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Posted by Nothing But The Best (We Are/Do/Get) on Saturday, October 10, 2015

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The New Moon in Libra happens once a year and brings with it a chance to wipe the
relationship slate clean and start all over again – use it or lose it!

you do your New Moon wishes, do them as close to just after the New Moon, if
possible! It just works better so make the time for it!
three days after the New Moon are super powerful times to make  New Moon wishes and to lay down your intentions.
because the meeting of the Moon and the Sun is “magic” but because
the New Moon has a “start-up” energy.
the time to launch things, including your hopes and dreams.
a list of your plans and dreams for the coming month – fill it out and leave it
somewhere you will find it again later – it’s quite amazing how our wishes
manifest, once we put some really heart and soul into them!
coming New Moon will take place in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of
New Moon in Libra takes place once a year and bring us a chance to reset our
most important relationships.
applies to romantic and business partnerships. Basically wherever there is give
and take is where we can use the power of the New Moon in Libra to find some
kind of harmony and balance.
to think about who in your life you want to sort things out with. And who in
your life you perhaps need to simply let go… so that someone who is better
suited to you can come into your life.
not about giving up too easily on people, but about being discerning re where
you expend your energy.
are the October New Moon times around the world.
Moon 20 degrees Libra
October 13, 11.06am AEDT
October 13, 1.06am BST
YORK: October 12, 8.06pm EDT
October 13, 1.06pm NZST
October 13, 2.06am CEDT
we do New Moon Wishing, we tap into what “Deepak Chopra” calls
“the fifth law, the Law of Intentions and Desire”. I am capitalising
it but it could just as easy be lower case.
you align with the New Moon to make your wishes or set your intention, you are
activating this law which states “the future is created in the
are lots of very clever people around who might try and argue about astrology
but even they would agree with this concept. I just think that the New Moon is
a really wonderful marker which comes like clockwork once a month to remind us
that it’s time to get back in alignment with our desires and intentions.
suggests that to access our ability to create anything we desire. We have to
‘slip into the gap’ and ‘release our intentions and desires’. Keep the
intention but release the outcome and trust.
say do it as often as you can but even if you only do it fully and robustly on
the night of the New Moon, then that’s more than a start.
New Moon takes place once a month when the Sun and the Moon are in the same
part of the skies. The New Moon has forever been a very important time for
making wishes and setting intentions.
month, the New Moon takes place, lighting up one particular section of your
chart. It could be your Love Zone, your Travel Zone or your Money Zone, for
once you’re clear on your intentions for the coming four weeks, you’re
October 10 ✪ Looking to the New Moon ☾ 
a few days’ time, we will have the #New_Moon in the sign of #Libra.
is a wonderful time for anyone who wants a #relationship_restart to just go for
it. Talk to the person you want to make up with. Take them out or have them
you do, #focus on the #positive. #Think about what you #like or even #love
about them and see #yourself in a #new and #happier relationship with them. It
can happen! But you have to #believe it to #achieve it.
New Moon is the ideal time for any kind of do-over.   
to your #Zodiac Sign link below for your Daily #Horoscopes.



Are you obliged to pay attention to negativity tugging annoyingly
and incessantly at your sleeve? It can be very demanding when it chooses to be
but is also very aware of how able you are to ignore it. In the same way much
can disappear if we choose not to give it attention it demands, so too can a
potentially pessimistic attitude forming within your mind now. Don’t allow it
to have a say or any level of control and it will leave you alone.


Love Horoscope
Plans you’re formulating now could become crystal clear to a loved
one, particularly how they see themselves being part of them and this can not
only bring relief but help to progress things. As you and someone close start
becoming aware of how you want the same thing in some way, a shared sense of
comfort can result through feeling more confident about the future. 
There are things we won’t even admit to ourselves, let alone
discuss with other people.


Career Horoscope
Having the Moon not only move through your work sector during
Venus’ first full day here, but align with both Mars and Jupiter is a chance to
get right to the heart of what you’re fighting for. Having spent 13 days here
in July before retrograding back out, not only will your heart very quickly get
back in the game, but will appreciate the huge amount of water that has passed
under the bridge since then.
This Week: 


If it’s not already
becoming clear how teamwork is becoming more integral to areas of your world,
then it could become clearer this week. As keen as you might be to tackle
something singlehandedly and perhaps even with a view to being the only one to
receive a pat on the back for doing so, something more impressive and
far-reaching can be achieved if you’re willing to accept the need for
assistance. Look closely at where two or more heads can be better than one.


Love Horoscope
Whilst there could be a feeling of unease or awkwardness when
expressing yourself emotionally or feeling misunderstood, you can make tangible
and heartwarming progress on the love front. Allow a sense of harmony,
affection or approval to override any inclination to be aggressive or
confrontational and all will be fine. If you’re looking for love, Venus’s move
into Virgo suggests your work, gym or anything associated with the medical
world should be the first places to look. 


Career Horoscope
Both Mars and Pluto are under pressure, especially in the early
days of the week and that means trouble, but of the best possible kind.
Together they are a living example of the fact that sometimes two wrongs can
make a right, both under pressure at the same time, but coming together in
mutual support. As the planets of war and revolution come under pressure you’ll
see your fighting spirit kick in and with Mars in his early weeks in your work
sector and Pluto in his early weeks in direct motion in your career sector
you’ve got a professional riot on your hands. Yet in both cases the message
coming through from any pressure is a need to pace yourself, making it
important to pick your battles wisely. By the time Venus returns to your work
sector on Friday you’ll be ready for what comes next.



