Wednesday 21 May Horoscope from Aries to Pisces | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

Wednesday 21 May Horoscope from Aries to Pisces | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

Let go of frustration, resistance and regret over whatever may be going down at this time. Accept the cycle, and remember what goes down must come up.


The astrological forecast 

for Today

from Aries to Pisces


Wednesday, May 21th, 2014

The wee hours of the morning are filled with unsettling dreams as the Sun and Moon align with erratic Uranus, firing up our nerves. Nevertheless, the energy begins to settle down once the electric Aquarius Moon shifts into emotional Pisces at 8:18 am EDT. The Moon’s square to the curious Gemini Sun has us wondering how our feelings influence our thoughts. However, by evening, a surreal Moon-Neptune connection assures us that imagination rules.


March 21 to March 31

سلام داخلي

اليوم أنت متفق أخيرًا مع ذاتك، وهذا يتضح للآخرين من خلال سلوكك. في العمل، سوف يطلب منك الزملاء النصيحة، وكذلك الحال في حياتك الخاصة. تأكد من الاحتفاظ بالتوازن بين الأخذ والعطاء حتى تتمكن من الاستفادة من الصداقات. يجب أن تكون مهتمًا بذاتك بعض الشيء للحفاظ على هذا التوازن. قد يكون التأمل هو المدخل الصحيح.

April 1st to April 10

حافظ على هدوئك

قد يكون اليوم مضطربًا، فمن ناحية، الكثير من الأشياء لن تسير على رغبتك، ومن ناحية أخرى، ستجد نفسك في مواقف صعبة بسبب من هم حولك. لا تبالغ في ردة فعلك، ولكن حاول استعادة هدوئك، وحاول فرض ذلك على الآخرين وعندئذ سوف تخرج سالمًا من هذا الموقف غير السار.

April 11 to April 20

قوة الفريق

في الوقت الحالي، أنت تعمل بصورة جيدة من خلال الفريق، وأنت مستمتع بذلك أيضًا. حافظ على بيئة العمل الخلّاقة هذه لأن كلً منكم سوف يحقق أهدافه الشخصية أسرع إذا تكاتفتم معًا. حتى في حياتك الشخصية فسوف تشعر أكثر بالراحة في مجموعة عما إذا كنت وحدك. قد يساعدك هذا الشعور في التقدم في حياتك العاطفية والاستمتاع ببعض الرومانسية.

March 21 to March 31


Being as you are, so fixated on superficial cosmetic appearance, it’s really difficult for you to focus on matters that are of far more importance and to substantiate exactly what these might be or indeed mean to you – you’ve trouble getting to the root of anything! Better to postpone important decisions until later and concentrate instead on having a good time.

April 1st to April 10

Be sociable

Having a wide circle of friends can be a great boon. You find it easy to bring cheer to others, you’re a ray of sunshine, even more so than usual. Use your positivity to be as helpful and accommodating to people who are less fortunate than you. When you break down barriers, interesting relationship develop into something more promising and worthwhile.

April 11 to April 20

Lucky in love

Being in a great mood, demonstrate how you feel, the zest you have for life, it’s genuine for all to see. Those you’re close to are inspired by the imagination and openness you show and the pleasant atmosphere you create that benefits all. If single, your flirtatiousness, charm and easy-going manner are attractive to any potential love interest on the horizon.



·         April 21 to April 30

تناغم تام

أنت الآن متفق مع ذاتك بشكل كامل، وتشعر بالتناغم التام في عملك وفي حياتك الشخصية أيضًا. يؤثر ذلك على الآخرين لما لك من علاقات قوية مع شريك حياتك والعائلة، مع وجود توازن جيد وصحي بين الأخذ والعطاء. حاول الحفاظ على هدوئك الداخلي واستخدم هذا الوقت في الإعداد لأوقات أقل إيجابية قادمة.

May 1st to May 10

اظهر مشاعرك

يمكنك اليوم العمل بشكل بنّاء من خلال الفريق، وهذا يعني أنك سوف تستطيع تطبيق أصعب الأفكار اليوم. سوف تتلقى دعمًا بشكل خاص من خلال العمل وكذلك حياتك الشخصية، أظهر حبك للآخرين بهدف تقوية العلاقات. قد تقابل اليوم حب حياتك، فافتح عينيك جيدًا!

May 11 to May 20

غيِّر منظورك

يسهل الوثوق في كل ما تمت تجربته وإثباته، ولكن هكذا أيضًا تصدأ الأشياء. حاول اكتشاف مداخل جديدة لتحقيق النجاح. هؤلاء الذين يحيطون بك سوف يتفاعلون بإيجابية وسوف يعرضون المساعدة في حالة وجود بداية جديدة. تقبل هذه المساعدة بكياسة لأنه باستطاعتك تعلم الكثير من خبرات الآخرين.

April 21 to April 30

Uncontrolled impulses

More than capable, you feel an urgent need to set some worthwhile activity in motion. You demand a lot, are insensitive towards other people’s needs – strike a balance; be more considerate with your comments, pay attention to how people react to you, if you resolutely follow these guidelines, you persuade people to willingly participate in your activities.

May 1st to May 10

Keep your distance

Unable to communicate effectively, you feel misunderstood and quickly decide that those closest to you are behaving unacceptably, with unfortunate consequences. Allow distance between you, rather than endless discussions. Make allowances for your partner’s point of view, incorporate a fresh approach that ultimately enhances your relationship.

