, 2016. What responsibilities on the home front need some tweaking, Gemini?

♋ #Cancer ❤ Feelings words win, every time.

There are many planets, including lucky Jupiter, in your third house this year, Cancer and that means your daily events and activities and daily people will be your focus this year. Friendships are going to deepen and you will learn this year who is “your person” and who you can really count on through thick and thin. The more you connect with others this year, Cancer, the greater your ultimate rewards. Mars in Scorpio after January 4 will inspire you to make a bold move in love. Whether you are single or attached, the words you use now will obliterate any competition. Between June 17 and July 12 is the best time to take the family on vacation, as Venus will be in your sign and the love will be flowing freely. Single Cancers should take a vacation during this period as well and open their hearts to the possibilities that love is out there in the world waiting. When Mercury enters Cancer after June 29, Cancer just needs to use their feelings words when making requests and you will succeed, every time. This is a powerful theme Cancer can use all year long to win in 2016. Who will you be using feelings words with the most this year, Cancer?

♌ #Leo ❤  Flexibility is your super power.

As a Fixed Sign, Leo, you aren’t the most flexible one. This will be your mission if you choose to accept it this year. You like things the way that you like them and get very frustrated when they don’t go your way. That mindset will backfire on you this year. Maintain flexibility in all areas and you will win every time, Leo. In fact, flexibility is your super power. When you remain open and flexible to all possibilities this year you can make friends and influence people in all areas of your life. Love especially is going to take front and center this year, Leo and Saturn is entering your house of pleasures to remind you about some responsibilities. Have you entered every relationship authentically over the past few years, Leo? If not, clean up those messes because both Saturn and Jupiter have some wonderful lovely surprises for you in the name of love. And this is true whether you are single or attached. With all of this activity in Leo’s house of pleasure this year, all Leos are guaranteed to have some fun. Just be sure you do so with kindness. If someone has to pay for your pleasure, you will too, soon down the road. Be flexible, remember? If you have a big ask to make this year, of a client, employer, or partner, wait until after July 14 when Mercury is in your sign to make it. Mars is in your corner here and a big move is going to leave you feeling very happy. Time for a change, Leo, be flexible, and go for it. Smiles are the expected outcome. Big ones. Who do you want to make you smile, Leo?

♍ #Virgo ❤  Step outside the box. No really.

As the Mutable Earth Sign, Virgo, you are the very definition of pushing right up against the box. You are somewhat of a genius, but you hate to really show it off. So there you are pushing up against the box and hoping the world benefits from as much awesomeness of you that you can spare to share. And they do. This year, try something different. Just try, Virgo, it won’t hurt at all I promise. Being adaptable to whatever comes your way is going to be your theme this year. You are by your awesome mutable nature very flexible and adaptable, but this year, you actually need to leave that comfortable box. That is if you want epic success. If you don’t, you don’t. But Jupiter in your sign only comes around once every twelve years so now is the time to do so. Between now and August 2016 is when you need to be grabbing for that brass ring. That is outside of the wall of the box you are leaning on. If you do, the most exceptional year you’ve had in decades is possible, that is the promise of Jupiter. How are you going to go for it, Virgo?

♎ #Libra ❤  You can count on change.

Change is the one thing that you will get very accustomed to this year, Libra, and will be the only thing you can count on. Expect the unexpected will become your mantra, because Uranus has many out of the blue surprises for you. Don’t make any major commitments this year unless every fiber in your being is screaming yes. There is so much change around you this year that even people are not what they seem. The ones that have always been there yes, but others will change intention with you in the blink of an eye. Use your intellect this year to weed those out. March 23 is likely the most significant date for you this year as a lunar eclipse will occur in your sign that will produce epic change. For a few months life will seem all over the place, but another epic date you will want to mark down is September 10. Jupiter will enter your sign then and stay there for a whole year. If the first half of 2016 seems rough, Libra, hang on for the ride and keep your karmic slate clean. Jupiter will chime in the last half of 2016 and the first half of 2017 to help smooth everything out.

♏ #Scorpio ❤  The Power is Up for Grabs

For Scorpio this year, the theme will all be about personal power. Scorpio you have been wanting to make some epic changes in your life for some time. You have been weighed down by Saturn in your sign and have been too busy tending to responsibilities to pursue dreams. Well now Saturn has left the building and it’s a whole new game. You have already started the work needed to build this dream. Will power will make all of the difference in the world for you this year. Psychic efforts are going to be enhanced this year and group activities will help you to succeed. Jupiter is in your twelfth house this year and so the message is that you have an extra guardian angel around you in 2016 to help make sure you stay on the right path, or to comfort you when you don’t. This unique energy begins on September 10, so if you feel like you are experiencing one miracle after another in this period, don’t forget to thank your angels. There are some eclipses this year happening in your fellow Water Sign, Pisces. Remember to keep your intentions clean and maintain authenticity with your psychic work, especially during eclipse season. There is a very fine line between paranoia and instinct as you well know. Big changes are happening and they are very special ones for you Scorpio, if you are willing to grab the power. Where are you hoping these changes happen, Scorpio?