Ok, the cosmos appears to be not only listening to you but doing
something in the background that it knows will be of enormous help. This
surrounds a much-needed boost to your confidence. Even if you believe you are
feeling confident in every way, it appears that, to take action and get a
result where you want one most, you need to be feeling a bit more confident
about what you’re undertaking. So, let coming developments give you the shot in
the arm that’s needed.


Love Horoscope
Reassuring progress can come through making clear how strongly or
passionately you feel about something – or possibly someone! Enthusiasm and
belief can do much to allay concerns in someone else’s mind or help you to feel
you’ve conveyed yourself as best you’re able. Once said, the proverbial ball
will be in someone else’s court but you will know you’ve done your best. 


Career Horoscope
As Mercury turns direct in your work sector today this shifts your
mental focus from the rear view mirror to the road ahead, releases the
handbrake and turns the lights to green, but don’t expect the pace to all of a
sudden pick up. A New Moon in three days’ time will provide the push start
needed to get things moving again, with a chance until then to get your
This Week: 


What is it they said about
Jack and his obsessiveness with work? Apparently, it made him dull in the eyes
of others and one of a few themes during October surrounds resisting taking
career matters or pursuits too seriously. The coming week could make clear how
much momentum you have working in your favor where your career is concerned –
and how overinvestment of effort could be counterproductive. Relax and let a
process continue in its own way.


Love Horoscope
This is definitely a week to lose any competitive streak and
choose instead to focus on cooperative and harmonious relationships or those
that bring out the relaxed side of you. Progress in your emotional world relies
upon you being pleasant, affectionate, relaxed and courteous and you can make a
very positive impression from being all of the above now. Venus’s entry into
Virgo suggests love can be found at places of entertainment, amusement or


Career Horoscope
At the same time that the Sun is already lining up for next week’s
New Moon in your work sector and the opportunities this creates for a fresh
start and new beginnings, with Mercury in his final days in retrograde motion
here there’s a need to hold back. Due to turn direct over the weekend, it’s not
until early next week that the push forward will begin, creating some
frustration and a need to measure twice and cut once this week, but at the same
time buying you valuable time to consider your options. While in retrograde
motion Mercury is still holding the doors open to second chances, but more
importantly a chance to spend time back at the drawing board. While there is a
danger of mixed messages, misunderstandings and mistakes, that’s only if you try
and push or rush things.



Where you might believe you’ve made a mistake, look more closely
at the fact you at least did something to move a plan forward. Had you done
nothing, you’d not be in the excellent position you’re in now. Action has
caused a reaction albeit one you might have reservations or concerns about.
Instead of focusing on what appears less-than-desirable, look at where you can
go from here. An enticing way ahead is presenting itself and will do much to
encourage you.


Love Horoscope
With your ruling planet now back in action, a desire to speak your
mind or convey yourself in some way could be strong. A loved one wants to hear
your thoughts and feelings but you might need to make some effort to keep the
discussion balanced and not focused so strongly on them hearing what you have
to say. Keep any exchanges two-way and all will be fine. 


Career Horoscope
Hard on the heels of Mars’ opposition with career forces during
the week it’s the Moon that is now keeping work/life balance tensions high, but
for a very good reason. It was just over 3 weeks ago that Saturn wrapped up a 3
year visit to your work sector and with the Sun just 2 weeks away, life is
about to get busy again, with a chance to learn from the past.
This Week: 


You probably don’t see
yourself as a stubborn so-and-so. You might be aware of how focused you can be
on ideas of your creation and making others aware of these if they represent a
better way of doing something. You can be very determined when the need arises
but coming developments could reveal how and why diplomacy and flexibility can
produce better results than digging your heels in. Progress this week relies on
your ability to share and accommodate.


Love Horoscope
This week highlights a need for positive and harmonious
interactions and exchanges, possibly due to differences between you and a loved
one or love interest becoming clearer. You stand to learn something of value
about a certain person that will help you to understand them better. If you’re
looking for love, then Venus’s entry into Virgo this week suggests family
connections, real estate or someone else’s home are places to look during
coming weeks. 


Career Horoscope
From Saturn’s departure from your work sector last month to the
Sun’s return later this month you have just over 5 months to let things settle,
but also take a break. You reach the halfway phase of this enforced hiatus in
the early days of the week, just as a mix of work/life balance and financial
tension leaves you a nose for money and the means to work smarter. From their
position in your career sector Neptune and Chiron are keeping the professional
momentum going, but with both in retrograde motion and slowing down ahead of
their direct turns next month, there is a need to pull back and pace yourself.
Once the Sun returns to your work sector the pace will pick up considerably,
with pressure to make the most of a chance you have now to cruise in the slow



You’re in the throes of a fascinating process teaching you much
about yourself and someone else. You know what you’re capable of achieving in a
certain area yet have been hamstrung of late to show others what you’re capable
of. That’s now changing. So too is your relationship with a certain person as
helpful information comes to light that causes you to reassess your standing
with them. The past really has no part to play in where you’re going now.


Love Horoscope
Actions, they say, speak louder than words but it’s what gets
discussed or exchanged between you and a certain person that could make clear
where you stand and where you go from here. A Pluto influence could encourage
what’s been unsaid to form an integral part of any discussions now. 