May 11 to May 20

Change perspective

It’s very tempting to only trust in the tried and proven, but this is also how things become stuck in a rut. Look for new ways of how you can achieve success. In the event you do make a new start, those closest to you react positively and also offer invaluable help. Gratefully accept this, since you’re able to learn a great deal from the experiences of others.



·         May 21 to May 31

كل العلامات تشير إلى بداية جديدة

الوقت الآن مناسب لبداية جديدة؛ استخدم طاقتك في اطلاق الخطة المُعَدة خارج تكتلات البداية. إذا ائتمنت من حولك فسوف يساعدونك في اتخاذ الخطوات الأولى. الإيجابية التي تشع منك تجذب الآخرين، ويمكنك تأسيس روابط مع معارف جديدة والتأكد من دعم الآخرين.

June 1st to June 11

بداية جديدة

أمامك العديد من الفرص الجديدة، ويمكنك تأسيس اتجاهات جديدة في مكان العمل. إذا أخذت أفكار الزملاء بجدية، سوف تتمكن من الوصول إلى نتائج خلاقة من المقترحات الكثيرة والمختلفة. التغييرات واردة أيضًا في حياتك الخاصة؛ استقبل الأشخاص الجدد بترحاب وسوف تلاحظ إمكانية تطوير الصداقات وهذا سوف يضيف إلى معارفك الحاليين.

June 12 to June 21

نقطة تحول

هناك بعض التغيرات التي تحدث في حياتك، فلا تخجل من ذلك، واستقبل العالم بترحاب. سوف تلتقي بأشخاص جدد يمكنك الاستمتاع معهم وإقامة علاقات ذات معنى. بالنسبة للمسائل المهنية، سوف تصادفك بعض التحديات. لكن لا داعي للخوف لأن الحظ حليفك. اعتبر هذا الموقف فرصة للنمو الشخصي.

May 21 to May 31

Positive start

Risking a new start is perfect timing, you have the energy required to get a planned project out of the starting blocks. If you confide in those around you they help you to take the first steps towards a successful outcome. The positivity you generate and display is attractive to others. You can form ties with new contacts and be sure of their willing support.

June 1st to June 11

Bright mind

You’re doing a lot of mental work and it’s particularly easy for you to understand complex issues and find suitable solutions. Being communicative, you perhaps enter into arguments deliberately in order just to win them. Don’t allow yourself to engage in too much thinking otherwise you end up with a headache and may not achieve your objective.

June 12 to June 21

Alert mind

Everything is crystal clear, you apply yourself well and have a limitless desire to learn even more. Consequently you present your ideas and thoughts eloquently and seek opportunities to show off by confronting others with your greater knowledge of a situation, you’re rather arrogant, but remember that you always learn something from other people.



·         June 22 to July 2

النجاح في مجموعات

حماسك يمكنك من العمل بنجاح من خلال فريق، كما يمكنك ترك علامتك بهدوء إذا قمت بإنجاز المهام مع الآخرين. لكن تذكر أن نجاح المجموعة هو الأهم – وليس الأنا الخاصة بك. سوف ينتج عن ذلك أيضًا مناخًا جيدًا في المنزل. قد يؤدي السلوك الأناني إلى الإضرار بعلاقاتك الأسرية على المدى البعيد.

July 3 to July 12

أوقات عصيبة

يجب أن تستعد لمواجهة مشكلات جديدة، فالأمور ليست جيدة في مكان العمل وأنت لا تستطيع إنجاز سوى القليل. لا تجعل ذلك يخيفك، فهذه المراحل تجيء ثم تذهب. في حياتك الخاصة، أنت بحاجة إلى دافع جديد، فأنت تشعر أن العلاقات مع من حولك تفقد رونقها. اكسر قيود الروتين وافعل شيئًا غير تقليدي.

July 13 to July 22

شعبية مرتفعة

استعد لكل ما هو غير متوقع، فالمفاجآت السارة في انتظارك. فوق ذلك، شريك حياتك يحتفظ بشيء خاص لك، ولكن لا تجعل توقعاتك ترتفع أكثر من اللازم، وكن شكورًا على كل ما تتلقاه. سوف يتفاعل الأصدقاء معك بإيجابية، وسوف يقدرك الشركاء المحتملين وسوف يتأثرون بالطريقة البراقة التي تتعامل بها.

June 22 to July 2


Admired for conversational skills, this is an ideal time for you to introduce some of your friends to each other, even try your hand at match-making. You have a keen sense of knowing when people fit well together. This is appreciated by friends and your resourcefulness may be rewarded when a casual encounter of your own develops into something more.

July 3 to July 12

Testing time

Be prepared to face new challenges, particularly at work, where initially you’re unlikely to make a great deal of progress. Don’t be daunted by this, such phases come and go. In your personal life too you lack any fresh stimulus. You feel as if relations with those close to you are stale. Break free from existing routines and organize something unusual.

July 13 to July 22


You’re unsure of what to do, every decision you’re faced with seems like an intractable problem and if you keep putting them off, even bigger problems seem to arise. Don’t be forced to make half-hearted compromises – take time to weigh up the pros and cons of the situation before deciding. If you can’t find a solution, sleeping on it can make a difference.


