Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get): Current Forecasts – Astrology by Lauren

Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get): Current Forecasts – Astrology by Lauren.

Current Forecasts – Astrology by Lauren

Between the Eclipses

Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another. ~ Toni Morrison Mercury retrogrades back to Libra this Friday, so that some of the intensity of this retrograde period should be alleviated. A little less obsessive, less compulsive, a little less of that feeling of being sucked into a labyrinthine vortex. But still retrograde. Therefore we still need to respect the retrograde period, and allow ourselves to assimilate, and reflect. To watch, see, experience more objectively if we can. There will still be time for serious introspection, just not quite so deeply. What we do have to watch out for with Mercury retrograde in Libra is complacency: the ease of staying in old patterns, even if they are not that good for us, because that is what we are accustomed to. What Mercury retrograde in Libra is good for are: private counsel, talk therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, restoring the equilibrium, and of course reassessment and reflection on the past, and what brought us to this place. The Grand Trine that escorted the Lunar Eclipse on the 8th, is gradually dispersing, but not quite yet. We can still use this window of opportunity, to take advantage of any opportunities, lucky breaks, or to seek out solutions to problems that have been bugging us. What we are left with, after the Grand Trine disperses, are the repercussions of the changes wrought by the Eclipse, as well as the realizations and illumination that came within the Grand Trine. So the question may be, what is the next step? Where do we go from here? There is often something inevitable about eclipse season, situations seem to arise that are unavoidable. Sometimes we do get off course, and this is when the Universe seems to step in and put us back into alignment once again. Or sometimes we merely outgrow situations, people and circumstances. In that case these need to be released, so that we can then move on. The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. ~ Albert Camus The Lunar Eclipse was also loosely engaging the closing square of Uranus and Pluto. As both the Sun and Venus continue to oppose Uranus throughout the weekend, we will still see the residual effects of this as well. Things that you had been tolerating or putting up with for a very long time, could be feeling pretty intolerable. Like a fire burning in your chest, like a thorn in your foot. It needs to be removed, in order to relieve the pain. These aspects were accompanied and followed by sextiles to Jupiter, the planet of freedom, and Mars, the planet of courage this week. Where some alliances are being sorely tested for stability, and some are even ending, new alliances are also emerging this week. The pieces on the game board continue to be shuffled about.

 Later in the week, on the 16th, retrograde Mercury conjoins both the Sun and Venus in Libra. This is the inferior conjunction of Mercury, which is associated with the beginning of the New Mercury cycle. Like a New Moon, The New Mercury inferior conjunction with the Sun, sets the tone for the 90 day Mercury cycle which follows. We are most likely not even aware of the thought seeds that are being sown at this time. But accompanied by Libra-ruler Venus in her own sign, there could very well be a desire to sow seeds of conciliation and peace. It is a good time to reestablish equilibrium, equality, kindness and harmony in our lives. With all the shifts and adjustments going on in the wake of these eclipses, seeking to sow seeds of peace and harmony seems like a very good idea right now. When your life is so busy with many family engagements and many things to do, even if you can’t do many practices, prayers, sitting meditations, and so forth, the most important refuge is your own mind, your own good heart… taking refuge in bodhichitta, your good heart, becomes so crucial. It becomes like a priceless jewel, much more precious than the whole sky filled with wish-granting jewels. All those are nothing compared to the value of your good heart. ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche


For the week of October 10th through the 17th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well: 

♈ #Aries ❤ #الحمل ♈ 

As many have probably witnessed as of late, woe to those who dare try to squelch the fire of an Aries heart. Those who do not respect your need to follow your own path, and fulfill your own dreams, will find themselves scattered by the curbside. Nonetheless, this is a good week to renegotiate a treaty and hash out each others expectations and plans in order to regain some sort of equanimity and restore some semblance of peace. 

♉ #Taurus ❤ #الثور ♉ 

Peace and serenity reign both at work and at home. Who can argue with that? Even those things that might have previously caused anxiety, seem to just roll over you this week. It’s time to sit back and take advantage of the peace between these eclipses to stop and smell the flowers. It is also a nice vantage point from which to reflect on the past choices that have brought you to this place, as well as what the vision for your future looks like from here as well. 