Career Horoscope
During the nearly 4 months that Venus spent in your income sector
before leaving yesterday, as well as creating the momentum for ongoing income
growth and potential, she forged a strong partnership between work and career
forces. What hasn’t happened until now is for work and career forces to start
working together in their own right, with things becoming more professionally
motivated from today.
This Week: 


New levels of comfort to
make their presence felt this week, starting with strong clues surrounding developments
in your career that offer the first steps to comfort and control. Finances are
about to be put on a firmer footing and you should have some reason to feel
optimistic about your bank balance by month end. If you’re willing to speak
your mind openly and honestly, then Venus’s shift to your communication sector
should sweeten any dialogue.


Love Horoscope
This week, Venus moves into your third house of communicating.
Whether you’re looking for love or seeking to enhance a relationship, it could
be clear from as early as this week that romance could be found or enhanced not
far from your doorstep and much depends on your willingness to open lines of
communication. Allow your lighthearted and playful side to emerge and if you
spot an opportunity for you and a loved one or love interest to escape on a
short adventure, seize it!


Career Horoscope
A week on from last Monday’s lunar eclipse in your career sector
and you’ve probably got a much clearer sense of your professional purpose and a
sense of direction. One of the most important questions we will ever ask is
‘what is my purpose’? However, the answer can never be found by looking
outwards and only by looking inwards, with a need to reflect back over all that
transpired last week, honing in on those experiences that felt like coming home
or evoked a sense of ‘yes, this is what I’m meant to be doing’. To get to the
real sense of where your calling is and therefore where to direct the powerful
work resources you have to draw on, it’s less about the ‘what’ and more about
the feeling, which will then act as a homing beacon for opportunities.



It’s time to look at what’s slowing you down and why. This
probably has much to do with an outgrown expectation and one that’s probably
much more negative than positive. For some time, you’ve been inclined to see a
certain situation a particular way and your viewpoint is likely being
influenced by what you know has occurred in the past. A very new future beckons
and to make real progress now, you need to release yourself from an outdated
and unjust belief.


Love Horoscope
Those closest to you will be aware of positivity you radiate and
this could give you an ability to take the lead in social situations. Your
enthusiasm could be infectious, making you excellent company with a loved one
and those closest to you or, if single, help to turn a few heads your


Career Horoscope
While you’ll always find Pluto in his early weeks in direct motion
in your work sector at this time of year or you will during his time here, from
2008 to 2024, what you don’t usually have is the support of income forces,
which is only now starting to show its teeth. Yet ironically, just when some
real income breakthroughs are possible your main motivation on the work front isn’t
the money, but a sense of purpose and job satisfaction.
This Week: 


Who reads the fine print in
any contract? We know we should but through countless downloads and online
purchases we make, we tend to accept terms and conditions are created to
satisfy everyone. It’s the way certain conditions appear to be attached to an
arrangement you wish was more straightforward that could be this week’s bone of
contention. Bide your time until next week if you can when goal posts will
likely have been moved in your favor.


Love Horoscope
Venus’s move into your second house this week enhances a need to
make clear your feelings to a lover or love interest in material ways. This
suits many Leos, you enjoy giving gifts and spoiling those who make your heart
beat faster but Jupiter’s influence could encourage overindulgence or
extravagance so use restraint where it’s needed. If you’re looking for love,
from this week until early November, restaurants, shops and financial
institutions are ideal locations.


Career Horoscope
It was always a given that even if Mars hadn’t return to your
income sector on the same day that Pluto turned direct in your work sector, as
the planets of war and revolution they would work together to shake things up.
However, there is a sense of solidarity and unity between these two warriors of
the cosmos, coming into play within hours of each other and in the first part
of the week under pressure at the same time. As each comes under pressure for
different reasons, the financial and work tension this creates will become fuel
to these warrior planets, with the flames of revolution and rebellion starting
to burn on both the work and income fronts. This is just a small taste of
things to come and the start of a partnership that will dominate much of the
next 2 years.



There’s a saying that involves a penny and the penny dropping. The
saying surrounds clarity manifesting suddenly and realization that often
contains an element of surprise. Clarity and realization are finding their way
to you now and whilst the surprising element could be a bigger issue than you
wish it was, you will be grateful for what is now coming to light. It’s time to
gain proper perspective on a confusing issue.


Love Horoscope
Whilst conversations or exchanges with a loved one or love
interest could be grounded and have a sensible or practical quality, confusion
could arise through ignoring the reality check on offer and dwelling upon an
unrealistic pursuit – or a romantic fantasy! Realism and escaping need to be
balanced. Try to focus on what you know to be realistic and requiring you to be


Career Horoscope
Mercury’s direct turn in your income sector today, just 3 days
before a New Moon opens the door to new beginnings and opportunities, while at
the same time putting a tailwind at your back, not only creates a turning point
on the income front, but brings some new insights on the work front. While
you’ve been focused on the rear view mirror you haven’t seen, until now, the
professional gods are starting to set up for new developments on the work front
later this month.
This Week: 


This week, Venus enters
your sign, bringing with her numerous levels of assistance where your ability
to charm and attract what you need is concerned. However, before what you need
can be allowed to be brought into your world, space needs to be made for it and
this could involve a need on your part to let go of what or who needs letting
go of. Trust that the cosmos has a clear idea about what you need and don’t
need. Just agree with what it is doing on your behalf.


Love Horoscope
The great news is, Venus glides into your sign this week after an
extended stay in Leo. Her presence will bless you with appeal, charm and
affection that can win you new friends and admirers and if you’re looking for
love, then from as early as this week you have an excellent chance to make a
fantastic first impression. Your powers of attraction are strong now and if
you’re a single Virgo, your charm, friendliness and self-confidence can bring
delightful results.


