✓ Weekend_Romance_Forecast ❤

AstroMouda’s forecast

#Weekend_Romance_Forecast: July 31 – August 2 / 2015

  If you want to #change things up with your love life, this weekend will give you some opportunities. Friday presents us with a Full Moon, which are always highly emotionally charged. Also, this weekend Venus re-enters Leo for a two month trip. Unfortunately #Venus_is_retrograde so she may not be as helpful as usual.

And a #Full_Moon_in_Aquarius can get a little weird. Hey: I said change things up, not change things up predictably, okay? Friday: Yes, a Full Moon in Aquarius can make for some powerful but unpredictable feelings. That Moon is also opposite Mercury in Leo, so your word choice might not be the wisest either.

You might want to be careful to pull your awesome new moves around people who already care about you… or will never see you again. Saturday: The Moon is in Pisces for the evening, which is generally a more sensitive placement the Moon in Aquarius, so perhaps all will be forgiven from last night’s craziness. Soft and romantic is the best mood to set this evening. 

Sunday: Saturn has gone direct, which should make achieving practical goals a lot easier than it has been in the last few months… So make a plan and follow it through. Also Mercury is trine Uranus today, so if you need to talk a good game with someone, the sky is on your side!




♈ #Aries #الحمل ♈ 

It was 2 weeks ago to the day that Venus returned for what should have been a 4 week visit to your work sector, but in that time she has not only turned retrograde but has retrograded back out, leaving you with a better sense of where your heart stands, of what you do and don’t want and a sense that something big is about to break. In the meantime, Venus’ first full day back in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart needs to be embraced. 

♉ #Taurus #الثور ♉ 

You reach an important relationship milestone today just as Mars, moving into his final 7 days in your communication sector is desperate for a communication breakthrough. It’s Saturn’s direct turn that not only shifts the focus away from the past and back onto the future and road ahead, but begins his trek back out. While Saturn won’t leave your relationship sector until next month, when he does he won’t be back for another 27 years and with Mars not returning to your communication sector until 2017, communication and relationship forces are joining forces.

♊ #Gemini #الجوزاء ♊ 

While there’s a need to keep your professional and money hats on over the weekend it’s a small price to pay for a valuable opportunity to not only put income, work and career matters on the same page, but get a sense of where to from here. With Saturn turning direct in your work sector, Mars moving into his final 7 days in your income sector and the Moon returning to your career sector, everything has come together to create a turning point, one where it’s time to start playing it like you mean it.

♋ #Cancer #السرطان ♋ 

Venus’ return to your income sector and her first full day back here today couldn’t come with better timing, for with Jupiter now in his final days, the Sun and Mercury already on board and Mars just a week away. While Venus will remain in retrograde motion for the whole of August this will hold the doors open to second chances and untapped potential, but won’t be enough to slow down the forward march and momentum. This is the point where the money gods get serious.

♌ #Leo #الأسد ♌ 

Just in time for the weekend Saturn turns direct in your home and family sector, not only shifting the focus from the past and onto the future, but beginning the process of leaving for good. While it will take Saturn until the 18th September to retrace his steps, once he leaves he won’t be back for another 27 years and with life set to become busier and more complex, make the most of a day that is all about home and family matters, but also the day that the tide turns.

♍ #Virgo #العذراء ♍ 

Just as Ceres is spending her last weekend in your work sector and with the Moon just wrapping up the Full Moon 2 days ago, there’s a need to keep your work hat on, but there might be some competition. For with Venus not only in her first full day back in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart but the wind down of your old solar year and old Jupiter cycle needing time for reflecting, any work focus today needs to be more about letting your imagination run wild.

♎ #Libra #الميزان ♎ 

On the same day that Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos moves into his final week in your career sector and Saturn turns direct in your income sector, the Moon makes a very timely return to your work sector, so timely that it smacks of divine intervention. While this does mean you’ll need to keep your professional and money hats on over the weekend, this is an important chance to regroup. You can’t let this nor does this need to become a day that is all work and no play.

♏ #Scorpio #العقرب ♏ 

Just a day after Venus retrograded back into your career sector, beginning a 5 week period where the doors are open to the past and second chances on the work and career fronts at the same time, Saturn’s direct turn shifts your personal focus onto the future and the road ahead. This marks the point where Saturn begins his nearly 7 week trek back out and not due to return for another 27 years, when it comes to your own personal needs, a point where it’s time to take your power back.

♐ #Sagittarius #القوس ♐ 

Having spent 13 days in your career sector Venus has had a look into the future and knows how professionally focused things are due to become. With Mercury returning next week, Jupiter the week after and the Sun the week after that, there will be a gradual increase in the professional focus over the coming weeks, until you reach a point where there is no going back. In her first full day back in an adventurous part of your chart and knowing how busy things are going to get, Venus will be encouraging you to embrace the weekend spirit.

♑ #Capricorn #الجدي ♑ 

Just as the Moon’s monthly visit to your income sector that created a Full Moon 2 days ago wraps up, Venus is spending her first full day back in your financial sector. Where there could be some financial tension in the air it’s keeping you on your toes, with a new sense of urgency developing on both the income and financial fronts. This comes from a renewed sense of what you want and an unwillingness to miss out. Hold onto a nose for money this leaves you with, along with a new sense of entitlement.

♒ #Aquarius #الدلو ♒ 

The timing of the Moon’s monthly visit to your income sector couldn’t be better, returning with a nose for money just as Mars is spending his last weekend in your work sector and as Saturn turns direct in your career sector. This brings you to a turning point in your professional year where all the professional gods are now focused on the future, though for now the only real movement will be felt on the work front. What matters is that your eye is now on the road ahead rather than the rear view mirror.

♓ #Pisces #الحوت ♓ As 

Venus spends her first full day back in your work sector she’s returned in time to pay her part in Jupiter’s final days. While this means there’s a need to keep your work hat on over the weekend, with Mars not only moving into his final week in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, but due to bring a new definition to the word busy when he returns to your work sector at the end of next week, do what you can to find a balance between work and play.





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