♊ #Gemini ❤ #الجوزاء ♊ 

Loved ones are being particularly helpful and affectionate these days, which can lead to reflection on and the appreciation for the good things that do prevail in your life. These have served you as a bark of salvation, even in the most troubled of times. In this time between eclipses, it might be helpful to remember what Mercury being retrograde is good for: allowing yourself to reconnect with yourself… this in turn leads to inspiration; recalling what it feels like to look at the world with the eyes of a child, and how wondrous everything seemed to be; and allowing yourself to rediscover your joy, and the value of a good heart. These too will serve you well. 

♋ #Cancer ❤ #السرطان ♋ 

As Mercury retrogrades back into Libra, here are some reminders as to what Mercury Retrograde is good for: reflecting on the past, on your childhood… Mercury retro, much like the sign Cancer, can be a bit nostalgic; remembering or reconnecting with Mother, parents, or family members, with the intention of restoring harmony and peace; redecorating, or creating order.. Libra likes balance; digging up old recipes, or reflecting on family traditions that you had let slide. There are some things that are definitely worth reviving. 

♌ #Leo ❤ #الأسد ♌  

Realize in our quest to maintain peace and harmony, there can often be those moments of unpredictability… such as the unprovoked conversation in the mall that causes you to make an about face; or that sudden change of plans that has you dashing about at the last minute trying to rearrange things. It may be wise to keep things flexible. But then again, a little unpredictability now and then can add an element of spice and adventure when and where it is most needed. 

♍ #Virgo ❤ #العذراء ♍  

As we stand between the two eclipses, in this window in which it sometimes feels as if almost anything can happen, it is good to remind ourselves as to what Mercury retrograde is good for: prioritizing, reorganizing and redistributing. Become aware of where and how much you are spending these days, as well as where and on what you are spending your valuable time. Not only will this awareness lead to better habits, but will also clue you in as to those things which are truly important to you in your life. 

♎ #Libra ❤ #الميزان ♎  

Good surprises, pleasant exchanges can also arise in this time between the two eclipses. It’s not all chaos. Relationships of all kinds are being weighed, as you examine those relationships that support and nurture your individuality, your very being with great love and adulation; and those that have proven to be unreliable in their commitment and support. It’s time to separate the chaff from the wheat, so that you can allow yourself to be merely loved for who you are, and just drink it all in. 

♏ #Scorpio ❤ #العقرب ♏ 

Take some time out this week to reconnect with yourself. Whether that means quiet reflection about the past, and what has brought you to this place and time; or whether that means creating that space that allows for some peace and serenity. The inspiration that arises out of these reveries can be quite inspiring, and could even be a catalyst for a new creative investment, or practical way to use your talents and ideas. 

♐ #Sagittarius ❤ #القوس ♐ 

Seek out those people who share the same goals, the same values, the same interests that you do. There may be something offing on the horizon, that could lead to bigger and better things. Now is the time for you to make those connections, that will allow you to achieve your goals, perhaps with the assistance of the right friends and loved ones. It may even be a time to reunite with someone special you once knew, or to revisit a dream that you once had. Either way, it’s all good. 

♑ #Capricorn ❤ #الجدي ♑ 

Out of the chaos of change and shifting alliances, can also arise inspiration and appreciation for what you have to offer in your own right, and whether or not you are using your skills to their best advantage. Pay attention, and see what you are seeing, understanding and finally coming to terms with. This could be a catalyst to re-explore what you are doing with your life, and where you are headed in the future, and exactly how you feel about that. 

♒ #Aquarius ❤ #الدلو ♒  

In this week between the eclipses, this might be a good time to look at life from another standpoint. This might help you to re-explore not only what you believe to be true, but also how other people perceive and see things. This could be a great advantage in all of your interpersonal relationships. Especially those that are particularly meaningful to you, and you would like to see thrive and grow far into the future. 

♓ #Pisces ❤ #الحوت ♓ 


If you have been thinking about planning for and/or investing in your future, this is probably a good week to do so. There is an aura of growth and opportunity here that defies even Mercury retrograde. There are those times of equilibrium, like the eye of the storm, in which peace can reign once again, and something lost may then be found again and/or restored. 



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