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Leaping The Gap – Integrity & Self

Leaping The Gap – Integrity | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

Leaping The Gap – Integrity

Leaping The Gap – Integrity & Self

Leaping the Gap

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In the back of your mind, there is always a sense of your True Self. Now, I am not speaking about your spirit or soul, which really is closer to no self than true self. I am speaking about the best and highest version of you, in this life…

The person you would be without issues, karma or limiting beliefs. The person you would be if only you could be yourself in all situations and relationships. The person you would be if the world was not looking and you were free to choose.

Most of the pain that we feel in life is a result of the gap between our true selves, and who we are showing up as. It is this gap that causes the suffering. The bigger the gap, the more the suffering. Not because we are bad or wrong or anything like that, but rather because we are not being true to ourselves.

Maybe the gap represents not speaking our truth or not expressing our style. Maybe the gap is not doing what we really want to do. Maybe the gap is a result of staying in a relationship past its expiration date.

The gap gets wider as the real us grows and develops and we don’t keep up. The gap gets deeper as time passes and we are no closer to our true selves. There might even appear to be a bottomless ravine between where we are and where we could be.

When the gap is small and shallow, we can simply step into our true selves and maybe no one (but us) will even notice any difference. When the gap is wide and deep, there requires a leap of faith that can only be powered by courage and a grand desire to be who we came here to be. Nonetheless, our true selves are always accessible no matter how big or small the gap may appear to be.

What does it take for you to take the leap, and live from a state of True Self-hood? What would you have to give up? What would you have to embrace? The gap is not an accidental void placed in your way, deterring you from your grand self. The gap is simply a pointer and indicator that shows you the difference between how you are now showing up compared to how you could show up, as your Grandest Self.

Do not blame the gap for failure or disappointment. It is only a figment of your imagination, but then again, so are your issues, karma and beliefs. You see, nothing is in your way to becoming your True Self.

… But Your Integrity

Integrity is not one size fits all. Integrity is a very personal and intimate thing. What is in integrity for one person may be out of integrity for another. It is only important for you to be in integrity with you. This means that it is essential for you to know yourself, and to know your personal integrity.

Everyone goes out of integrity from time to time, and when this happens, don’t blame or shame yourself. Instead, just notice and re-align. Notice where you are out of integrity.

Don’t make excuses or justifications. Don’t rational or self-judge. Just Notice and Re-align. Get yourself back in integrity to the best of your ability. Apologize, rectify, take responsibility or speak your truth – but only if that (approach) is in your integrity.

Most importantly, take a moment to understand yourself better – to see inside yourself – to get some clear insight, so that next time, your choices, actions, thoughts, and words will be in complete alignment with your integrity. So that you will be in integrity – with you.

But, here’s the thing – you may discover that what you call your integrity no longer suits you. If your integrity came from a religion, family belief or social background that no longer fits you, you may want to re-think – and discover integrity for yourself. Not what someone or something tells you – but what feels right, good and loving to you.

Living in integrity with something you don’t really believe in is out of integrity. When you are in alignment with your own integrity – your True Self – you are in alignment with your life, and life itself can be in integrity with YOU!

That’s the point.


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