☍Eclipse Stargate☌: ☽Moon in Cancer☾

☍Eclipse Stargate☌: ☽Moon in Cancer☾.

Tropical Astrology Update: Moon in Cancer

The Cancer symbol represents the claws of the crab and the Tomoe icons that create the yin-yang symbol. The Tomoe is simply a swirl that resembles a comma. One comma is the sun and the other is the moon on a small scale. On a large scale, the Cancer symbol represents Ouroboros, the dragon biting its own tail representing the ceaseless cycle of eternity.

Congratulations! You have survived 2.7 days of Bat Sh*t Cray Cray #BSCC cuckoo-ness that was truly cringeworthy with nervous energy, heightened communication, and compulsive creativity!

Tropical Astrology Update!
Moon in Cancer 4:31 pm PDT, 7:31 pm EDT and 11:31 pm UT.

October 23 2014 there will be a ☽New Moon☾ at the ♏Scorpio ☌ingress while ☿Mercury is Retrograde.℞
This means that:
☉The Sun
☽The Moon…
Will ALL BE IN ♏SCORPIO right as we have a

The Long Version!
Reach both hands in the air so that you can give yourselves a high five and a pat on the back if you got out of it without saying something nasty at the wrong moment.

Let’s try to keep that tongue from giving out too many tongue lashings this week as we are traveling between the intense energy of two eclipses. As most of you know, we past the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aries last week while the Aries moon formed a grand fire trine with Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. While the energy itself was mostly good productive energy, most people reported that it just felt like too much to handle for a three day period.

Well stay mindful with good intentions to do even better, as the moon enters Cancer, the crab, the octopus and the dragon setting the stage for sniper attacks fueled by people taking things so damn personally.

While Cancer is largely a benevolent Hero, the sensitivity that most Cancers are known for extends itself to the general cosmic weather making everyone a bit reactionary to criticism of ANY KIND!sig_cancer_crab_octopuss_dragon

Any mature adult knows that feedback is absolutely necessary in order for us human beings to grow, change, evolve and mature. However, when the moon is in Cancer, the zodiac sign that it rules, people can get snippier than a pair of cuticle scissors.

Since the sun is in Libra, this energy will square with Cancer’s cardinal energy reactivating that cardinal square. (I know its like a scar that never goes away, so stop picking at it). So be on the look out if you don’t want to get verbally cut down to size because of a “shear” observation can be seen as a very cutting remark(s)! Yes, my intention is to be “punny” because Libra, like Gemini and Aquarius are air signs. In the Eastern school of thought and the Tarot, air is considered blades or swords and is associated with metal.

So add the emotional energy of the king crab, Cancer with all of its tendencies to channel emotional energy with Libra’s need to manifest using words, “shift” always gets real and stays that way. The Provocative Uranus in Aries energy, with the stoic Pluto in Capricorn energy enhances the tension by throwing away our boundaries and filters because we now feel the need to unleash or vent our emotional frustration using guillotine-like air statements! (off with their head!)

The Cancer symbol represents Ouroboros, the dragon biting its own tail representing infinite cycles and balance balance. It also represents the Crab's claws.

Cancer the crab will help us to confront situations when our intuition tells us that there is more going on than meets the eye. The Octopus part of Cancer will make it difficult to let go of having things done in the ways that we think are ideal. So be careful not to let nostalgia get in the way of the vision that could land you in utopia. Don’t be afraid to use the Ouroboros dragon aspect of Cancer to burn away barriers and obstacles so that you can ascend closer to the destiny indicated by your north node.

Respect the Crab’s moodiness by inquiring why people are acting “out of character.” Check in and see what they need and you will have killed your enemy by making him/her your friend! Do whatever you can to lure people out of their “Crabshell” or social mask and be their authentic selves, Uranus in Aries demands it!

Don’t let Eris activate on you and become scornful when it may have been a simple misunderstanding.

So remember as always, try and try to solve the challenges with compassion over criticism unless you are willing to listen to criticism that you think would be beneficial as well. The space between two eclipses is a key point because we are on our way to the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio right on the day of its ingress October 23, 2014 (astrology glossary term –>ingress = the day a cosmic body like the sun enters a different zodiac sign).

Cancer is the 4th sign on the zodiac ecliptic. It rules the moon, is exalted in Taurus and is a cardinal water sign. Cancer is the original "Rock Lobster."

Make sure to look at 14º of your natal chart to see if you have any planets that were sitting there during the lunar eclipse. I also say keep an eye out on the 0º-1º for this upcoming solar eclipse.

I am on high alert as my Moon is right at the 0º-1º mark and its in the 8th house. (Denial is my friend.) Mercury comes out of Retrograde on OCTOBER 25th 7:17 pm UTC.

Since all of the water signs are a part of each other, we have now taken a big step towards the solar eclipse. Jupiter in Sagittarius and Venus and Mercury retrograde in Libra will help us expand the positive pursuits in our lives right now.

Just don’t be fooled by people that “mis-speak” due to Mercury Retrograde. Give out some passes for mouths that are faster than brains until November 11th when our Cosmic Magician returns to where he was at 2º Scorpio before turning retrograde.

The Sun enters Scorpio October 23, 2014
4:57 am PDT,
7:57 am EDT or
11:57 am UT/GMT

The Solar Eclipse takes place at 2:45 pm PDT,
5:45 pm EDT or
9:45 pm UT/GMT


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