Career Horoscope
Thanks to the Moon’s visit to your career sector last week and the
fact that it only left on Sunday, you’re able to move into the week with your
professional instincts sharp, finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from
the get go. In any week that would be an advantage, but especially as things
start to come together on the income front. With Mercury in his final days in
retrograde motion in your income sector and the Sun already lining up for next
week’s New Moon, this gave you a chance to tap back into the professional
momentum already gained over the weekend. This is Mercury’s third retrograde
phase of 2015 and with the other two phases in your the work and career sectors
he’s not only focused on untapped potential on the income front, but across all
three fronts.



The fact you’ve taken your time to reach a particular decision
does not mean you have been indecisive in any way. In fact, you’ve been very
decisive and with Mercury now moving forward in your sign once again after a
three-week slumber, you’re superbly placed to do what you now know needs doing.
You’ve had time to weigh up the pros and cons surrounding a plan. The pros now
outweigh the cons. You know what you need to do, so do so confidently.


Love Horoscope
Decisions relating to your future and, in particular, how secure
or comfortable you feel could be in the forefront of your mind and require
effort from you to see the reality within one or two situations. A loved one
might have different ideas about something that concerns you and you might
struggle to take a discussion beyond a certain point but, with effort, it is


Career Horoscope
Despite the fact that you’re just 3 days away from a New Moon that
will give you a chance to commit to your new solar year, the future and the
journey ahead, don’t be alarmed if you’re feeling unmotivated, especially on
the work front. Work forces have not only been under pressure, but with Neptune
and Chiron both turning direct in your work sector next month, they’re slowing
down and encourage a more slow and deliberate approach.
This Week: 


As Venus glides into a new
sector of this sky this week, you can expect a shift from what you’ve grown
used to in more than one way. You might not be in demand as much socially but
will be aware of how little assistance you need where you might have grown used
to asking for it. It’s as if the cosmos is giving you a chance to see what you
can do for yourself and you could be surprised at how much you’re now able to
make happen in a delightful way, singlehandedly.


Love Horoscope
Your ruler, Venus, moves to a new sector of the sky and this
brings a noticeable shift to relationships and your attitude toward them from
as early as this week. You could be less focused on receiving than you are
giving and affairs of the heart can take on a secretive quality but, at the
same time, become more compassionate and intimate. A new level of
one-to-one-ness is on offer and the coming week could mark the beginning of an
exciting and pivotal time. 


Career Horoscope
While moving into the week with the Moon in your career sector is
always an advantage, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp from the
get go, it also comes at a price, fuelling any work/life balance tensions. From
Pluto’s return to your home and family sector in 2008 until his departure in
2024 the Moon’s monthly visits to your career sector will always result in an
opposition, but this time it’s the timing that is everything. For this comes
just as Neptune, in retrograde motion in your work sector, is under pressure
and with your professional instincts sharp this gives you access to the message
behind any buttons being pushed. This is also a call to work smarter and to
pace yourself, with a reminder from the professional gods that you’re in this
for the long haul.



Why do we insist upon settling for second best at times? Much
probably has to do with our confidence levels or belief that we don’t deserve
better. You have an excellent opportunity now to upgrade such a belief in an
area of your world. Where you have felt you had no option other than to accept
a particular situation, you can now make progress in the belief you are owed
more in some way than you’ve been allowed to have – and this includes respect.


Love Horoscope
Taking an interest or focusing attention toward a loved one or
close companion could bring a surprising result, especially if they’ve resigned
themselves to you focusing attention elsewhere in some way. You can undoubtedly
become closer to a certain person by simply making clear they have your undivided
attention. Choose to do something you know they have a keen interest in. 


Career Horoscope
Venus’ departure from your career sector yesterday has created a
situation where you know where your heart stands and there is a huge amount of
momentum and potential still to play out, but the focus now shifts to income
and work forces closing ranks. These are the powerful forces that will keep the
wheels turning professionally, driven by a clear sense of what’s possible.
This Week: 


You might be oblivious to
how integral you are to certain others’ plans and coming developments might
help to make this clear. It’s possible you’ve grown accustomed to wanting
support from others where plans or endeavors close to your heart are concerned
and you’re being presented from this week with a win/win situation. If you’re
willing to support others, then support you want and need can come your way. It
might be time to give thought to what you can contribute.


Love Horoscope
It could become clear this week that, to get what you want in your
emotional world, you’re going to have to make use of your ability to be
diplomatic and charming. It also appears friends or one in particular can play
an integral role in your romantic progress. Your friendly, playful and affectionate
demeanor can rub off on others and encourage them to be the same with you. If
you’re open to love and loving gestures now, then there’s every likelihood
you’ll receive them. 


Career Horoscope
A week on from last week’s lunar eclipse in your work sector and
there should be a sense of what if anything this has triggered, even if this is
still a work in progress. Yet with this out of the way and a lot revealed when
the Moon comes full circle later in the month, the professional gods turn their
focus back onto career matters this week. That would have been the case anyway,
with Venus’ longest visit to your career sector in 8 years finally drawing to a
close on Friday. Yet it’s the Moon’s return on Tuesday that will see your
professional instincts kick in and escort you through these final days,
allowing you to get right to the heart of what your professional desires and
expectations are telling you. That makes it important to keep your finger on
the pulse and ear to the ground.



It’s not often we need to make effort to stop something from
happening. Usually, effort we make is done with a view to progressing a certain
situation but there are times when we need to exercise our ability to seize
control in other ways. If it is clear you don’t want to see a certain scenario
unfold or have to deal with a matter trying to present itself now, then it is
well within your abilities to stop it from happening. Don’t believe there is
nothing you can do.


