January 2015 “Queen Of Pentacles” | Lady Chamaka

January 2015 “Queen Of Pentacles” | Lady Chamaka.

Tarot of the Month: Queen of Pentacles(Reversed)

Crystal of the Month: Healers Gold Quartz

Numerology of the Month: 1, 9, 10

Ruling Zodiac of the Month: Capricorn

Hello Magicians, Magis, all Magikal people reading this prediction. January 1st started with the moon in Taurus, which then went into Gemini. With the Taurean influence a great foundation to build the new year is great energy to taper off impulsive energy of Gemini imbues. Taurus is all about stability, harmony, beauty. The positives, but it is a feminine polarity, its is the vibration of negativity. Negativity is just a state of “without” therefore Taureans and its influence is about “laboring” to get results. To work, action, methodically creating in order to produce their results, “positivity”. Yes, we will all have felt this in one form or another today, and will continue to feel its effects throughout the month.

This is the second part of the 14 part spread I casted for my predictions for this year. In this month’s  prediction I was guided to draw the “Queen of Pentacles”. I drew her ‘reversed’. I read reversals as challenges or markers where we much pay extra attention. The Queen of Pentacles normally is a charitable woman that helps to fund our efforts. Whether its in a business or personal endeavor. She can also be seen as a ruler of finances, business, and health.

I am being guided to speak on the negative aspects of the beginning of this year. For the financial wreckage of 2015 is not over! We must now look at our financial books, our finances, our career plans, and our health. Analyze, not with a miserly approach, where our weakest moments were in 2015. Where did we go wrong or off the path? Where could we have used our time properly to produce. Did we idle to long, in shock, in fear, in anger, or in hunger? We must evaluate ourselves without abandon. Without fear of seeing our mistakes and our faults. Then forgive ourselves. Without that bridge of forgiveness we will become disconnected to our ‘source’. Our abundance.

Positivity of spirit, mind, and body is needed now. January will challenge us to see past our obstacles of fear. By bringing into our lives bills or legal documents that have been ignored too long. Debts of any forms are not punishments from God or the Universe. They are just, like reversed Tarot cards, indicators that we need to pay attention to. We need to balance. We, individually and collectively are abundant. We are abundant with life. ‘WE’ have the ability create. We must produce, we must work, we must not waiver in action this month. Especially in business and concerns of material and physical wealth.

This month is ruled by the Capricorn energy of Saturn, the official “Teacher”. Chronos is another name of Saturn.  Father time, will bring forth where we have been greedy, miserly, and have hoarded in 2014. It may be brought to our attention certain people who promised to help us prosper, but we will come to see clearly that they have no or never had that intention of helping us. Or perhaps, you come to see that  you need to abandon certain relationships because you yourself have become burdensome to some one or group financially. These will be relationships that cannot continue for the year to come. See these lessons as “favors” from Capricorn.

The temptation to react negatively will be high this month. Stay grounded and focused. For the electrical and magical charge of future possibilities within these year will be amplified by the middle of the month! Be Careful of taking shortcuts to your meditations, prayers, or even a simple apology in your daily affairs. Shortcuts in business or other money or relationships of any kind is not advisable. This negative aspect for the month can be positive if we see it through and work with the intention of being true to your higher purpose in life. Your true self. This is where we will harness, ground, and lay the foundation of our magikal year.

Our journey begins with fire and air. For the Queen of Pentacles reversals position becomes the opposing, opposite energy of someone helpful. Its a challenge of challenges. It will feel like the Universe will be testing us. “How bad do you really want this?” Or as “Morpheus” in the movie “The Matrix” tells “Neo” before choosing which pill to swallow:

“You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” – Morpheus

Its up to you Magicians! Do you really want to reap the rewards of this year by applying yourselves and taking action? To work through all aspects of self and good old fashion “life on life’s terms”, responsibilities? You don’t have to be responsible for anyone else but your side of the street. That’s all. Breathe. Know you can. Its that simple. Walk through the “fire”. Fire shines light as it purifies. Its your time to shine as I said in my summary for the year. So, use your time to advance yourself in your life. This month will be like the root chakra, the foundation, the root for year to come. Till the end of this century. What kind of ripple do you want to be in this great ocean of life?

So, its the first month and that means fresh opportunities and beginnings are in store for us all. Be mindful who you trust with your latest ideas or conquests. There will be an unusual amount of “greed” or “jealousy” to be had this month. Not everyone will be on their best behaviour. We are all on different levels in this journey of life. Always. So keep your eyes and senses peeled. Look both ways before crossing the street! Literally too! This will be come evidently clear to you all by the first full moon of 2015. January 4th, which will be in Cancer!

This month is actually influenced by several other key things to factor. First is the insatiable Gemini energy that paired of with the expansive energy Thursday’s ruling planet, Jupiter could send our thoughts reeling. Why our thoughts? Because Gemini is ruled by air, and that old Magician God of Communication, Mercury. You may have experienced a rather dreamy state or even slept in till the late in day of the 1st of January. I know I was day dreaming about the potentials of new costumes and other business endeavors waiting for me to start later this year!

By the end of the month we will have much to rejoice when have finally started the intrinsic forces of creation to flow from within. Actually, when we get that ball rolling of cleaning “house”. “Whistle while you work”, comes to mind. As well as “Dance like no one is watching!” Use my tips that I provided in my summary prediction of 2015. Try to use this month the crystal “Golden Healer Quartz” and essential oil “Vetiver” to help you heal fully from 2014, and for grounding. Black Tourmaline for protection from the “evil eye” and jealousy in combination Malachite will be very helpful this month!

Remember, as tough and dismal this month may come across at first, its all an illusion. You will be tempted to “bite”. With fear, or as an empath you may take on someone elses “good intention” and later find out it was not your energy of making. Not your choice. You were a fool or a mule in someone elses scheme. Forgive yourself and others. Realize that you are the ultimate Magician in your life!


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