Astrological forecast for Today till Sunday from Aries to Pisces | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

Astrological forecast for Today till Sunday from Aries to Pisces | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

The astrological forecast

for Today till Sunday

from Aries to Pisces


Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Our pent-up energy has had nowhere to go since March 1, when dynamic Mars turned retrograde. Now, relief arrives and we find our direction as Mars begins to move forward. But it’s hard to gain momentum while the Sun is still in stubborn Taurus. Thankfully, we may receive a cosmic permission slip to step into new territory once the Sun enters restless Gemini at 10:59 pm EDT, emphasizing intellectual curiosity over maintaining the status quo.



·         بما أنك شخص اجتماعي بحق، وبما أنك ربما قد تكون قد أهملت واحد أو اثنين من معارفك مؤخرًا، يجب عليك الآن إصلاح هذه العلاقات مرة أخرى ومعاودة التواصل. ترتفع فرص حل نزاع ما بين الأسرة أو الأصدقاء للأبد. سوف تمر بساعات لا تُنسى من التناغم والتضامن، وهذا قد يلطف الأوقات الصعبة.

·         لقد وصلت إلى حائط سد في الوقت الحالي، ويبدو أن لا شيء يحرز تقدمًا وأنت على وشك الاستسلام. اعتبر مثل هذه الأوقات اختبارًا لقوة إرادتك، وسوف يتضح لك قريبًا أهمية المضي قدمًا في خططك. عندئذ، سوف تجد الطاقة اللازمة للاستمرار بصرف النظر عن العقبات. يجب أن تتخلى عنها فيما عدا ذلك وتبدأ مرة أخرى بمنظور مختلف.

·         الآن وقتك! سوف تتعرض في العمل لسيل من التحديات والخطط الجديدة. إذا أبديت بعض الاهتمام بهذه التحديات والخطط، فسوف تكَوِّن أصدقاءً جدد. يلجأ إليك الناس أيضًا في حياتك الخاصة. قد تظهر بعض العلاقات الجديدة والممتعة إذا أبديت رد فعل إيجابي. من الضروري أن تدع حالة النشوة الحالية على سجيتها. احتفل اليوم! ما رأيك في أن ترقص؟ سوف تعود عليك الحركة بالفائدة وتخلصك من الطاقة المكبوتة.   

·         On the very day that Mars turns direct in your relationship sector, bringing your relationships to a pivotal turning point Venus and Ceres, the two goddesses of the solar system move into opposition, once more bringing your personal and relationship needs into conflict. The difference is that they both want the same things, with a chance to finally get the balance right just as the tide turns. This really is a turning point.

·         If a pot of something sits on an oven burner and isn’t boiling as quickly as we’d like, we can increase the heat. Anyone who has had to scrub charred food from inside a pot knows what happens when heat becomes too high. That’s why it’s important you get a balance right between ‘turning up heat’ where a situation is concerned and allowing it to come to boil in its own time and way. You need only invest a bit more effort and not as much as you might believe.

·         Dramatic and unexpected changes in your personal appearance or attitude towards others will bring you new friends and opportunities in your social life. You could find yourself in a leadership role in some kind of craft, hobby or sporting group.  

·         March 21 to March 31

Artistic impulses


You perceive beauty in all you see, everything seems like a valuable work of art. You’re full of wonder at the beauty of everyday objects and find pleasure in agreeable interaction with others. Get creative and produce something of beauty yourself. If you thought of yourself as untalented, try your luck and you’re surprised at how imaginative you are.


·         April 1st to April 10



Openness and friendliness abound, you can talk about your own problems and emotional state without hurting others. Following your instincts, let go of any feeling you have of self-importance and experience an unrecognizable sense of harmony and peace. If there’ve been misunderstandings, or an argument, now is an appropriate time to resolve matters.


·         April 11 to April 20



A candlelit evening or breakfast in bed are pleasures not to be underestimated. Spending disproportionate amounts of money on luxury items does not always result in the corresponding amount of pleasure. A journey to the countryside helps you find exactly what you need, reminding you of what’s important in life and is also good for body and soul.

