Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get): Horoscope Week from 09 to 15 June 2014

Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get): Horoscope Week from 09 to 15 June 2014.

The Weekly Horoscope

Week from 09 to 15 June 2014


Everyday Life / Profession:Venus – the planet of love, peace, enjoyment, and values – becomes radicalized by Pluto in Capricorn. The blame for this role could also be pinned on Lilith or Saturn could be made responsible for it. It smells like something forbidden, guilt feelings, disappointments, or slights when the Moon pushes by Saturn on Tuesday and Venus is in opposition to Saturn on Friday. It smells like an exercise of power when Mars comes into tension with Pluto on Saturday. What does Mercury, the messenger of the gods, say about this? It pauses, tries to put feelings into words, has no connection with the other planets, and is given various impressions by the Moon (emotion) time and again that it must process. This can have an inhibiting effect on communication. If no one listens to or understands you, then you must help yourself.Partnership / Love: It will now be more difficult to feel good in your skin because rejection or devaluation is present. Where or who is the source of this rejection? Is it necessary to see it in a negative light? Or could it also confirm your own unique character? After all, not everyone has to like you – and you may already be a bit long in the tooth now… Those who accept the ravages of time will definitely have it easier and may perhaps also like a more mature partner.
Everyday Life / Profession:Mars now moves into tension with Pluto (Saturday). The mood of Monday morning – which may still have been positive – quickly disappears when the Moon enters the sign of Scorpio, which is where Saturn currently is. Perhaps is it a conflict of generations, but sometimes precisely the young people are the ones who cling to old moral concepts and what is familiar. They may have a strong desire to stop or even turn back time. You are dealing with different concepts that apparently cannot co- exist next to each other. Is there really just an either-or? Is there nothing in between them? Mars in Libra and the Gemini Sun do not have a one-track approach. Time and again, they prove that there is still a third solution! Why does it not occur to anyone? Will the Sagittarius Moon of Thursday and Friday help in seeing things differently for a change? Or is someone simply in denial about the facts?Partnership / Love: Relationships enter into a critical phase. Life plans appear to contradict each other. At the end of the week, Mars is pressured by Pluto to the extent that your chosen radical approach appears to be the (only) way out. But you should think about this two, three, and four times! Retrograde Mercury in the sign of Cancer tries to work through complicated feelings.
Everyday Life / Profession:Venus in Taurus comes into a difficult constellation and is put into a corresponding mood by Pluto already on Monday. This could also be blamed on the Scorpio Moon or Saturn in opposition to Taurus, but the planets are actually joining together to show something. Instead of recriminations, this is about the situation that you have maneuvered yourself into. If you are seeking a peaceful solution, you must look at Venus in Taurus – which expresses a love of natural surroundings, draws attention to talents and values, in addition to the resources that you can resort to in an emergency. Venus in Taurus could give you the mission as an angel of peace. If your quiet voice is heard, then you are already successful.Partnership / Love: If you have a relationship problem, it will now be easy for you to recognize and resolve it on your own. Look at the recurring pattern (Tuesday) and describe how it makes you feel. This is a stubborn pattern, and this could be because you basically love it. If you hate it, then you must ask yourself why you cannot simply let it go. Perhaps you have a really good reason not to?
Everyday Life / Profession:There is now a Mars-Pluto tension that will be exact on Saturday. You sense the pressure to take action and must be careful not to ultimately make a decision that is too crass just for the sake of even making a decision. You have already gone back and forth on it so much that it could actually turn out to be a mature decision. In another week, the tension between Mars and Uranus will be exact – which means that everything could be thrown into disarray again. You should think of this possibility before you give in to the pressure to take action. On Tuesday, you will sense how painful the decision could become – after all, it already hurts! But the decision will probably mature on Tuesday in particular. The Sagittarius Full Moon occurs together with the Venus-Saturn opposition (Friday), which actually looks like a mature decision that definitely has positive aspects to it.Partnership / Love: Perhaps you need to make several decisions? One of them relates to your love life. Venus, the planet of love, is open to anything because it needs and seeks clear circumstances in Taurus. If you are considering a committed relationship, the decision- making does not need to be painful anymore. Then Saturn can develop its stabilizing effect just as easily – and finally everything will be alright.