Love Horoscope
Allow your instincts to be your guide where communication with a
loved one or love interest is concerned. Rather than choosing words in advance,
simply say what you feel. Your inner voice could be handy and helpful where
romantic-related plans are concerned. These can be volatile and the more
spontaneous you choose to be, the more enjoyable shared time will be. 
Some days it just feels like it’s you against the entire world.


Career Horoscope
As Venus spends her first full day back in your career sector
there is likely to be a sense of deja vu, returning to finish what she started
back in July. Back then Venus was only here for a few days, just long enough to
plant the seeds before retrograding back out 13 days later. Nearly 3 months
later she’s back to find that wasn’t possible then but is a lot more doable
This Week: 


It’s one thing having a
Wish List. It’s another to have a clearly defined plan to achieve all that
appears on it. We can wish and wish until proverbial cows come home but if we
don’t lift a finger to progress what we want to see happen, then we are at high
risk of disappointment. Saturn in your sign is requesting you be honest about
what you want and how prepared you are to invest effort to get it. This week is
an important one in that respect so make your choices wisely.


Love Horoscope
Where you might have been likely to throw caution to wind and take
risks in your emotional world, it could become clear this week how adopting a
responsible and practical attitude might serve you better. A need to provide
some level of structure, to your love life generally or one relationship in
particular could become strong and so too could a need to create a new level of
security. Centaurs looking for love should consider what might be available in
areas of work or business.


Career Horoscope
As you await Venus’ return to your career sector on Friday there
is likely to be a growing sense of professional confidence and anticipation,
though there is one hurdle to get through first, one that is both necessary and
is also likely to motivate you. With Neptune in your home and family sector
until 2026 any planet that moves through your career sector must move into
opposition, whether it be Jupiter returning once every 12 years, Mars every 2
years or Venus every year, fuelling any work/life balance tensions. It’s Mars’
turn midweek with Pluto under pressure in your income sector as well, with the
planets of war and revolution likely to respond by fuelling your passions and
fighting spirit. Yet with the professional journey you’re on, having the right
work/life balance is essential.



How much of a certain responsibility that has been shouldered by
you is truly yours? It might suit someone else to know you’re on the case with
sorting whatever it is but it does appear limits exist surrounding how obliged
you are to carry this particular burden. It’s also possible you’ve grown very
used to carrying it too and would miss it were it not part of your world.
You’re gradually being released from this. Soon, it will become clearer why.


Love Horoscope
You could find yourself intrigued by someone who shares your sense
of duty and responsibility. They appear very adept at making things happen and
getting impressive results in some way and such qualities could help you feel
comfortable with them. Where you might have had to take the responsibility lead
in the past, their attitude could be seen as very refreshing. 


Career Horoscope
As Mercury turns direct in your career sector this will see the
tide turn and with a retrograde phase over will see things start to move more
smoothly, but don’t expect too much momentum just yet. It’s a New Moon in 3
days’ time that will give anything stalled a push start, in the meantime giving
you time to reflect on the weeks spent looking back through the rear view
mirror and 20/20 hindsight gained.
This Week: 


Rarely do people born under
your sign achieve success in order to impress others. Of course, rising to the
top of any organization requires someone to be impressed but your first,
primary need when it comes to achieving is self-pride and self-satisfaction.
That’s just as well because you’re not going to get as much assistance where
certain plans are concerned as you would like. But that’s just as well too,
because you will find, from as early as this week, that you don’t need it.


Love Horoscope
Do you consider yourself to be a ‘deep’ person? How would you
respond to being involved with a conversation of a religious, spiritual or
philosophical nature? Your emotional world is influenced in many ways and the
coming week could see you giving thought to sharing and comparing beliefs in
some way. Meetings of the mind are what can provide the most enjoyment,
romantically. Be prepared to enter a new relationship dimension if you want to
make progress this week.


Career Horoscope
While it may feel at times that you don’t know if you’re coming or
going, that will only be a problem if you feel that you have to decide or even
worry about that. As far as the professional gods are concerned, with Mercury
in retrograde motion in your career sector until the weekend, even if the Sun
is lining up for next week’s New Moon and the new doors this will open, they’re
out to exploit the benefits on both fronts. With Mercury in retrograde motion
the handbrake is on and the lights are red, but rather than fight it, embrace the
chance this creates to spend time back at the drawing board. Thanks to the
Moon’s return to your work sector over the weekend, even though it’s moved on
by the time you move into the new week, the intuitive edge this left you with
is still sharp.



Life does require all of us to suffer in silence sometimes. Even
the most outspoken or gregarious person chooses to quietly take on
responsibilities and deal with situations with little or no help from anyone
else. When we find ourselves on the receiving end of a reward for our efforts
in the form of release from what we’ve had to deal with, we question it. It’s
important you accept the appreciative gesture coming your way from a helpful
and rewarding cosmos. You’ve earned it.


Love Horoscope
An solution to issue that might have perplexed you recently could
come through an exchange with a loved one or love interest. Through being more
detached from the matter, they might be able to provide instant and helpful
insight that makes you wonder how you overlooked what they’re suggesting. It’s
a case of a problem shared being a problem halved now. 
Some people appreciate tough love, others need tender loving care. 


