The Critical Degree! Weekly horoscope:

Weekly Horoscope – Starting Friday, July 31, 2015


This week has potential as a fortunate week for all of the signs. Four planets form a stellium in the Sun’s home sign, Leo, all week long, including Sun, Venus, and Jupiter! (Mercury rounds out the stellium.) Mars trines Saturn in water signs, connecting the two traditionally malefic planets. Mars in Cancer trining Saturn in Scorpio actually forms a trio at the end of the week, with both planets aspecting the mighty Vulcanus (Transneptunian). A great deal of force and control is behind ambition by the end of the week, a superb combination with the Leo stellium for those on earth, who recognize and seize the opportunities from the heavens.

Indeed, with so many planets in late degrees this week, opportunities to benefit from the persistence and stability of Admetos (Transneptunian) and the good fortune and multiplication effect of Apollon (Transneptunian) abound. All three of the outer titans beyond Saturn (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are retrograde and either in home sign (Neptune) or in mutual reception (Uranus-Pluto). The outer trio gives the sense of a chance to retreat or consider what the “big picture” has in store over the longer term. For now, the Leo stellium is stealing the show.

What might this week portend for you? Consider your Sun sign and rising sign/ascendant as well.

#Aries #الحمل ♈ 

Half of the planets in fiery signs (and at times, six, with Moon in your Sun’s sign for several days this week) is favorable for Aries Sun. Growing stronger through competition and taking assertive action this week works especially well for Aries, with strongest days from August 3 to 5. Structure and authority is influential this week for you as well, but has a sense of going with the flow. Creativity within parameters has potential to be very productive this week. Random shocks might feel more disconcerting than authority this week, but also suggests a chance to “think outside of the box” and adjust in an innovative manner in disruptive situations. Perhaps most importantly, August 5 and 6 are days of using power, force, strength, and controls to push your interests forward and relentlessly move closer towards various goals you might have. Final thought for Aries: Mentoring or coaching has potential for Aries this week.

#Taurus #الثور ♉ 

The Leo stellium is squaring your Sun by sign, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest an uphill week for Taurus Sun. Responding to structure and authority is a renewed, intense theme for Taurus and the uplifting Leo stellium can be a plus in determining how to benefit from demands from those in command. For example, a strong theme for Taurus this week is the “controlled expansion” theme. Focusing on Jupiter’s encouragement of personal growth makes using structure a convenient way to do so, although it will definitely demand effort. Multiplying your work, increasing your influence, and learning are helpful themes from July 31 to August 4. Use of the mind is also a strong theme for Taurus this week, strongest by the end of the week. Logic and reasoning receive a boost via flashes of insight and bursts of intuition in order to solve problems. Final thought for Taurus: you might feel more reliance on other people than average this week; making sure the “playing field” is even might be wise.

#Gemini #الجوزاء

This is an interesting week for Gemini Sun. The week might feel like building up to a crescendo. The fiery week in the transits is not a bad fit for your airy Sun, particularly with your natural talents for gathering and using information, and learning, “ramped up”. Flashes of insight, spontaneity, and innovative ideas tend to flow well all week, with a peak day on August 2. Authority might start to feel heavy by the end of the week, but you also have access to the “controlled expansion” theme in the transits. Efforts to work within structure tend to bring success. August 6 is a potentially fantastic day for Gemini. Besides the direct access to ease and abundance, the day represents opportunities to be influential, build and share your knowledge, and expand and multiply what you give attention to. A potentially productiveweek for Gemini and watch for that August 6 date! Final thought for Gemini: in unlikely situations that occur nonetheless, watch for someone unlike yourself for assistance or for an interesting alternate perspective.

#Cancer #السرطان

An unstable beginning of the week ends in a rather stable manner for Cancer Sun. Uranus’ shocks and surprises are of influence for Cancer this week. While the unpredictability can be an annoyance, the opportunity to be spontaneous, express your unique self, and be brilliant compensates for the inconveniences. (This theme is strongest on July 31 and August 4.) Cancer’s watery Sun is very much in the fiery thick of the week. Water dominates fire, and gives the sense that “the world is your oyster” this week. Action and adventure, creativity, and self-expression are fun themes for Cancer, borrowed from the sign after yours, Leo. August 6 is a more productive and stable day of the week, in contrast to the rest of the week. The last day of the week is opportune for considering your perspectives of various issues and enjoying close relationships. Final thought for Cancer: if an unexpected situation causes disruptions, what strategy might you quickly implement to deal with it?

#Leo #الأسد

As the powerful core of the solar system marches predictably towards the middle of your Sun’s sign this week, Leo Sun has the opportunity to shine. August 1 is a day of dealing with high authority, or showing it. What might your specialty be? Leo has potential for showing leadership and authority on August 1, particularly in your area of expertise. This fiery week suits Leo quite well! Activity and passion characterize the week. Also of note, August 1 to 5 are days of “powerful inspiration” for Leo. Envisioning how you want to transform yourself or various situations can be a productive exercise during the middle of the week. Close relationships become more influential for you from August 4 to 6. Showing passionate commitment (to a cause, for example), and using creativity in discerning perceptions of various issues or events, works well for Leo throughout the week. Final thought for Leo: using organization can be beneficial this week – or finding another method to prevent misallocation of resources.

