Aries Horoscope | Monthly | September 2014

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Aries Horoscope | Monthly | September 2014.

Aries Horoscope November 2014Aries Horoscope November 2014

Summary: A month focused on money, taxes, and transformation, with some possibly sobering or serious news in this area of life as Venus, the Sun and Mercury all conjunct Saturn. A salary matter may culminate with the full moon on the 6th, and you could even get a raise. Then, the new moon on the 22nd turns your attention to your travel and higher thinking, and you may decide to undergo a course of study or plan a foreign trip.

Extended Horoscope: The month starts out on a beautiful note on November 1st, with not one, not two, but three lovely aspects peppering the sky. To start, Mercury, currently stationed in your partnership sector, will reach out lovingly to good-luck Jupiter in your fun and love zone. This is a great night for a date with your one and only- you may even discuss having a child! On the same day, both Pluto and Mars, currently making their way through your career sector, make wonderful aspects to Venus in your shared finances zone and Neptune in your closure house, respectively, blessing money, career, and sales.

November 3rd brings even more good luck to career, endings, and finances, as Venus in your finance sector blows a kiss to Chiron in your closure zone, and the Sun in your finance sector waves hello to Pluto in your career house.

A salary matter could culminate on November 6th, when a full moon occurs in your income sector. With the moon making lovely aspects to Pluto in your career sector and Chiron in your closure zone, it seems a lucrative new job could come your way, or you could end a job and receive a severance.

November 9th could prove to be a harsh day however, as Venus in your shared finance sector angers Jupiter in your fun and romance zone and an unexpected expense could crop up. A similar aspect will occur on November 22nd, when it will be Mercury’s turn to square Jupiter in these same sectors.

November 10th could bring some surprising career news your way, as your ruler, Mars, and Pluto conjunct in the sky in your professional sector. While this is not necessarily a bad aspect, you could hear unexpected news about a job or assignment.

Luckily, the following day, November 11th, Mercury in your shared finances zone makes a fine aspect to Neptune in your closure sector, once again blessing your finances. A similar aspect will occur on November 21st, when it will be your ruler, Mars’ turn to reach out to Mercury, this time linking your finance sector with your career one.

Because Saturn is still making his way through your shared money sector himself, several of the quick-moving planets will conjunct him this month. The first of these days occurs on November 12th, when Venus will conjunct Saturn. This likely to be tough day, as on the same day, Mars (your ruler) in your career sector will anger Uranus in your own sign of Aries, suggesting trouble on the job or with a boss. OnNovember 18th, it will be the Sun’s turn to conjunct Saturn in your finance sector, and on November 25th, it will be Mercury’s turn.

With all of the conjunctions and squares in Scorpio and your 8th house of shared finances this month, it seems the universe is bringing to a head all of the lessons he’s been building you towards the last few years. Perhaps a partner has been out of work, or your credit card or tax bill has been out of control. You may be feeling like you don’t have a good handle on your finances- perhaps you’re stretched thin between a mortgage, car payments, and student loans. The good news is that Saturn will leave this sector on December 24th, and the pressure should ease up enormously.

For now, however, try to get past November 20th, when your ruler, Mars, in your career sector angers the fated North Node in your partnership zone, and Venus in your travel and thinking sector squares Neptune in your closure house. It seems your boo or employer could rub you the wrong way, or travel or could go awry.

The month changes direction entirely on November 22nd, when a new moon occurs in your travel and education sector. You may plan or go on a fun, foreign trip, or decide to undergo a course of study or religious endeavor.

Watch November 26th specifically for news, as on this day, Venus in your travel and learning sector makes glorious waves with Uranus in your own sign, making for a great day to work on publishing projects, spirituality, and academic and travel plans. Just be careful, as on this same day, the Sun in your travel and learning sector will challenge Neptune in your closure house, indicating that it won’t come easily.




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