·         July 23 to August 2


اليوم تستطيع إظهار معدنك، ونظرًا للجاذبية التي تتمتع بها، فإنك مجهز للعمل من خلال فريق. ماذا تنتظر؟ أنت لا تعلم إلى متى يستمر ذلك. من ناحية الصحة، فإنك تشعر برضا تام وراحة. سوف يؤثر التناغم بين جسدك وعقلك إيجابيًا على من هم حولك، وبالتالي، المشروعات المشتركة مع الأصدقاء الجيدين هي ما وصفه الطبيب لحالتك.

August 3 to August 13

ديناميكية بدنية وذهنية

أنت مفعم بالحيوية والنشاط البدني والذهني؛ استخدم إمكاناتك في اتخاذ القرار السليم لتنفيذ مخططاتك والتقدم إلى الأمام في مشروعاتك. لن يفيدك الاكتفاء بالأمجاد الماضية والسلبية! لديك الآن قدرة التعامل بدقة وحكمة مع جميع المواقف التي تواجهها وتتعرض لها، فتأكد من استغلالك لها بقدر الإمكان!

August 14 to August 23

عمل مُكلل بالنجاح

اذا كنت ترغب في النجاح وفي تحقيق شيء ذو قيمة، فحان الوقت أن تتحالف مع الآخرين، قد يكونوا أقرباء أو أصدقاء أو زملاء في العمل. لا تدع الفرصة تفوتك، فيجب عليك الانتفاع من هذه الفرصة وبذل مجهود. من المحتمل أن تنقلب عليك الأمور التي لم تحسمها بعد عندما لا تتواجد الفرص السانحة والظروف المبشرة المتاحة الآن.

July 23 to August 2


You show what you’re made of, your magnetic personality is particularly well-suited for teamwork. What is it you’re waiting for? You don’t know how long this is likely to last. In terms of health you feel completely satisfied and at ease. The balance of body and mind helps you to positively influence those around you. Joint ventures with friends are apt.

August 3 to August 13

A lovely day

Activities undertaken in your free time are enjoyable and pleasurable. You get on particularly well with the people you meet and are able to put them at ease without difficulty. The people you’re fond of most show you a lot of respect and admiration allowing your relationships to flourish and the most intimate ones in particular to become more passionate.

August 14 to August 23

Composure and affection

Enjoying yourself, feeling composed and contented, nothing much causes you any complications. With friends and associates you have the most fun and certain advantages come your way especially in regard to your love life you both give and receive a lot of affection. An increased ability to be more creative in your approach brings you most pleasure.


·         August 24 to September 3

إعادة بحث وتقييم الأمور

سيتم إعادة بحث وتقييم أراءك أو أعمالك بشكل من الأشكال. اذا لم تكن الأمور تسير على ما يرام، قد تميل إلى إرجاع السبب إلى خطأ صدر من الآخرين أو كنتيجة للظروف الحالية. من الأفضل الاحتياط والتحلي بالصبر: بالإضافة إلى ابتهاجك بالانتصار على هذه الأزمة الحساسة بدون عواقب، سوف تخرج منها بدروس.

September 4 to September 13

أجواء من الارتياب

ستعم أجواء من الارتياب تستوجب منك اتخاذ موقف، وستجد حاليًا صعوبة في التخلي عن طريقة تفكيرك المعتادة، بالرغم من العواقب السلبية التي قد تكون نابعة من الماضي. مع ذلك، حاول أن تكون متفتح حتى تتمكن من تعدي المصاعب والعراقيل بليونة وسهولة. قد يتأثر جسمك اذا زاد الضغط عليه.

September 14 to September 23

إزالة العراقيل

إن العراقيل التي تنبأت بقدومها منذ فترة طويلة تظهر تدريجيًا وتتحول إلى واقع، وبات تفاديها مستحيلاً. واجه تلك التحديات في أسرع وقت، حتى وإن كانت المهمة صعبة. كلما تأخرت في ذلك، تراكمت العراقيل ووجب عليك مضاعفة المجهود لتجاوزها.

August 24 to September 3


Your views or achievements are examined and scrutinized. If projects don’t go too well, you tend to place the blame onto someone else. Alternatively, if you’re careful and patient, then you survive this difficult time without any lasting damage and instead you learn something lasting and worthwhile from this process of facing criticism from doubters.

September 4 to September 13

Nervousness and misunderstandings

Forgetful, suffering from nerves, it’s preferable to keep yourself active but stay calm, relaxed and dispel any worries. If you’re a calm person anyway you notice how animated you feel and bemused at the misunderstandings that seemingly occur, if this is actually the case, it’s useful in assisting you to remain as focused and determined as you possibly can be.

September 14 to September 23

Strong dedication

Fully committed with plenty of energy available, your enthusiasm makes you feel more restless than you normally are. If you’re the type of person to make your feelings known, lighten up and take it easy and be sure not to exaggerate or overreact, as others find any unduly overbearing conduct, or loyalty and dedication to your cause difficult to tolerate.



·         September 24 to October 3

اتخاذ قرارات

تشعر بقوة بدنية وذهنية أكبر من ذي قبل، وقد حان الوقت لاتخاذ القرارات الصعبة التي طالما أجلتها. اتخذ الوقت اللازم وقم بإعادة النظر مرة أخرى جليًا في تفاصيل الأمور قبل البت فيها واتخاذ القرار. عند اتخاذك القرار لا تناقشه وتمسك بقراراتك لأنها هي القرارات السديدة.

