New Moon in Libra Forecast: When Cooperation and Karma Pay Off


It’s New Moon time again! And this month’s New Moon is a bit of a breather. Last month was some heavy stuff from Universe, between two eclipses, a Mercury retrograde, and our regular Moon schedule to boot. This month, all of that energy eases up. By the time this month’s New Moon in Libra rolls around on October 13, Mercury will have woken up and begun forward motion again, and we have no eclipse energy lingering around to slow us down. So this is a very exciting New Moon! So many possibilities and new beginnings just waiting for you to embrace their fullest potential. What new beginnings are you going to embrace with your New Moon wishes this month? This New Moon is an exciting one. This one is all about embracing the themes of New Moons, with the themes of Libra. That means new beginnings and potential that you can embrace where karma and cooperation pay off. Where are you going to sprinkle this energy into your life?

What to expect with the New Moon in Libra…..

• Who: As this New Moon is in Libra, Libra and other Cardinal Signs, Cancer, Aries, and Capricorn are going to feel these New Moon effects the most. But after dealing with Mercury retrograde in Libra, Libra really deserves this break. Even so, all zodiac signs can harness the magic of the New Moon in Libra, and can create as many new beginnings as you want under this beautiful transit.

• What: This is the beginning of a Moon cycle, or a new cycle of the Moon. So the Moon is only a sliver in the sky, because it is just starting anew again. It’s a transit that is happening right as we come out of Mercury retrograde, and the themes of new beginnings are high right now!

• Where: This New Moon happens in the zodiac sign of Libra. This means that all Libra themes will be emphasized under this transit. Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign, so that means the themes of initiating, communication, harmony, balance, karma, and cooperation are going to play a big role. Is your karmic bank balance doing okay? If not, this is a great time to get that in check.

• When: Every New Moon cycle lasts for 5 days, from 48 hours prior to 48 hours after, and includes the day of. This New Moon occurs on October 13 in our hemisphere, and on October 14 in the Southern Hemisphere. That means you have between October 11 and October 15 to make the most of this incredibly valuable energy!

How can you use the themes of karma and cooperation this month?

As an Air Sign, Libra is a thinker, an intellect. Libra is also ruled by Venus and thus is gracious, highly sexualized, but in a charming and elegant way. Libra is also noted by the Justice Card in Tarot, the card with the number II, or 11. This is a twin flame symbol, and being a ruler of relationships and harmony, that means when Libra energy is present, so is the energy of twin flames. Anything is possible under this Airy and elegant New Moon! How will you embrace this potential? Use this brief checklist to fully enjoy and embrace this glorious New Moon in Libra.

• Use good judgement. Noted by the Justice card in Tarot, Libra is a thinker. They mull everything over before settling on a decision on anything. And when they do, it’s usually a fair and balanced decision. So when you are thinking of your new beginnings, take your time, and be sure that you use sound judgement calls while you do so. This is not the time for paranoia and insecurity. Your plan for your new beginnings should be a thoughtful one. Air Signs generally move quickly. But in this case, take your time.

• Harvest time. Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign, and all Cardinal Signs launch new seasons. Libra is responsible for Fall. And what happens in Fall? Harvest. It’s time to harvest what you have been working on all Summer long, and finally use those gifts to their fullest advantage. This may involve moving some of your crops around a little bit. Let’s say you wanted more money or more love by this New Moon, and it’s just not there. Be the farmer of your life and take careful consideration on what could have gone wrong. Follow your instinct, as it is very high right now. The first thing that pops into your head when you are making those corrections, is usually the right one.

• Waiting isn’t a terrible thing. Listen, you may not get everything you want when you want it. Air Signs have a tendency to want things to happen quickly. They are the zodiac signs that love their gadgets, and won’t let go of them and the instant gratification they provide. Remember that New Moons are about planting seeds. Yes it is harvest time, but sometimes you have to let those seeds grow a little bit longer. If you are feeling pressure from external forces to make a decision or create a new beginning, the word “maybe” can be very powerful to you right now. You don’t need to be everybody’s yes man. It’s okay to say maybe, and sometimes it’s just better for you in the long run. If something is telling you not to say yes, listen to that voice. That’s happening for a reason.

• Always be kind. Libra is about balance and harmony, she’s symbolized by the scales of justice for a reason. She may be annoying sometimes, but above all else, she is fair. And this is a very important part of your karmic role under this New Moon. Being fair, kind, and cooperating even when you don’t feel like it is what Libra wants under this New Moon. And you will surprise yourself when you do. The very last person you want to be kind to, but are kind to, could be the one that introduces you to that new high profile client, or that new relationship that is finally The One.

• Make a fresh start. Wherever you need it, inject the energy of fresh starts in your life. This could be a relationship or work, your family, your home, wherever you think that you need it. With Libra in play, most people will be thinking about relationships and twin flame experiences right now. Do something new in the area that you need a fresh start in. If it feels dead, stuck in a rut, or just like it’s just not going anywhere, launch a new beginning. It could be just doing something different to experience forward motion. Stop by your honey’s house instead of sending a text, pitch a new idea at work, or pitch someone new that may hear your ideas with more clarity. Even in the oldest and longest running experiences in your life, you need a fresh start once in a while. Find that area and breathe the energy of fresh beginnings into that experience some way, some how.

And there you have it. Everything that you need to know to enjoy the harmonious balance that will come your way under this month’s glorious New Moon in Libra. Whether it’s a new beginning with a twin flame, or in your place of work, remember that karma and cooperation will pay off in spades right now. How are you going to reap karmic rewards under the New Moon in Libra? What New Moon wishes do you have this month?

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Source: New Moon in Libra Forecast: When Cooperation and Karma Pay Off


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