Career Horoscope
Earlier in the week you reached the halfway point between Saturn’s
departure from your career sector last month and the Sun’s return later this
month, a period of 5 weeks and 1 day in order to let things settle. Yet with
the Sun now just 2 weeks away the days are being eaten up at an increasing pace
and before you know it a valuable chance to step back will be over.
This Week: 


This week brings a chance to take stock of what you want to
achieve and who could be integral to making it happen. What you’re likely to
discover is the list is a short one. That’s not because few people want or are
in a position to assist you. It has more to do with you being aware of how
specifically you want something done and how you’re the best person you know to
do it. You might opt to use some unorthodox methods to get what you want, but
that won’t surprise others.


Love Horoscope
Venus’s move this week into your eighth house of sharing and
intimacy marks the start of a one-month focus on creating balance between all
that might be possessive, intense, emotionally-charged or obsessive and all
that is passionate, erotic and involving deep expressions of love and intimacy. 


Career Horoscope
On Tuesday you will reach the halfway point between Saturn’s
departure from your career sector last month and the Sun’s return in a few
weeks’ time, so how fortuitous then that the Moon should be in your work sector
at the time. You’ll move into the week with the Moon in your work sector,
making its first visit since Saturn left your career sector and last before the
Sun will return to begin the rebuilding phase. This is a valuable chance to get
an intuitive read on work matters, especially as this is your first real chance
for some time. Throughout some very active months on the work front Saturn was
in your career sector, but now you have a chance to put career matters aside
for a while, focused just on work matters, even if it’s just for a few days.



You might feel uncomfortable through eyes being upon you now but,
in your heart, you know you deserve attention coming your way. You’re being
watched for a reaction but also as a source of inspiration from others keen to
ensure you receive what is fair in some way. You have earned respect finding
its way to you and ought to be taking a proud and well-deserved bow in front of
your appreciative and adoring audience. Let coming events reveal more.


Love Horoscope
Through having clear understanding of what you’d like to see
happen in your emotional world, you’ll be well placed to make things happen and
this could see a dream become reality. Your keenness to be focused could
influence someone close to make clear the role they can play in helping make a
cherished goal attainable. Together, you can make something special happen. 
If the past is still haunting you, there has to be a reason. 


Career Horoscope
For the first time in 15 months you’ve woken to no planetary
activity in your work sector, but there is little danger of things going off
the boil. Instead all the momentum created on the work front since Jupiter
returned last July has now been distributed between Uranus, in your income
sector until March 2019 and Saturn, in your career sector until December 2017,
shifting the focus onto the big picture.


This Week: 


Developments this week,
particularly the move of Venus into your opposite sign, could make clear why
communicating ideas and seeking collaboration rather than going it alone makes
sense. You perhaps prefer that if any pats on the back are being given out,
that you would be the sole recipient but progress you want to make relies on
you communicating with others and them doing the same with you. The week could
be a pivotal one where a joint venture is concerned.


Love Horoscope
A desire to share with those closest to you or, if attached, that
one special person could be strong and as a unique sign of the Zodiac, it’s to
be expected you might choose to share in unique or unusual ways. It’s possible
a creative urge could encourage you to reveal your feelings. The coming week
could see you choosing to give much more than you want to receive and focus
solely on the needs of a loved one. 


Career Horoscope
For now Saturn, still in his early weeks in your career sector, is
happy to play a supporting role, knowing that by the end of the week the
spotlight will be on him and career matters and he’ll be carrying the entire
weight of your professional game. Until then the focus is on work matters, with
the final days of Venus’ longest visit to your work sector in 8 years all about
listening to your heart, with a bit of wishful thinking thrown in for good
measure. It’s the Moon’s return to your work sector on Tuesday, four months to
the day since Venus returned for what should have been a 24 day visit that
brings the intuitive edge needed to bring things home. Until the Moon and Venus
leave on Friday it’s all about trusting your heart, gut and emotional,
intuitive and imaginative responses.
Today’s Planets: Moon in Virgo ° Mercury conjunct North Node