October 4 to October 13

استكشاف العالم

تغمرك الحيوية والنشاط ويغمرك حب الاستطلاع والاستكشاف، وإن كان الأمر بيدك لذهبت في مغامرة استكشافية. استسلم لهذا الدافع الداخلي واستقطع بعض الأسابيع لتسافر عبر العالم. حماسك ونشاطك الداخلي سيعطيانك القوة وقدرة التحمل اللازمين للقيام باستكشافات وفهم أشياء جديدة. لا تخجل من التقرب والتعرف على الناس وتأمل روائع الطبيعة سوف تثري هذه التجارب والصداقات والاستكشافات الجديدة حياتك بشكل كبير ولفترة طويلة.

October 14 to October 23

أوقات ممتعة

أنت أنسان مرن وتتقبل التغيير، كما أنك تمر بفترة سلسة، فكل ما تقوم به لا يتطلب مجهود من قبلك ونتيجته جيدة. انتفع من هذه الأوقات الممتعة للتقدم في تحقيق أحلامك وطموحاتك! مع ذلك، يجب اتخاذ الحذر من تحمل عبء القيام بعدد كبير من الأعمال دفعة واحدة ، فتجد نفسك مُحمل بما لا طاقة لك به عندما تتغير الأمور ولا تسير كما توقعت.

September 24 to October 3

Come to decisions

Stronger, both mentally and physically, this is an ideal time to make difficult decisions you have previously pushed to one side. Take the necessary time you need, to carefully think about and go over every detail that concerns you before coming to a conclusion. Once you’ve made up your mind don’t question your conclusions stick to what you decided.

October 4 to October 13

Aggravated communication

Misunderstood, you find it intolerable the way others behave towards you. This is definitely not the best time to meet up with people, especially as you constantly feel so aggravated by what they say. Postpone visits and meetings with others if you can, until you feel more agreeably towards them. Instead, use your time for reflection and to sort yourself out.

October 14 to October 23

Tackle new subjects

You apply yourself to a subject that has stimulated your interest over a sustained period of time. It’s easier for you to obtain the necessary focus you need and you’re more motivated than you have ever been before. Use this new found enthusiasm and concentrate on making contacts in order solve any outstanding issues needed for a successful outcome.

#Scorpio ♏

·         October 24 to November 2

ظروف مناوئة

العديد من الأشياء لا تسير كما ينبغي، فتواجه عراقيل أينما توجهت ويبدو أن الجميع يعمل ضدك. حاول أن تتريث أمام تلك الظروف التي يبدو أنها مناوئة وتعامل معها كونها تحديات. إذا جرت الأمور على غير المتوقع، قد تكون النتائج في نهاية المطاف إيجابية كغير المتوقع. كل تجربة تمر بها تجعل من مسار حياتك ممتع ومفيد.

November 3 to November 12

مواقف غير متوقعة

يلعب القدر لعبته معك وستجد نفسك أمام موقف لم تكن تتوقعه تمامًا، لكن لا تبالي بذلك. إن كان باستطاعتنا توقع كل شيء، ستغيب عنا ملذات الحياة. إذن، لا تنعي حظك ولا تشعر بالأسف لمصيرك: بل على العكس، كن يقظًا، فالحياة تخبئ دائمًا مفاجئات سعيدة.

November 13 to November 22

مواصلة المسار ومتابعة الأهداف

بسبب الظروف المتغيرة، يبدو أن هدفك خارج السيطرة من جديد. لا يجب أن ينتابك اليأس والإحباط؛ ابدأ بإعادة التفكير في الموقف بتمعن. قد يكون مجرد انطباع ويمكن جعل الخسارة في أضيق الحدود باتخاذ الإجراءات المناسبة. اذا لم يكن هذا هو الوضع، فتذكر إن مخطط الرحلة غايتك في حد ذاته.

October 24 to November 2

Group activity

Get together with friends, if possible do something beneficial for the welfare of others. People you contact find what you’re doing extremely commendable and automatically join in the tremendous effort you’re capable of making. Any helpful group you assemble responds well to bring about the changes everybody wants to see actually become a reality.

November 3 to November 12

Differences among friends

You have differences with your friends. Before you worry too much, bear in mind the extent of the differences. It’s only a bit of a squabble that cannot threaten a solid friendship. Don’t take it too seriously but do say you’re sorry if you said something that you now regret. When those affected understand that you regret what you said, they can forgive you.

November 13 to November 22

Increased activity

You feel impatient, on edge, unable to relax, it’s particularly difficult to find any peace. If you’re normally calm and well-balanced this is the stimulation you need to put plans you have been thinking about for a long time into action. With such an enterprising attitude you may be overstretched, if you feel on edge, allow yourself the peace you need.

#Sagittarius ♐

·         November 23 to December 1st

ضبط النفس

إنك تلاحق أهدافك بطاقة هائلة، فحاول كبح رغبتك العارمة في النجاح. تابع أهدافك بوعي وبإصرار، لكن لا تغفل عن الأشياء الأهم. تباطأ قليلاً وتمالك نفسك من وقت لآخر وامنح بدنك فترة راحة حتى يتمكن من إعادة شحن طاقته والاستعداد للمهام القادمة.

