Sagittarius Horoscope | Monthly | 2014

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Sagittarius Horoscope | Monthly | 2014.

Sagittarius November Horoscope 2014

Summary: A month focused on rest, retreat, and recuperation. You could discover a secret that had been hidden from you this month, as Venus, the Sun, and Mercury all conjunct Saturn in your shadowy 12th house. With the full moon on the 6th, a work or health issue could culminate, and you may even begin or end a job or assignment. The new moon on the 22nd occurs in your own sign of Sagittarius, marking your own personal new year, and encouraging you to launch new projects and relationships.

Extended Horoscope: The month starts out on a beautiful note on November 1st, with not one, not two, but three lovely aspects peppering the sky. To start, Mercury, currently stationed in your friendship and goals house, will reach out lovingly to good-luck Jupiter (your ruler!), which is transiting your sector of foreign travel and higher thinking. You could plan or go on a fun foreign trip with friends, or perhaps make strides towards a publishing, technology, academic, or humanitarian effort.

On the same day, both Pluto and Mars, currently making their way through your income sector, make wonderful aspects to Venus in your closure sector and Neptune in your housing and family zone, respectively. You could receive money from your family, or perhaps put money into redecorating your home.

November 3rd brings even more good luck to housing and family matters, as Venus blows a kiss to Chiron, positively linking your closure and home sectors; and the Sun waves hello to Pluto in your income house.

On November 6th, a full moon occurs in Taurus and your 6th house of work and health. With the moon making lovely aspects to Pluto in your income sector and Chiron in your home zone, it’s possible that you get a raise or a new job- possibly one closer to home or with a relocation opportunity. Because the moon is opposite Venus however, it’s possible that whatever comes up has a negative side to it, so try to weigh the pros and cons. Watch your health at this time as well.

November 9th could prove to be harsh day, as Venus in your closure sector angers your ruler, Jupiter, in your travel and higher thinking zone. You could hear news that rocks your faith or belief system at this time, or perhaps encounter trouble while traveling. A similar aspect will occur onNovember 22nd, when it will be Mercury’s turn to square Jupiter in these same sectors.

November 10th could also some bring some harsh news your way, as Mars conjuncts Pluto in your salary sector. While this is not necessarily a bad aspect, you could hear sudden financial news- especially if you have a planet or point around 11 degrees Capricorn.

Luckily, the following day, November 11th, Mercury in your closure zone makes a fine aspect to Neptune in your home sector, once again blessing housing and family needs. Mercury makes another lovely aspect on November 16th,when it will reach out to Pluto in your salary zone, suggesting you could make some money from the sale of a product or project. A similar aspect will occur on November 21st, when it will be Mars’ turn to reach out to Mercury, again linking your salary and closure sectors.

Because Saturn is still making his way through your closure and endings sector, several of the quick-moving planets will conjunct him this month. The first of these days occurs onNovember 12th, when Venus will conjunct Saturn in your 12th house, possibly illuminating a secret or hidden information of some kind. Unfortunately, on this same day, Mars in your salary house will anger Uranus in your fun and love sector, suggesting that whatever comes up could prove expensive. On November 18th, it will be the Sun’s turn to conjunct Saturn in your closure sector, and then onNovember 25th, it will be Mercury’s turn to do the same!

With all of the conjunctions and squares involving your closure zone this month, it seems the universe is testing you. You could be trying to kick a bad habit or end a toxic relationship. It’s also possible you are dealing with the poor health of a loved one, or addressing a mental health concern. It seems that whatever you’ve been dealing with comes to a head this month. Luckily, Saturn leaves this sector entirely on December 24th, finally relieving some pressure.

For now, however, try to get past November 20th, when Mars in your salary sector angers the fated North Node in your friendship and goals zone, and Venus in your own sign of Sagittarius squares Neptune in your home sector. It’s possible you hear jarring housing or family news at this time, or encounter an unexpected expense.

Luckily, on November 15th, Neptune goes direct in your home sector after a 5 month retrograde. If you’ve been dealing with an uncertain housing or family situation, things should become more clear after this time.

The month changes direction entirely on November 22nd, when a new moon occurs in your own sign of Sagittarius. This marks your own personal new year, a time when you can begin fresh projects and relationships anew!

Watch November 26th specifically for news, as on this day, Venus in your sign makes glorious waves with Uranus in your romance, creativity, and children sector. If you’re single, you must get on the town- you could meet someone magical! Those in a relationship may even discuss having a baby! If romance and children aren’t on the agenda, you could make strides towards a creative project or leisure activity. Just be careful, as on this same day, the Sun will square Neptune, indicating that you could get into an argument with a family member or contractor or experience trouble with your home.




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