Everyday Life / Profession:Do you need courage to swim against the stream? Or to fight against something that makes you helpless time and again? Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Libra demand that you say something and become active, that you fight for your own interests, or that you lend someone your voice. With the Scorpio Moon, an adversity for which you may feel responsible – but certainly in charge of – could become apparent. You want to help. The Sagittarius Full Moon of Friday shows how you can actually help. The Capricorn Moon of Saturday enormously increases the urgency so that Mars must pick up the pace. Then placating words will no longer be enough.Partnership / Love: As soon as you take yourself seriously, so will your partner. If you have shied away from a genuine confrontation time and again, you will now have to do some straight talking. Thanks to Mercury in Cancer, you will insist on your standpoint and strike very different notes. There must be a reason for this. So much may have simply accumulated inside of you that the barrel is overflowing now.
Everyday Life / Profession:Mars and Mercury show that it is now a matter of what you say and how you say it. Do you have the courage to make yourself unpopular? To play the scapegoat? The Sagittarius Full Moon of Friday shows how self-confident you are and that you actually have the courage to defy all of the rules or concepts. This will liberate you from something that you have already disliked for a longer period of time. You do not like others making rules for you and are open for new, unknown paths. Lilith in Leo challenges you to follow your own concepts, even if this is not exactly the most comfortable path. Above all, your family will feel this – but exactly who is making things difficult for whom cannot be precisely determined. Everyone ultimately contributes.Partnership / Love: You must now ask yourself whether you would like to go or stay. Venus in Taurus indicates clinging to things as they are and to habits, which Saturn either confirms or denies. The Sagittarius Full Moon shows your desire for new experiences. Are new experiences possible with your partner? Whether you go or would rather stay depends on the answer to this question.
Everyday Life / Profession:This week begins with a Venus-Pluto connection. The Moon enters into Scorpio and amplifies this topic. It involves acquired rights and other values that you want to hold onto. You feel yourself to be in the role of the defender and notice that you have difficulty in maintaining a friendly tone. This involves a great deal, including your good reputation. On Friday, the Sagittarius Full Moon will occur together with a Venus-Saturn opposition, and this illustrates the situation. The tension between Mars, Pluto, and Uranus is building once again (as already in December, April, and May) and will reach a climax on Saturday. You must take action and you will think about exactly what you will do all week long. Perhaps you will already know at the start of week? Or is it just a premonition?Partnership / Love: Venus in Taurus indicates a love topic that is “so close and yet so far away.” The connection is so strong that you could think that it came from a past life. You have not just found each other but found each other again. This partner fills a gap that no one else can close. Can you decide against this connection? What is destiny? Can it be evaded?
Everyday Life / Profession:During this week, it is time to take some decisive steps (Mars in tension with Pluto, on Saturday) that seem to be inevitable. The question is to what degree you are already considering Uranus’ objectives or whether you are taking one-sided action. In the latter case, you would have to direct your steps in a different direction later on. Fear is a bad advisor. But some people are now afraid of a change and material losses. When it comes to renunciation, they like to be last in line and make rotten compromises. Venus in Taurus, interacting with Pluto and Saturn, shows a courageous and radical path. This can be positive if you uphold your ideals or negative if you cling to whatever you are accustomed to and block your path to the future with it. Mars is what tips the scales. You are allowed to feel that this applies to you.Partnership / Love: Venus – love – emerges from the romantic mists and must face the facts (Saturn). This results in an either-or-situation. You must decide, and you will admit that you have already waited quite a long time for this moment. However, you can also reckon with surprises in love later on if you now make a “wrong” decision. But what is really wrong…? In every moment, you do what you can.
Everyday Life / Profession:You not only have a need for support and security, but can also give this to your fellow human beings. For the people who are close to you, you are now as solid as a rock when everything is going well. But when there are problems, you are the bone of contention and everything is your fault. This is an age of polarizations. Mars in Libra can cast its lot with one side or the other. If you notice that something is going in the wrong direction, you can – thanks to Mars in Libra and the Gemini Sun – quite quickly change sides. Whenever you are totally convinced about something, you should consider whether the exact opposite could also be right.Partnership / Love: Venus in Taurus shows your personal relationship topics, which may be additionally emphasized at the start of the week with the Scorpio Moon in a way that could be a bit painful. If you experience your partner being jealous, you should think about your own jealousy. Such feelings are part of the bargain when you open up to someone. You actually would like to own your partner!