December 2 to December 11

كن واقعيًا

حاليًا أنت قلق بعض الشيء وتميل إلى الانفعال عندما تسير الأمور على عكس رغبتك، أو عندما يخالفك الآخرون في الرأي. تحكم في نفسك، واستخدم طاقتك في شيء أكثر عقلانية من المواجهة. لهذا السبب قد تصادف أعداء فقط وحواجز أكثر مما تستطيع التعامل معه على المدى الطويل.

December 12 to December 21

قوى غير محكومة

إذا لم تتوخ الحذر، فسوف تسيطر عليك لانفعالاتك وتسبب أضرار أكثر مما تحب في المستقبل. أنت تميل إلى الرغبة في مقارنة نفسك بمن هم حولك ولذلك أنت تبحث عن المواجهة أيضًا. سيطر على مزاجك الحاد لأنه على الرغم من حبك في أن يكون لديك الكثير من الطاقة، هذه الطاقة غير ثابتة وقد تتركك في الوقت الحرج. انتبه أكثر إلى صحتك.

November 23 to December 1st


You follow your ambitions with enormous drive and energy you need to restrain your irrepressible desire for success. Despite your eagerness, hold yourself back a little, consider the big picture and allow yourself the rest you need, prepare for upcoming tasks, this may be the wisest position to adopt as you probably have to make further sacrifices on the way.

December 2 to December 11

Hot headed

Criticized a great deal for your less than understanding conduct, you relish joining in every quarrel you can. You don’t exactly treat others very much sensitivity, and on occasion need to consider the fact that not everyone appreciates your ready wit or shares your moods. Let off some steam and pent-up aggression; take a break well away from other people.

December 12 to December 21

Provocative nature

You’re extremely provocative, even the slightest difference of opinion with others turns into a quarrel. In your personal life too, your friends don’t like it when you continually criticize them. Hold back a little and refrain from your repeated opposition, don’t press your point so blatantly. Instead unwind, relax by taking a long hot bath or by having a massage.



·         December 22 to December 31

تحويلات أو تأخير

توقفت الأشياء دون سبب واضح، وعلى الرغم من أنك لم ترغب في تغيير المسار وأردت أن تلتزم بالجدول الموضوع، يجب الآن أن تأخذ مسار تحويلي مختلف لتجنب العقبات وحتى لا تهدر كل طاقتك في محاولة التغلب عليها. قد تستغرق وقتًا أطول في الوصول إلى هدفك، ولكنك قد تكسب المزيد من الخبرات القيمة أثناء ذلك.

January 1st to January 10

طريق وعر

طريقك يزداد صعوبة أكثر مما تصورت في بادئ الأمر، وربما هناك شخص يحاول إثنائك عن خطتك أو حتى إحباطك. لا تيأس – انظر إلى الأمر كأنه عقبة واختبر إرادتك. دافع عن خططك وامض إلى الأمام، أو حاول تكييف أفكارك بحيث تتماشى مع الظروف الحالية. إي من الخيارين سوف يظهر ما إذا كان هدفك واقعي ويستحق عناء الوصول إليه.

January 11 to Jaunary 20

قرارات واضحة

إذا كانت الشكوك تساورك مؤخرًا ولا تستطيع الوصول إلى أية قرارات، تستطيع الآن رؤية الأشياء في ضوء أوضح. أنت تشعر بالتوازن الكافي الذي يمكنك من حصاد الخير كنتيجة لأي قرار تتخذه. أنت الآن قادر أيضًا على رؤية المشكلات من منظور مختلف وقد تجد حل وسط يقبله جميع الأطراف.

December 22 to December 31

Leaving cares behind

Enjoyable experiences, going out with friends, extended shopping expeditions or eating and drinking to excess result in you pushing yourself too far and you overdoing things. Remember that this way of behaving can do you harm in the long run and does not bring any benefits. Do things in moderation; you can still enjoy life but don’t slip into bad habits.

January 1st to January 10

Rocky road

Your path is more difficult to navigate than you first thought. Perhaps somebody is trying to dissuade you from your plan or even thwart you. Don’t give up – see it as a challenge and a test of your will. Defend your plans and push them forwards, or adapt your ideas to current circumstances. Either option reveals whether your goal is actually realistic.

January 11 to Jaunary 20


If you’ve been plagued by doubts recently and unable to come to any conclusions, you finally see things in a clearer way. You feel confident enough to be able to finally make a decision and obtain something good from the outcome. You’re able to see problems from diverse perspectives and find a compromise that’s acceptable to everyone concerned.



January 21 to January 30

تناغم وطاقة

يبدو أن شكوك الأمس قد تبخرت وأنت الآن منشغل بالتقدم للأمام؛ حاول استخدام هذه الطاقة في البدء في مشروعات جديدة واتخاذ قرارات هامة. بما أن الأمور تسير في الاتجاه الصحيح، وأنت تشعر بالراحة بالنسبة للأمور التي تقوم بها، يمكنك الاستمتاع بالنجاح القادم. لكن لا ترتبط بالكثير من المشروعات وذلك لأن توازنك الداخلي سوف يصبح مهددًا وسوف تتعرض لخطر استنفاذ نفسك.

