2015 Horoscope | Aquarius | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

2015 Horoscope | Aquarius | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

2015 Horoscope | Aquarius

2015 Horoscope Aquarius

2015 Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius Year 2015 Horoscope

The last few years have seen you working hard on your career, and as 2015 begins, you’ve just about a doggone ‘nuff of it.

Luckily, Saturn moves out of your 10th house of fame and profession on December 23rd, lifting the pressure and giving you the space to really think about the direction you want your life to take from here on out. In fact, the next few years may see you completely re-orient your life’s direction!

With Saturn moving into your 11th house of social circles and long-term goals, the next few years will give you the power to forge any new path you wish- whether that’s moving cities (or countries!), changing careers, or trading in boardrooms for diapers (or vice versa!).

In fact, you seem to start re-examining your life’s direction shortly after the New Year, when not one but TWO new moons occur in your sign due to a rare astrological event called a Black Moon- when two new moons occur in one calendar month.

The first new moon occurs on January 20th holding hands with sturdy Saturn in your friendship and goals house. This is a beautiful new moon, and it seems a good opportunity could come into your life at this time. With Mercury going retrograde the following day (on January 21st) in your sign of Aquarius, I suspect you will give this new opportunity some serious thought. Use the time between now and February 11th (when Mercury goes direct again) to examine your options, but try to wait until after February 11th to make your moves.

The second new moon occurs on February 18th, and this particular black moon is right on the cusp of Pisces, forming a loose square to Saturn in your friendship and goals sector. It seems whatever changes you’re considering could create major ripples in your life, so be sure to think it through!

More changes are afoot in March, with a series of aspects to your ruler, Uranus, in your 3rd house of commitments, travel, and communication. Since 2012, Uranus has been sparring with transformational Pluto in your shadow-y 12th house, bringing big changes to your way of life, and possibly a few re-starts or miscommunications. On March 16th, we see the final Uranus/Pluto match-up- a welcome relief after 3 years of turmoil! Read more about it here.


The year starts off on a sour note work-wise, with the full moon in your work and health sector on January 4th. This moon will be angry with several planets in your communication, travel, and closure sectors, so I’d lay low at this time. Keep an eye on your health as well- this is prime flu season, and I wouldn’t want you catching anything!

The full moon in your career sector on May 3rd brings a mixed bag as well. While this moon will make a beautiful connection to Neptune in your income sector, suggesting a raise or lucrative new position, it will square Jupiter, indicating that it could disrupt a close a personal or business relationship. If you launched any new career initiatives with the solar eclipse in this sector last October, they could come to a head now.

Then, on June 15th– Saturn retrogrades into Scorpio and your 10th house of career for one last hurrah until August 1stI know, I know- I said we were done with Saturn in this house! Just get through summer and you’ll be home free on the work front.

In fact, on November 11th, a gorgeous new moon appears in your career sector, and all signs are pointing to a lucrative new position. If not then, look to Christmas Day (12/25) which holds an equally lovely full moon in your work house, indicating the very same thing!


2015 could bring lots of upheaval to your financial life, as a series of eclipses begin in Pisces and Virgo; your two money sectors.

The first one, a solar eclipse, occurs in Pisces on March 20th. You could launch a new income stream at this time that culminates with the full moon in Pisces on August 29th in this same sector.

The second eclipse is a partial solar one, occurring in your 8thhouse of shared resources on September 13th. This time, it seems to be a partner or family member who hits the jackpot. Alternatively, you could get a big bonus or loan, or perhaps receive funding for a company or project.

Not only that, but good-luck Jupiter moves into this same sector of shared resources on August 11th, blessing this area of life for a whole year- until September 9, 2016! During this time, you have the chance to change the whole scope of your financial picture- so get crackin now!

In case you weren’t totally convinced that the universe wants you to get serious about your finances, the fated North Node moves into Virgo and your 8th house on October 10th! The North Node brings blessings to the houses he transits, and since you’ll also have Jupiter there, I think you’ll really enjoy the financial bounties coming your way between September 2015 and into 2016! Cha-ching! Read more about North Node transits here.

Love and Relationships

Lucky Aquarius- you still have good-luck Jupiter in your 7thhouse of partnerships until August 11th, so if you haven’t fallen in love or gotten engaged yet, there’s still plenty of time!

In fact, February 3rd sees a full moon in this same sector, and it’s right in line with good-luck Jupiter, AND smooching the North Node and your ruler, Uranus. This could be the time you make it official with your boo, perhaps even becoming engaged or married!

Then, the lovely new moon (conjunct motivator Mars) in your fun and love sector on June 16th could turbo charge this romance, perhaps even bringing news of a pregnancy your way!

July 1st is another lovely day for love and commitment, as beautifying Venus conjuncts good luck Jupiter in your partnership sector. You can’t get much better than that!

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2015 Horoscope Aquarius
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2015 forecast for love, career, money, and friendships.

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