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Source: Aries Weekly Horoscope by The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut | Astrostyle: Astrology and Horoscopes by The AstroTwins


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Monday August 31st – Sunday September 6th

Stop! Don’t sign on that dotted line, Aries—not until you’ve had a little time to mull things over. Monday is one day that you WON’T want to make any binding agreements. With the ego-driven Sun facing off with crisis-junkie Neptune, you could tumble down a rabbit hole of paranoia and suspicion. Either that, or you could make the mistake of hoisting a slick salesman up onto a pedestal, thinking that they know better than you and getting taken for an expensive ride. As an Aries, it’s always best to be your own guru. Having teachers illuminate the path is one thing, but your gut checks rarely steer you wrong. This is a week for rediscovering where your personal boundaries lie, too. Perhaps you’ve allowed other people’s rigidity or your own fears to limit your self-expression. Break free early this week, but not in a rebellious way. You don’t need to abandon your entourage because they disagree with you. Assert yourself lovingly and the haters will inevitably become imitators. By now you should be used to that, Ram. The influence of the Sun-Neptune opposition will linger through the week so be mindful of your limits. You may catch yourself saying, “It won’t matter, just this once,” more often than you should. Don’t derail all the positive habits you’ve worked so hard to put into place; but by the same token, don’t be SO rigid that you forget to lighten up and have some fun!

Be still thy beating heart. All week long, your ruling planet Mars will sail alongside Venus retrograde, doubling those downloads of loving (and lusting) feelings! On Tuesday, Mars and Venus make an exact connection at 14 degrees Leo—their second of three meetups in 2015. The first took place in Aries this past February 20, so scroll back in your calendar to see what was happening then. You could experience a sequel to that love story or a round two of events—for better or for worse. On the one hand, this transit can heap more fuel onto a blazing and ultrasexy fire. Bring on the glamorous dress-up dates, mindblowing makeout sessions and power couple photo ops! And take more leadership in your love life, being mindful that you don’t come on too aggressively. With Venus in reverse until Sunday, however there are bound to be a few scrambled signals and missed connections. Try to keep your frustration in check during these heartburning hiccups. If drama’s been brewing it could reach the boiling point on Tuesday, eliciting a noisy argument (or painfully awkward silence) with the object of your affections. Hey, Aries, no one knows better than you that a lover’s quarrel can clear the air. Just don’t let rash Mars provoke you into saying (or doing!) something regrettable out of anger. Remember to ask questions and listen. There could even be a proposal or pregnancy for some Rams this week. But if you’re planning to get on bended knee or get down to babymaking, try to hold out until Sunday. That’s when Venus corrects her course and officially ends a retrograde that began on July 25. Amen! Until October 8, Venus sails in direct motion through Leo, resolving romantic confusion bringing an extended four weeks of summer lovin’. If you’ve been pondering a style upgrade, book a date in mid-September to get that tattoo, ombre your hair turquoise and purple, or make any other edgy changes. Aries performers and presenters will get a shot of courage from the Mars-Venus meetup, and could attract some prominent attention near Tuesday. Once Venus turns direct on Sunday, you’re practically guaranteed a standing ovation if you take the stage, provided you practiced your lines well during the retrograde!

On Saturday, the Sun flows into a harmonious trine (120 degree angle) with powerhouse Pluto in your ambitious tenth house. Go-o-o-o-oal! Along with a triple shot of motivation, your competitive side comes out to play. Good thing, since you may discover that someone in your industry is hot on your heels. Don’t stress, just recommit to bringing your “A” game again and you’ll pull ahead. Inspired visions about your career path could turn this into a voluntary working weekend. It’s not every day that you can cut such a clear path to evolution and transformation but Saturday really helps you make progress. Are you ready to be the ruler of your own profitable empire? If it’s time to quit your day job to pursue your dreams, Saturday’s stars help you map out your exit strategy. Maybe you see an opportunity to work more independently at your existing gig. Spend time this weekend working on your pitch so you can deliver it to the decision makers next week.

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