January 31 to February 9


أنت ناجح في كل ما يخص العمل، والقرارات الهامة التي اتخذتها أثبتت صحتها. لكن يجب أن تأخذ الوقت الذي تحتاجه دائمًا عند التفكير في المشروعات. أنت مفعم بالحيوية، فاستمتع بوقتك – اخرج أو اكتشف أماكن جديدة. اطلب من الأصدقاء الانضمام إليك – وسف يؤدي هذا إلى رفع روحك المعنوية. في المجمل، أنت تشعر بالقيادة والهدوء؛ استغل هذا في الحفاظ على مستوى صحتك الممتاز.

February 10 to February 19

ظروف صعبة

الأمر يزداد صعوبة في العمل، لذلك يجب أن تقبل عروض المساعدة من زملائك حتى يقل جبل العمل الذي يقبع أمامك تدريجيًا إلى أن يصبح مهامًا يمكن التعامل معها. تتسم حياتك الخاصة بعدد من النزاعات. لا تدع الأمر يصيبك بالإحباط، حتى وإن واجهت الأسوأ اليوم. انتظر قليلاً، لأن الحل يأتي من الداخل في بعض الأحيان. لا تقلل من أية أعراض جسدية قد تحس بها. ابحث عن السبب.

Changes affecting family and friends are possible today. A move or other change of home or work environment are also on the horizon. You’ll experience an increased workload and responsibility. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today…

You are full of hope that springs from being true to your values today as the Moon joins idealistic Neptune. But you might also be fearful that your efforts won’t be sufficient to improve the current situation. Don’t waste precious time doubting your contribution. Transform the energy by focusing on the positive things you can do, instead. Global change is not likely to happen with just the extraordinary work of a few people; it will come from the combined smaller deeds of everyone. Lead by example and see who follows.

January 21 to January 30

At ease

Doubts appear to have dissipated and you’re busy moving forward. Use this new found energy to start new projects and make important decisions. Since everything is taking care of itself you feel totally at ease with what you’re doing and able to be effective and enjoy success. Don’t get involved in too many projects, otherwise you risk becoming exhausted.

January 31 to February 9

New approach

You probably feel the need to overturn old ways of doing things and develop a new approach to your plans that makes full use of your talent for inspiring others. Where a personal relationship is concerned, you achieve a great deal and it’s appropriate to replace outmoded routines in your life together and discover a new pastime you both take pleasure in.

February 10 to February 19

Realize ideas

Make a concerted effect to begin certain things you’ve long been interested in. If necessary, seek permission to get your ideas underway and don’t be afraid to address those less frequently discussed personal issues. With the support you get from others, you feel more motivated to make those important first steps. To unwind, do some hard physical exercise.



·         February 20 to March 1st


في بعض الأحيان، يجب أن تتعامل مع الفشل في العمل. كن شجاعًا وانظر إلى هذه الانتكاسات على إنها فرص للتغيير إلى الأحسن. إذا قمت بذلك، فسوف تخرج من أعماق اليأس في حالة أفضل. سوف تتخذ قرارات قريبًا في حياتك الخاصة. التزم برأيك، ولكن استمع أيضًا إلى ما يقوله الآخرون من حولك. تظهر هذه الظروف الصعبة أيضًا في شكل جسدي. خذ وقتك للاستمتاع بالمزيد من السلام والهدوء.

March 2 to March 10

أوقات غير مستقرة في الأفق

يبدو وكأنك تقف أمام مشكلات لا يمكن التغلب عليها، فلا تيأس! فقط عليك تغيير منظورك للأشياء وعندئذ سوف تبدو الحلول واضحة. لا تخف من طلب النصيحة! حياتك الخاصة متقلبة بشدة في الوقت الحالي. يجب أن تتعامل مع التقلبات غير المتوقعة بهدوء. تحتاج إلى استرخاء أكثر. خذ استراحة بعيدًا عن مسئولياتك واستمتع ببعض الوقت الخاص بك. اقرأ كتابًا جيدًا أو استمتع بحمام مريح.

March 11 to March 20


لا شيء يسير حسب رغبتك في الوقت الحالي، ولكن إذا قمت بتغيير مدخلك، قد تنجز أهدافك بشكل أسرع، كما قد تساعد آراء الآخرين. سوف تواجه في حياتك الخاصة جميع أنواع المشكلات، ولكن يجب أن تكون وجهة نظرك واضحة في هذا الموقف. سلامتك الجسدية قد تصبح أفضل. فكر في أسلوب حياتك، ولكن لا تكن قاسيًا على نفسك.

February 20 to March 1st

Stick to your word

It’s important that you keep your promises. Otherwise difficulties arise from your unpredictability which has knock on effects. People close to you get upset and those you work with feel let down. Reconsider your feelings towards others and don’t make any important decisions, instead take some time for yourself to discover why you feel so disconsolate.

March 2 to March 10

Irritable and offhand

Liable to overreact for the slightest of reasons, your offhand behavior gets you into trouble with anyone who holds a position of power over you. The basic watchword you need to adopt is caution, the same holds true in relationships be careful about exactly what you say and the manner in which you say it, if possible find a quiet place to be on your own.

March 11 to March 20

Constant restlessness

A slight tingling feeling in your body helps you remain alert and on your toes. Constantly active you’re able to put into practice long overdue plans and procedures. It doesn’t matter if these ideas are of a personal or professional nature, your rather fidgety, nervous approach only brings you a positive result when you make a concentrated effort to slow down.


Increase and decrease are part of the natural cycle of life. As another good book puts it, “To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Like a reservoir that is being used to irrigate the fields, learning to accept a decrease in position or material possessions is part of preparing for increase in the future.

