Wednesday 18 March-Mercury conjunct Neptune: Make-Believe…

Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get): Wednesday 18 March-Mercury conjunct Neptune: Make-Believe….

Wednesday 18 March-Mercury conjunct Neptune: Make-Believe…

Today’s Special Horoscope
Today's Special Horoscope


Wednesday 18 March-Mercury conjunct Neptune: Make-Believe…

Get ready for a little wander into the land of Oz today, for Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, just as the Moon enters the dreamy and romantic sign of the Fish as well. Saturn in Sagittarius is the only party-pooper in this fairy-tale, but he won’t stick his nose in until this evening… So, make the most of the morning’s imaginative vibes and let your inspiration flow freely! Is your guardian angel messaging you in code? Need a code-breaker? One of our gifted psychics can decode your message and deliver it to you loud and clear! Call 0207 111 6384!
The day may begin in bit of a haze as Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces. This is great for imaginative work but not so great for clear communications or for making important decisions. With the Moon void of course as well, best try to avoid doing anything of monumental import this a.m. By late morning (11am GMT), Moon enters Piscesintensifying the day’s dreamy and sentimental vibes.  As Moon sextiles Venus in Taurus by lunchtime, why not take a nice long lunch? You can go to your favourite spot, have a walk in some nice gardens or even get a little lunchtime massage. Do so and you are sure to feel satisfied and soothed!
The end of the working day may bring some pressure, due to a lunar square with Saturn in Sagittarius. Maybe a deadline is looming, the atmosphere is a little unpleasant, or maybe there is just something you need to finish before you can relax for the evening. Do what you need to and let it pass. You can reward yourself tonight with some romantic candlelight or a great movie as Moon gets ready to meet dreamweaver Neptune in Pisces. Time to get lost in fairy-tale land…  
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