#Virgo #العذراء

A four-planet stellium in the sign preceding your Sun’s has its opportunities. “Inspired service to others”, “energetic analysis”, and “activity focused on details” are just a few ways for Virgo Sun to use the fiery energies in the transits productively this week. The week has its variances and tendencies towards ups and downs, but it’s also potentially quite interesting. August 3, for example, is a day for enjoying marriage, togetherness, and contributing to group efforts. Responding to authority, at work, for example, can be tough this week, but it also has its benefits. Considering how to implement the help of others and what will encourage expansion, rather than stagnation, helps Virgo push forward through difficult situations this week. August 6 is a key date for Virgo. Of great interest, the week can culminate in either a sense of optimism and enjoyment based on your efforts, or a sense of stability and consolidation. Or perhaps with all of the fire in the transits, you can find a creative way to obtain both. Final thought for Virgo: is your enemy your best teacher? Look to those who are not necessarily on your side to help find the source of a difficulty.

#Libra #الميزان

Libra Sun has a generally uplifting week. The emphasis with Sun and three other planets in Leo is on the self, however, that serves as a good reminder that one’s own self is an important half of any relationship. An emphasis on fire in the transits this week is also not a bad fit for Libra. Enjoy the activity and busy interaction between yourself and other people, perhaps with a flair of competition in the mix. Your airy Sun also has a week of exercising the mind, if you so choose, and this theme is strongest at the end of the week. Even with the good vibes and penchant towards expansion touching your Sun this week, Libra has the opportunity to consider how to use the “mighty force and ambition” theme in the transits this week. Also watch for some potential tension, but also potential progress, in relationships on August 3 and 4. Final thought for Libra: how to shift gears, or change course in mid-stream, is relevant for Libra this week.

#Scorpio #العقرب

So many planets in the sign squaring yours! Yet, Scorpio Sun perhaps has the greatest opportunity to benefit from the “luck” in the transits this week. Benefits and advantages can be attained, but they tend away from excesses. The vibe this week for Scorpio is one of giving effort, but also to expect commensurate rewards. Another vibe for Scorpio involves the “retreat” type theme, symbolized by your Sun’s ruler, Pluto, retrograding along with Uranus and Neptune. August 5 is probably the most productive day of the week for Scorpio, and close relationships tend to flow well all week. Watch for August 6 as strong, stable, and harmonious for close relationships. Final thought for Scorpio: assessing risk is important for Scorpio this week, especially in terms of choosing sides.

#Sagittarius #القوس

Relationships return to the forefront for Sagittarius Sun this week. Your ruling planet hits the anaretic degree of Leo by the end of the week, suggesting edginess and anticipation in addition to the varying activity in the transits affecting Sagittarius. The week nonetheless has a sense of fun and adventure for Sagittarius, with many of the planets in the fiery signs. The active and energetic influence is kept in check somewhat by several sources, including Saturn. Competition or action taken under the umbrella of structure (competitive sports would be a good example, as would many other concepts involving work or doing business) tends to be very productive this week. Hence, Sagittarius Sun can make use of the “controlled expansion” theme. Watch for the second half of the week to use persistence and pertinacious focus in order to expand your influence, increase your popularity, and heighten productivity, particularly through use of knowledge.Final thought for Sagittarius: no additional thoughts for Sagittarius this week.

#Capricorn #الجدي

Your Sun’s ruler, Saturn, is retrograde, in addition to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde. While Capricorn Sun is in the midst of the “mighty force and driven ambition” theme at the end of the week, you might also enjoy reflecting and stepping back to see the big picture. Relationships are more work-oriented this week. Difficult work can have its rewards this week, particularly in areas such as problem-solving and networking, again more oriented towards career. Your earthy Sun makes an odd angle by sign to the planets in Leo this week. “Digging deep” and creating methods to use the expressive, creative, and romantic qualities of the Leo sign can be a productive way to incorporate the fiery energies in the transits into your week. Final thought for Capricorn: Listening is important for you this week, especially listening to the inner voice/self.

#Aquarius #الدلو

This can be a week of accomplishment for Aquarius Sun, and this theme builds up until the end of the week. Use of thought and logic is also important this week and flows well for Aquarius, with a peak day on August 2. Four planets opposite your Sun’s sign, with both of the benefics, certainly suggest a theme of “ease and abundance” for you this week, but you also have Mercury’s communicative qualities and the powerful Sun’s consciousness at your disposal. Aquarius, well-attuned to groups of people, has the opportunity to shine alone this week. How might you spontaneously (or otherwise) express your unique qualities? Definitely, teamwork, in leisure or work, is also something to consider. Expressing your best qualities as part of a unit makes it stronger and more competitive. The tendency in the transitstowards action and adventure fits your inquisitive and innovative mind well. Final thought for Aquarius: seeking a nurturing guide in times of need can be of benefit this week.

#Pisces #الحوت

A long-running theme of authority, based on your expertise, is still in effect for Pisces Sun this week. Showing leadership and adhering to regulations is more prominent this week for you. Close relationships also affect Pisces more than average. A sense of being outside of the activity of this week is also present, and naturally, Pisces (associated with Neptune and the mundane twelfth house) can embrace the ‘retreat’ type theme this week, whether for only a few minutes a day or through August 6. While most of us cannot spend a full week in a retreat, reflecting on the big picture and stepping back can be a particularly effective exercise for Pisces. Neptune is in your Sun’s sign; this gives your consciousness direct access to bliss. Even Saturn’s retrograde into Scorpio is suggesting a retreat (using behind the scenes structure to incorporate spirituality into one’s life). Expressiveness, creativity, and romance certainly are potentially useful themes for Pisces this week. Of great interest, can you think of ways to use these Leo type qualities to meet a greater collective? Final thought for Pisces: Don’t be surprised if you’re the “go-to” person for help this week, especially in your area of expertise.




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