Today’s Moon Angel: Archangel Metatron 
October 11 Moon Meditation: Relationships are the focus of the day… *
is some pretty awesome astrology coming up this week. Not only do we have the
New Moon in the sign of Libra, which is all about partnerships, there is also
an amazing link between Jupiter and Pluto.
think about your most important relationships and where you want to start all
over again. This applies to relationships with family, friends and even
colleagues or clients.
think about where else in your life you know you need to release the past and
envisage a brighter future. Work out what you want and you will be halfway
there – intention is everything.
Planets: * Moon into Libra
Moon Angel: *Archangel Jophiel
October 12 Moon Meditation: Seal the deal! *
things are going as you would like them to, great! It means you have tuned into
the energy in the ethers, which is all about the Jupiter/Pluto connection
yesterday, which promised the chance for massive change, and into the New Moon
which is coming tomorrow.
use the energies now to seal any deals you want to sign off on. Agreements made
now will be made to last. Mercury is now longer going backwards and very soon
will link up with Saturn, setting agreements made now in stone.
is not about pinning someone down frantically but rather about getting a
commitment from someone on a deal that requires some kind of steadfast
Planets: * Moon in Libra
Moon Angel: *Archangel Jophiel
October 13 Moon Meditation: New Moon in lovely Libra! *
 The New Moon today is in the sign of Libra,
which is all about relationships. If you have a desire related to love or even
to a professional relationship, this is the day to think about it. Every day is
a good day to manifest your dreams but it’s been said for millennia that the
New Moon is the best time for it!
write down what you want. Make a list of ten things. Include world peace if you
don’t mind, please!
you’re trying to work things out with someone, be they a friend, lover or
work-related colleague, do talk to Archangel Jophiel. Ask her to help you to
see the best in the other person – that will make you more likely to manifest
harmony with them!
Planets: * New Moon in Libra
Moon Angel: *Archangel Jophiel
October 14 Moon Meditation: Settling down… *
 It’s been a fairly exciting week this week
with lots of chances for change. If you’re still reelng from all that has
happened, use today to start to settle down.
are still some great windows of opportunity ahead for us all, but things are a
bit quieter now so it’s worth drawing a breath!
you are having issues with someone and you are serious about sorting things
out, then use the New Moon energy that is still around us.
it feels right, do something for that person, as though everything were ok
between the two of you.
Planets: * Moon in Scorpio
Moon Angel: *Archangel Jeremiel
October 15 Moon Meditation: Action galore…*
biggest astro-link in the air right now is between Mars and Pluto and it’s coming
at us fast! This link is packed with power. If you need to really shift things
in your life, then this is the energy you need to do that.
at where making a bit more of an effort could really change things for you. Yes
of course, we are nearly all quite exhausted in this busy world. But sometimes
we just have to push ourselves a little bit harder to make our dreams come
true. And this is one of those times!
a use it or lose it energy! 
Planets: * Moon in Scorpio
Moon Angel: *Archangel Jeremiel
October 16 Moon Meditation: Love is in the air! *
is a lovely link building between Venus and Neptune. Venus is the planet of
love and Neptune is the planet of soul-mates, so when they come together, it’s
a beautiful thing!
you would like to know more about the love in your chart, we are selling a very
good book, written by Aussie astrologer, Joanne Madeline Moore. It’s all about
where you have the love planet, Venus, and the sex planet, Mars, in your chart.
Planets: * Moon into Sagittarius
Moon Angel: *Archangel Jeremiel
Let’s Plant Our New Intentions
What Are Your Feelings? Know Your Point of Attraction
The Law of Attraction promises that our feelings guide our thinking
as we create our lives. Lunar energy is astrologically in charge of how our
human emotions play out down here below. Each month, a New Moon marks a waxing
cycle promoting start up energy while a Full Moon unfolds a waning cycle
allowing completion, reflection and release. LunarOScopes capture this natural
rhythm with specific forecasting advice, timing when your Sun Sign naturally
benefits from initiation or letting go.


Being our
Moon changes Zodiac Signs every couple of days, so too do our feelings down
here below mirror these precise patterns that ultimately change our moods and
sensations. Keeping our emotions healthy allows us to properly manifest our
individual lives, as these cycles flavor us all uniquely.
New Moons start Waxing Phases, Let’s Begin


This two-week cycle normally favors actions involving anything new, as
increasing energy moves forward throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie until
the next Full Moon in Taurus 27 October.

Moon Void of Courses (Moon VOC) Time Out Periods


Even under a Waxing Phase, you will not wish to plan, plant, purchase, or
initiate anything of importance when the Moon is Void of Course. This
astrological passage occurs every couple days during our business and workweek,
marking the critical request to take up in more reflective acts in solitude and
engaging in quieter soul activities. Check in weekly with
 Empowerscopes on Empower
 for the
calendar’s most current Moon Void of Course times.

Shadow of Mercury
 until 24


The current request to realign and iron out the retrograde fabric details after
a cycle of reflection. Mercury Retrograde just asked us to consciously take
time to reflect, review and renew, and be just a bit more mindful about
decisions for our future. Mercury is our planet who guides over our thinking,
mentality, communications, and movement of any kind involving transportation or
information. During his third and final Retrograde cycle of 2015, his
backtracking through Libra created those natural interruptions, rerouting and
flux within our schedules- where having our back-up plans ready to go were
always recommended as we anticipated change and sat in the space of review,
release and redo from 17 September to 09 October. Now we can mindfully move
forward from the Libra area of our lives.

What’s Your Sun Sign? 


The simplicity of your natal sun sign is a marvelous focal point to align peace
of mind about what is naturally beginning with feeling within your life this
lunar month.

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon new intentions where I


As agreements are favored with your business or personal partnerships, these
outcomes still have different plans as their final results. This marks a
tremendous point engaging your recognition that those old approaches to your
life no longer exist, as you continue embracing your new appearances.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon new intentions where I


What’s able to stimulate your abilities to serve others, your health, habits
and routines- all of which are ready for change- strikes you now in the most
unusual ways. Solitary soul homework stills says go within, to cooperate with
your powerful healing already in progress that continues to surprise you.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon new intentions where I


More brainstorms are raised with children or brain-children on your feeling
radar as break through energy surrounds projects for your creative nature to
shine on in your spotlight. Clear up any tolerant energy with your hopes and
wishes to allow future goals to find innovative groups to socialize with.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon new intentions with
how I Nurture.


The sensations of new life energy now freely cultivate fine flows for your home
and family life. Déjà vu is apt to channel some important messages for you to
receive. This directly reflects in working within your career and public life,
so your individualism and originality can soar here all the more.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon new intentions with
how I Communicate.


Your mindset streams with benevolence as new light shines to stimulate your
brainstorms, welcoming an unexpected energy to your thinking. Writing things
down assists in helping you know more about what is ultimately under radical
changes within your beliefs- it’s time to renovate here and be unique.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon new intentions with
what I Have.


Giving gratitude for what you already have opens new doors to rely on for the
long term promising a steady increase to your earning power- yet you must
invite in the unusual too. What wealth really means, equally says please stop
doubting your originality, and know being different is how it works.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon new intentions with
who I Am.


The fever for new flavor and feeling finds your approaches to life and the
world to absolutely look at you differently. Your new mask is built, creating
your eccentric appearance that now awaits to relate to your partnerships- as
you recognize the more unique they are, all the better it is for you both.