♐ #Sagittarius ❤  Karma is your everything.

Saturn the responsible planet and also the taskmaster is in your sign for the next couple of years, Sagittarius. You are going to feel these effects most in 2016, where you will learn valuable lessons about karma and responsibility. This will be a year where you learn the lesson that saying you are responsible is a much different thing than actually being responsible. When you keep your intentions pure this year, you will win every time. Jupiter is also in your tenth house and the message here is, if you do keep those intentions pure, your karma will pay off. It may pay off so well that you even become famous! Jupiter wants to sprinkle luck on your house of career. Travel is also favored for you this year, and you may even find work abroad that stokes your passion. If you need to make a bold move in any area of your life this year, wait until after August 2. There is a Mars retrograde in your sign in early spring of 2016, and it’s best to hold off on any bold moves until Summer. Pisces is seeing some eclipse activity this year, and this means all Mutable Signs like yourself are as well. Prepare for the big changes that are ahead this year for you Sagittarius by starting it with a clean karmic slate. How do you plan to do just that, Sagittarius? Epic success is waiting.

♑ #Capricorn ❤  Think before you speak.

Saturn as your ruling planet is going to be grinding you to the bone this year, Capricorn. Flexibility is the key for you, since Saturn is in the mutable and flexible sign of Sagittarius. This also means that foreign connections, foreign matters, and work abroad could be very significant for you and even lucky for you this year, Capricorn. One point of concern you want to mark down for this year is your theme should be “think before you speak.” Not that this is ever a problem for you, but this year even more so. You have Mercury retrograde period happening not once in your sign this year, but twice. Poor Capricorn! This is the Universe putting the pause button on some projects and contracts and things of that nature this year. Don’t be frustrated by it. Hold off on travel plans, contracts, partnerships, things of this nature during these Mercury retrogrades which will occur between January 8 and January 25, 2016, and December 19, 2016 to the beginning of 2017. Yes. That really super sized stinks that 2016 both begins and ends with your sign in Mercury Retrograde. All the more reason to remember that slow and steady wins the race. That is how you will win this year, Capricorn.

♒ #Aquarius ❤ Even confusion has a reason.

The first half of the year is going to be fraught with confusion for you, Aquarius. With Neptune in Pisces there are more emotions going around than logic, and this has a tendency to throw you off. Use your instinct and your intellect and you will prevail. Your eleventh house is seeing some nice activity this year however and for you this means group work, networking, and mingling with groups on the social scene is all favored for you. Some big changes are possible for you this Spring, with a lunar eclipse happening in fellow Air Sign, Libra. Make any big decisions before March 23 and you should come out of that eclipse unscathed. Your most genius ideas and your ways of communicating them will occur between February 13 and March 5, 2016, when Mercury is in your sign. If you need to have a talk with a partner, or pitch the boss, that is the best period to do it. Love is also favored for you during this period as Venus is paying some nice attention to you then as well. By September Jupiter enters fellow Air Sign Libra and this is going to have a trickle effect on you as well. Don’t allow confusion to hold you back, even confusion has a reason during this period, Aquarius. Spend some alone time and the fog will lift to reveal all in due time. What lucky changes are you hoping 2016 will bring for you, Aquarius?

♓ #Pisces ❤ If you dream it, they will come.

It is a big year for Pisces! If you dream it, they will come Pisces. This is your theme for 2016. This theme starts off right at the hop of the year with both Neptune and Chiron in your sign. Dreams and fantasies will help you to lead your life, Pisces, just be sure you don’t stay in them for too long. Pay attention to dream signals because they are sending you powerful messages in 2016. If you have been feeling like some big change is in the works but you aren’t really sure what, you aren’t wrong. Your zodiac sign is the center of attention for both a solar and a lunar eclipse this year. The solar eclipse on March 8 will yield some nice opportunities on the work front, if you are paying attention and have sowed your karmic oats. The lunar eclipse on September 16 in your sign will have a deeper impact on your relationships. Again, how that pans out is all up to you. Be sure your karmic oats in love have been well tended to if you want 2016 to finish off on a high note. And you do. Because Jupiter is chiming in that last half of the year to reward you for all of that heavy eclipse work. What changes are you hoping to dream of this year, Pisces? If you dream them, they will come.

And there is your first peek at 2016 horoscopes for each zodiac sign. Stay tuned as we prepare for the New Year, there will be lots more where this came from! What are you most hoping will happen before the end of 2015? What is your biggest wish for 2016?

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Source: 2016 Forecast: Trends and Transits to Look For by the Zodiac Sign


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