We may live in materialistic times, but there is no disgrace in material decrease, particularly if it represents an investment in future gain – even if that gain be in the form of learning or the development of personal character. Likewise, the inner strength that comes from bearing loss can be balanced by a corresponding increase in inner strength and insight. When letting go of material desires leads to a greater simplicity in daily life, good fortune often comes calling.

In nature, the lake evaporates to form the clouds that drop the rain which nurtures the surrounding forest. As the forest grows thick, more rain is captured for the lake. Similarly, an “evaporation” or decrease in one area of your life, may give rise to an eventual increase. A loss of responsibility at work can mean more free time; more free time may generate more career options. A decrease in material possessions can free the spirit and fill the soul.

Let go of frustration, resistance and regret over whatever may be decreasing at this time. Accept the cycle.

moving line interpretations

Line 1

If you want to be of service to others who have less than yourself, no blame. But you must be careful, not to assume too much responsibility for others, lest you deprive them of their dignity and a chance to advance through their own effort. At the very least, learn to be sensitive when taking on the burdens of others; avoid self-righteousness.

Line 2

In order to render true service to those lacking in material possessions or other advantages, it is essential that you not give up your own dignity. A decrease in personal dignity growing out of excessive subservience to some higher goal can lead to a decrease in performance and personal worth. To truly be of good service to others, you must also serve yourself.

Line 3

If three people go off on a journey, one will drop out. If one goes out alone, a second will join up along the way. The strongest bonds and deepest relations are between two people; agreements between three people, no matter how lofty in intent, are never as stable. Two’s company, three is a committee. Let go of extraneous relationships.

Line 4

If your negative habits and personal faults are keeping others at bay, there is only one solution. Straighten-up! When people let go of negative habits, new opportunities rush in to fill the void. In such a situation, great good fortune.

Line 5

Natural good luck for you. Great good fortune is your fate right now, and you need fear nothing. Enjoy. Invest.

Line 6

There are many different ways to acquire wealth, but the highest and most satisfying way is by increasing the common wealth of all. For supremely successful and enlightened people, their increases cause no decreases for others. They have learned to advance by generating more for all – not by maneuvering slickly to see that others get less than they do. The prosperity of such people is the good fortune of all of mankind.

Be mindful of the lesson of young lovers: even with a minimum of possessions, feelings of the heart can bring an unsurpassed richness to life. The smallest of actions, if sincere, have value. So remain confident, for a time of decrease may actually bode good fortune, especially if you remain open to that possibility.


Chatty Style Horoscopes – Wednesday 21 May


For how long do others actually have ‘the upper hand’? They have it for as long as we allow them to. Their greatest concerns surround keeping it and the balance of power in their favor tipping away like sand from a dump truck. Someone whom you believe has the balance of power in their favor now doesn’t really understand what a clever so-and-so you are. They underestimate your ability to turn a table or two with little warning. They’re about to learn.


Despite someone’s efforts, a communication gap exists between the two of you. Have you become a bit lazy in terms of keeping in touch with them? It’s obvious they’re keen to communicate with you or have at least made some effort of later but won’t keep making the effort if you keep fobbing them off. It’s time to strengthen a bond. It’s also time to put an aspect of your shared past behind you. Do so and you’ll be very glad you did.


Your strength and influence in an area of your world is increasing. So too is the level of support you’re receiving from certain people. Where, not so long ago, you believed yourself to be inferior or possibly powerless within a certain situation or with a certain person, you should be seeing evidence that you hold considerably more sway than you believed originally. A tense situation can be turned in your favor now. Use the power available to you wisely and sensitively.


If something travels in a straight line, then it will reach a predetermined destination. If it veers only a degree or two, it will end up elsewhere. Perhaps this will take time but the fact remains it cannot possibly arrive where it was intended to. What, in your life, appears to be going off on a tangent? Something you believed was heading a certain direction appears to be heading toward a less desirable destination. With belief and focus, you can return it to the direction you want it to go.


We all possess many defensive tendencies. We protect ourselves by doing X. We then try to protect X by doing Y. Before we know it, we’ve not only built an impenetrable wall but convinced ourselves of its perceived need. We think it serves a purpose. Might you be kidding yourself about a way you’re trying to protect yourself in some way now? Is your heart not telling you that there really is a less stressful way to get what you truly want that doesn’t involve denial?


On the face of it, a situation appears cut, dried and transparent. You have every reason to believe you know where you stand with it and what is or isn’t likely to change about it. Might you be a bit complacent in some way though? Have you perhaps drawn an incorrect conclusion or seen a situation as final when there’s actually considerable life left within it? Expect soon to be relieved and reassured about the revival of something you’d given up hope of ever coming to fruition.


Sports people who ‘assist’ with scoring of goals receive some recognition but it’s always the goal scorer who basks in glory. Regardless of how spectacular or memorable a goal was, it couldn’t have been achieved without the assisting player. A true professional recognizes this. Your role in making something wonderful happen isn’t going unnoticed. Whilst someone else might claim to have made it happen, feel proud of how it couldn’t have happened without your input or help.


Does possibility exist that you might make a certain situation – that appears to have ticked along reasonably well lately – worse by doing what you’re considering doing? You appear to know where you stand with someone and they know the same where you’re concerned. It has been in your and someone else’s best interests that an arrangement or agreement has been stuck to. But does it really suit you? You won’t worsen anything by speaking from your heart now.