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon new intentions where I


The time in the silent listen unfolds shocking rewards as you continue to find
answers within your solitude, as new inner processes emerge. Dreams contain
stunning messages for your waking life. Connect the dots to the unexpected ways
your habits & routines are changing for improved health.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon new intentions where I


Break-through energy now ignites future goals to boost up their potentials to
equally jumpstart your hopes and wishes as new friends, organizations and
groups stir into your mix. Throw a party, and you’ll find you unite the
creative energies that are meant to be a part of it in the most unusual ways.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon new intentions where I


Initiations seek to move your career and public life forward, so it’s time for
action, recognition and reward- but probably not how you could have ever
originally planned it. Finding alignment with equal healing where you nurture
at home and with family speaks with different ideas for you to consider.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon new intentions with
what I Believe.


Your philosophies are ready for radical changes, seeking to spiritually educate
and connect with you, especially through any kind of long journey or travel.
Learning processes opening to your truth cannot be ignored, which has your mind
alive and well with those break-through ideas you love to work with.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon new intentions where I


One of the most regenerative new moons of your year, embrace the undeniable
presence of true rebirth concerning your wealth and sexuality. As your source energy
is fueled with new feelings, unite them with gratitude given to the original
ways your earning power is working with innovation too.



Other Need To Knows About
What October’s New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Libra How Our Feelings Become Refined


11 October, 4:45am EDT to 13 October, 5:38pm EDT

Engage: intuition,
comparison, peace, sensitivity, harmony, co-operation, understanding

Avoid: Co-dependency,
laziness, evasiveness, judgment, eagerness to please
New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation


12 October, 8:06pm EDT, 19 degrees Libra

Consciously Aim For: Harmony

Waxing Phase: 19
degrees Libra to 03 degrees Taurus



Energy initiates and builds within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 27
October 2015.



Moon Void of Course in Libra: 8:06pm EDT to 5:38pm EDT 13 October, Moon
enters Scorpio
This New
Moon will ask us to specifically focus upon faith, as well as the know that
tremendous purification is striking up from the Libra slice of life. Mercury
Retrograde still sits upon his station at 01 degrees Libra after just turning
Direct 09 October, and this New Moon is coupled with starting the Moon Void of
Course. Meaning: what is triggering anew in Libra will have plenty of
opportunities in the weeks ahead to emerge what is meant to be new here once
Mercury arrives at 19 degrees Libra by the next Full Moon in Taurus, while
Venus brings in more value to it by the Full Moon in Gemini upon 25 November.
Patience, will be the virtue to nurture what wishes to start up within Libra
this year.
Beyond faith,
there is more awareness that this lunation requires between Libra and Aries. As
it makes a strong opposition to 18 degrees Uranus Retrograde in Aries, we
equally see a calling to recognize we must continue to honor to expect the
unexpected, as the request to reflect is equally on where Aries marks our
lives. Be well aware of emotions becoming erratic, irresponsible, fueled with
nervous tension, irritability and being completely unpredictable over this
time. You have been forewarned! Rising up to challenges with courage is the
antidote to never forget the practice of patience within our lives.
As 27
September’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse channel a plenty of “didn’t see that
coming energy” to continue to unfold from Aries over this next year, this New
Moon in Libra is one that equally sees the same. While it is slow in it’s gifts
to be able to bestow themselves upon us, we must remember it is still caught up
in unexpected changes concerning our emotions that will be ever present as it
Chaldean Numerology Karmic Mysteries to Unravel 


19 degree point lunation’s are always ones that bring in the flavor of powerful
and pivotal energy, as well as engage our benevolence and protection concerning
the new beginnings within our life. While we do have other fair warnings about
the innate energy this New Moon will bring, we will in due time see the
positive changes it wishes for us to embrace. This month -the first in a chain
of New Moons initiating at the 19th degree of their sign until Spring 2016-
brightly focuses upon the blessings of the 19’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery, ‘
Prince of Heaven,’

“19 is one of the most fortunate and favorable of all compound
numbers. It is symbolized as the Sun, and it is called The Prince of Heaven
because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment. It
blesses the person or entity represented by it with all the power of the
Compound number 10, without the danger and abuse inherent in the 10.  This
number promises happiness and fulfillment- success in all ventures as well as
in the personal life. As in life, nothing is perfect, but regardless of the
influences of another, possibly negative number, the 19 will smooth the path
and greatly dilute any negative vibrations one must deal with in the full
numerological analysis.”
Goodman’s Star Signs
Star Meditations Utilizing Mantras for
Affirmation for 19:


Ostentation | “Every practical plan and scheme of love will be realized.” ~Nostradamus

Divination for 19:


This is a time of resurrection. You have triumphed over past events and are now
in the embryonic stage of a new persona. It’s a time of new beginnings, a time
when all manner of gifts are bestowed on you. The radiance of the divine light
shines through you, and with this power you have the ability to conquer any
situation. His Highness, the Prince of Heaven, promises success. So enjoy the
many privileges of this vibration. You are the King of the World- or Queen!
Victory is yours.

Reflection for 19:


Should you face the challenge of this vibration, you are perhaps wearing the
face of sunshine, with happy smiles, when your heart sees a sadder face.
It is not necessary to keep up this illusion. Lift you face up into the divine
light and welcome the Sun as he arises in the morning. Inhale that healing
spirit; it’s for you.  Let it manifest its full potential.  Let joy
into your heart.

Wishing You Aligned Emotions and Happy
Attracting Dear Stars!



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