Everyday Life / ProfessionOn Saturday, the tension between Mars and Pluto becomes exact. This indicates overzealousness. If you are one hundred percent convinced about something, you must be careful! The opposite will now invariably resonate as well. What applies today will already be outdated by tomorrow. Consult about your projects with critical people who see the pitfalls that you may not perceive. The Sagittarius Full Moon of Friday emphasizes your ability to see things in a bigger context. Since Jupiter is in Cancer, this bigger context is often related to topics that you easily overlook or underestimate. Jupiter gives such topics more weight. Since it will only be in Cancer until mid-July, you will hopefully receive an important insight now that Mercury is standing still in Cancer.Partnership / Love: The major feelings of being in love are followed by the little feelings of your everyday life with each other. How do you want to assess this? As a loss of the big feelings or as a gain in ordinary everyday life? Your perception and assessment makes the difference. In your love life, you will sense the effect of Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Taurus (romance and security) but also of Uranus in Aries and the Sun in Gemini – you can change your perspective at any time!
Everyday Life / Profession:It is a good thing that your sense of self-worth is somewhat stable now. In light of the current constellations, you will have to take a position and move out of your comfort zone. If you swim against the stream, you will need courage. It would also be good if you had like-minded allies – but perhaps you have already taken this step long ago and therefore also feel confirmed in your opinion and plans. The Sagittarius Full Moon on Friday indicates a mission, a major effort, and a rescue maneuver to maintain values of non-material and material nature. Do you feel that this applies to you? What is your mission? In case you have no idea, you will be wiser toward the end of week.Partnership / Love: This week awakens the wish to make love more concrete and solidify or legalize the relationship. By saying “yes” to your partner, you also say it to yourself and to life. Even if you have already been married for a long time, you can still say “yes” time and again. Your relationship can now be experienced as very deep and as a connection for eternity.
Everyday Life / Profession:Interpersonal relationships not only require more commitment, but also get it! Or is this a bit exaggerated right now? What do you expect from your fellow human beings? Absolute faithfulness and solidarity? You suddenly see many things in a narrow light and take matters to heart that you would normally ignore. Everyone has a bit of Scorpio or Cancer that can react in a very sensitive way. The later in the week, the more radical your attitude will be – especially when your fears are touched upon. Even an Aquarius can appear to be authoritative in this case. But is it possible that Aquarius is also the only sign that does not allow itself to be infected by the fear mongering? Try it! Someone must take countermeasures when everything tends to go too much in one direction.Partnership / Love: In case a thunderstorm gathered on the weekend, it will break loose and intensely shower down during this week. But it could also be that you have experienced a previous unknown intimacy and that this intimacy has now become even stronger. A thunderstorm symbolizes the wish for more intensity. When you understand this, it becomes easier for you to deal with the intensive energies.
Everyday Life / Profession:The current constellations indicate an overload. Some people want to have everything under control so they are protected against every type of danger. Are you also one of these people? Or do you not even see the dangers? Trying to perceive everything that could potentially be dangerous can be overwhelming. In the end, you would no longer dare leaving your home. So you have a good reason not to look too closely. But what you can do to feel more secure is to meditate. When things get difficult, you should retreat and let the judgments and fears pass you by. If you have never meditated, it is high time for you to start. Perhaps you have already engaged in this on an unconscious level by just doing nothing sometimes. Then you may no longer have a bad conscience if you are not active now and then.
Partnership / Love: The urge to hold onto love is becoming stronger now. What could you do to take account of this strong feeling? You should express this feeling in a creative way by putting it into words, images, or music. Would your love story be worth filming? If you ask precise questions and take a closer look, every love story would be worth filming.

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