If what we want is unavailable or unattainable, then we accept we have to settle for second best. This usually happens when we feel we don’t have the energy to pursue what we truly want – or believe effort invested won’t change a result. It’s time to set your standards a bit higher in a certain area and have faith in what investing effort will actually achieve. Action always causes a reaction and, if you aim at nothing, then you are guaranteed to hit it.


What is it that causes us to believe we can interrupt processes that not only exist to help us but deserve to be left alone? Impatience plays a big part in this. We struggle to have faith in something that has our best interests at heart. How or why do we feel we know better? Ok, enough questions. Something needs to be left alone now. For as long as you feel inclined to involve yourself with it, you will only help to delay a process that is ticking along just fine as it is.


Sometimes, to gain something, we must let something go. We are naturally reluctant to let go of what’s familiar to us or we believe helps to put us in an advantageous position. We forget though, that nature abhors vacuums. Where a gap gets created, it becomes filled before long. That’s why you needn’t be concerned about what you’re having to let go of now. You’re not losing anything. In fact, by creating a gap in some way, you’re about to gain something of immense value.


You’ve heard something many times before. You know what a certain person feels or thinks and can’t help but be aware of the size of the point they appear to be missing. They seem to have one idea of how a situation should be and are struggling with accepting how you see it. Is it a case of ‘agreeing to disagree?’ Or might they actually have a point you hadn’t considered? It might be time to consider that someone really is able to bring fresh perspective to a tired situation.


General Horoscopes – Wednesday 21 May


As the Sun leaves your income sector today, wrapping up a month long annual review that has left you with a smart head for money, your eyes open and head out of the sand, the message is that this is far from the end of the story, despite the fact that you’re left holding the ball on your own. With Venus returning in 8 days time to trigger the laws of attraction and bring everything together, your job now is to continue to keep your eyes, mind and options open.


Your birthday month wraps up today, with the Sun’s departure from your sign taking the trainer wheels off this new solar year and bringing you to a point where the real journey begins. While this is a day for holding onto your personal intentions for the coming year, with Venus not even reaching your sign for another 8 days your heart has yet to have its say. Hold back from cementing your personal expectations, while on both the professional and income fronts things are looking extremely good.


Today is one of your most important days of the year, to date anyway, with the Sun’s return to your sign to kick off your birthday month and a new solar year. For the next month the sunlight is infused with Gemini energy, the energy you were born into, with a chance to take back your personal power and align yourself with your most authentic path forward. In a case of perfect timing you have the Moon in an adventurous part of your chart, reminding you that it’s all about the journey.


Today marks the start of the most important month of the year for you, for this is when you not only have a chance to make sense of where you’ve been and of where you’re going. It’s today that the Sun begins the month long wind down, wrap up and review of your current solar year and preparation for a new solar year. Today marks the start of a watershed period where the past starts to make way for the future, with old doors closing and new doors preparing to open.


Having the Moon in your relationship sector as Mars spends his first full day in direct motion in your communication sector is going to be an advantage on both fronts, as will be the Sun’s return to your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking today. All of a sudden, where just days ago there were communication delays and hold ups, there is not only a chance for a turnaround, but ideal conditions for friendship and relationship building.


Having the Moon in your work sector as Mars turned direct in your income sector was a huge advantage yesterday and it’s even more so as the Sun returns to your career sector today. This will ensure that you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground on the work front, during what are some game changing days on both the career and income fronts. As well as a need to trust your gut and your emotional and intuitive responses, this is a chance to put your income, work and career objectives on the same page.


As the Sun leaves your financial sector today this wraps up your annual financial review and update, leaving you with a clear sense of where things stand, what you’re dealing with and what’s required of you. However, rather than the end of something this has simply brought you to a new starting point, with Venus’ return next week when the real journey begins. Until then continue with any housekeeping the Sun has revealed.


As the Sun’s month long visit to your relationship sector wraps up today you’re halfway through the job of establishing what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. You should know by this point what your relationships need from you but until Venus, planet of love returns next week you won’t really be sure of what you want from them. Until then this gives you a chance to take care of any housekeeping the Sun has alerted you to.


Having the Moon in your communication sector and Mercury, planet of communication already in your relationship sector when the Sun returns to begin your annual relationship review today, gives you a major advantage from the get go. In the early days of establishing what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, you have the cosmic support needed to ensure the communication lines are open.


Having the Moon in your income sector as the Sun returns to your work sector today gives you a nose for money at an important time on not only the work front but across the professional board. For with Mars in his early days in direct motion in your career sector and the professional tide having just turned, this is a chance to put your income, work and career options on the table, pooling all your different resources.


As the Sun wraps up his annual, month long visit to your home and family sector it’s important to pay attention to the wakeup calls delivered over recent weeks, to keep your eyes open and your head out of the sand, while at the same time appreciating that this is still a work in progress. With everything out in the open you’re able to take care of any housekeeping, before Venus returns next week to bring the rewards.


As the Sun leaves your communication sector this will temporarily take the focus off your communications, but it would be wrong to assume that this is the end of the story or you can afford to let things lag. Not only is Venus returning next week to take over from where the Sun leaves off, but shifting the focus to your relationships and giving your heart a voice, this gives you a chance to take care of the housekeeping and maintenance work this has highlighted.

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