Happy birthday Virgo! 9 Things You Need to Know for 2014/2015

Happy birthday Virgo! 9 Things You Need to Know for 2014/2015


Happy birthday, Virgo! Are you as excited about your year ahead as we are, Virgo? Or have you been thinking very long and very hard for a good amount of time on how to make this the best year of your life? We know that we have, that’s what we love about you Virgo, that you think very carefully about everything! We also love how flexible you are, and as a Mutable Earth Sign, you are not only flexible, but one of the most real people we know. You will do anything for anybody, Virgo, even if that means a little personal sacrifice. Well, today is your day, and this month is your month as the Sun enters Virgo it is shining on you. It’s time for you to experience a little bit of extra fun, isn’t it Virgo? Of course it is. So today we are putting you in the spotlight to celebrate your special day. If you want to know how to truly make the most of your year this year Virgo, here are the only 9 things you need to know for 2014 and 2015, to have the best year of your life. We know it’s going to be a good one! What birthday wishes do you have in store, Virgo? Here are 9 more! Happy birthday, Virgo!

1. Behind the scenes.

You are symbolized by the Hermit card in The Tarot, Virgo, and this means that you are usually a bit of a hermit. You need your reclusive time, and usually you get teased or ribbed about it. This year however your time behind the scenes or in your favorite hermit activity is going to really take your life to the next level. This energy has already started, and you will feel this the most around the time of your birthday and for about one month after. Put yourself in a role that is more “unseen” in the area of your life that you want the most change, and taking this observing role will show you things and a way to your success that you had not seen before.

2. Big secrets.

Your hermit time is going to pay off as we have said, and you want to keep some close secrets to your chest as well. And you are going to have some big ones this year, Virgo! Whether it is in work or in love, people will be spilling their hearts to you, or you will come across some very enlightening and interesting information. Keep the information close to you, not even your spouse or bestie will be able to unlock them, and you will find that in so doing you will set off a chain of reactions that will make your trustworthiness well worth the effort. When it comes to secrets this year Virgo, keep them, as secrets this year will definitely lead to no regrets. As long as they are good ones for your karmic balance!

3. Publishing worlds.

The publishing worlds are going to have a role in your life this year, Virgo, even if you are not in this field or connected to this field. Someone you know or close to you may be in this field, and you may have the ability to help them. Or you may find that a press outlet, website, or publishing market wants to publish some of your recognitions and hard work. You may also find yourself working with various outlets or receive press or publishing recognitions for efforts in your life that have nothing to do with media. Media and publishing is in your chart this year though, and expect to see some of this around the end of 2014, from Fall to the holidays. Don’t be surprised if you stumble across a new website, forum, or community that can take your life to the next level when you are enjoying some of that hermit time this year. A book that you stumble upon in a remote unexpected place also has the capacity to change your life. Keep an open mind here!

4. Decisions.

A major decision about your life is going to enter the picture by the end of 2014, and moving into 2015. You will see more of this energy in 2015, but the wheels for this change will start turning in the end of 2014. Pay attention to all instincts, and trust them. If you feel that someone is not showing all of their cards, be bold and call them on it. Play your decision making this year the same way you play poker, with a straight face, and with careful consideration on all of the risks and benefits. If you think you can get away with bluffing it, and your instinct is giving you green lights, put some stakes on the table and you will be surprised by the results. The biggest decisions in your life this year will be two pronged, meaning it will be one or the other. If there are too many choices or decisions to choose from, just pick one and move on, as the multi pronged decisions will not be as critical as the ones where you only have two choices. The beginning of 2015 will really begin to show this for you.

5. Big projects.

Whether you have big projects on the backburner at home, Virgo, or have big projects in love that you really want to focus on, this is a good year for you to finish up those projects. Starting projects is also favored, but focus will be the key. So finish one big one, and then move to the next. Don’t start putting in a new driveway for example if the garden shed is still only half painted. You like making lists, so make a list of the 3 biggest projects you need to finish, and make that list on your birthday. On your birthday, make a list of the 3 biggest wishes you have in the way of projects. Put the intention out there, and this holds in either work, love, or the homefront, and by next year those wishes will have come true if you focus on those wishes this year.

6. Creativity.

Neptune is in opposition to your Sun this year, Virgo, and this is going to create a lot of uncertainty and confusion for you, two things you really hate. What you can do in order to overcome this uncertainty and confusion, and even sometimes some fogginess, will be to activate your creative gene. Neptune enhances creativity, but even though you are getting some negative forces in play from Neptune, that does not mean you can’t use its positive effects. Focus on what you want to recall from your dream world, creative projects, or in outlets that allow you to express some of your inner imaginations and inspirations. Writing will be favored for you this year as mentioned with publishing, so if you are really feeling uncertainty and confusion, a journal that allows you to just brainstorm and sort out the fog will turn into a valuable life saver this year.

7. Hard work.

This is another year of hard work and little play, Virgo, but that’s exactly how you like it. In fact if you aren’t busy all the time, you feel like you are being wasteful to society. So you will be working very hard this year for sure. Your biggest issues with work will be misunderstandings with other people, and again, ask them to put thoughts in writing if they are uncertain or confusing. Be careful about lashing back in the workplace, but just focus on what you are called to do and your greater vision, and you will always come out on top. Getting caught up in work or romantic drama will impede you from your greater vision, so try not to let these matters last too long on your radar.

8. Clear communication.

Your key to success this year, Virgo, will be in being as clear as possible in all of your communication matters. You have a tendency to hold your cards to your chest and not say too much, too soon, or at all, but you will need to let that go a little bit this year. Still keep playing with your poker face, but be very clear when you are making moves. In work you will need to do this in writing, and in love you may even want to be a little more attentive in the way of texts or email exchanges if you are experiencing communication problems. Assuming people know what you need, what you expect, or what you want, will backfire. Just ask for it and be clear in your usual awesome reliable Virgo voice and the world will be your oyster.

9. High attraction in groups!

If you are single this year, Virgo, get ready to mingle if you want your love life to take a major boost. You will find odd surprises in love in the way of group settings or community experiences. Oddly enough, the more organized you are in some matters, the more likely your love life will take a boost. If you are attached, and have been in a romantic rut, maybe you just aren’t structuring your time right for your loved one. Make a point to pencil them in and ensure they know how important they are to you. The same goes if you are single, Virgo, staying organized and well presented and making time for the love you deserve are all ways you will be able to attract amazing and very powerful people this year.

Are you a Virgo? Or do you know someone who is? Tuck this list into their birthday card and give them the gift of astrology answers for their outlook for the next year! What birthday wishes do you have Virgo? Happy birthday Virgo!


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