·         Imagine what our ancestors, who wrote with quills by candlelight would think if they could see technology today. In the future, people will mock our current technologies. Despite how shiny and impressive they appear, they will be obsolete before long. You appear keen to ‘advance’ yourself in some way and are aware of what you’re obliged to learn to do so. This week, focus on what you need to learn now and you won’t have to work so hard to safeguard your place in the future. What you can learn now will put you in a stronger position, very soon.

·         One event this week is so important that it is set to change the dynamics, to a point where this is a defining point of the year, the point that everything changes and we can finally leave the challenging early months of the year behind us. That event is Mars’ direct turn on Tuesday and while, moving through your relationship sector, his influence has been on the relationship front, because the warrior planet of the cosmos is your ruling planet and the fact that he’s also challenging you personally, this is going to change everything. From this point on you’ll be ready to start conquering your world, using the skills, wisdom and resilience gained over recent months. In a way this is a rebirth, making this not just a turning point in the month or even the year, but in your lifetime.




·         April 21 to April 30

حقق أهدافك


الخطط التي قمت بوضعها منذ وقتٍ طويل أوشكت أن تتحقق، فلا تتباطأ بعد الآن وحتى وإن كانت لديك بعض الشكوك. سوف تحصل على مساعدة من جميع الجوانب، لكن يجب أيضًا أن تستجيب بانفتاح للنقد البنّاء – فالهدف الوحيد منه هو مساعدتك. لا تنس أيضًا أن تعمل شيئًا من أجل جسدك خلال هذه الفترات العصيبة. اهتم بنظامك الغذائي وحقق التوازن من خلال ممارسة الرياضة، فهكذا فقط يمكنك تحمل التوتر الذي سوف تواجهه.


·         May 1st to May 10

شواطئ جديدة


يمكنك إحراز التقدُم إذا قمت بالتحول من الأساليب القديمة المعروفة إلى أخرى جديدة، وسوف يساعدك ذلك على النجاح في مستقبلك المهني. قد تجد دعمًا غير متوقع من الزملاء المتفتحين فيما يخص أسلوب جديد. إذا كنت عفويًا، قد تقابلك فرص جديدة تمامًا في العلاقات في حياتك الخاصة. فاجئ ذاتك والآخرين! ينطبق هذا أيضًا على ما يخص صحتك. قم بتجربة رياضة جديدة وغير تقليدية.


·         May 11 to May 20

الصراحة هي المفتاح


تواجهك اليوم أفكار جديدة، وسوف تنجح إذا قابلت المخاطر بشجاعة. يمكنك الاعتماد على دعم زملائك في حالة نجاحك. كذلك يجب أن تُظْهِر بعض الصراحة في علاقتك. الأفكار غير العادية التي تراود شريكك قد تؤدي إلى فتح مسارات جديدة؛ كاشفة لجانب جديد تمامًا من ذاتك. إلا إنه يجب أن تظل متواضعًا، فالخط الذي يقع بين المُخاطرة والغرور رفيع للغاية.


·         Some people offer elaborate explanations when all that’s required is a simple answer. Such people feel a need to provide detailed information because they want to assist with understanding fully how or why something occurred. That would be fine if it wasn’t so boring and unnecessary. Give someone the answer they want and need now. Don’t feel a need to over-explain anything. It might be necessary to believe a point needs reiterating but have faith that it doesn’t.

·         In a case of perfect timing you have the Moon in your career sector, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp, you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground as Mars turns direct in your work sector today, bringing you to a major turning point in your professional year. This is the day that the tide turns and also the point where you can not only put some challenging months behind you, but start to use them as leverage.

·         You have a marvelous opportunity to make some serious money! You will have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for a solid idea with good investment potential. The project will likely be long term, and could involve a lot of work, but the payoff looks promising.

·         April 21 to April 30

Selfish tendency


You clash frequently with people, some might see you as selfish and seemingly avoid any conversation with you for no good reason. Both at work and home, you upset people with exaggerated displays of ego. Counter any unpleasantness by treating your counterparts with respect, taking their opinions seriously and remembering others have their needs too.


·         May 1st to May 10

Highly sensitive


Feeling fatigued and rather worn out, it’s difficult for other people to know exactly how to deal with you in your current mood. Avoid any undue stress and needles self-criticism , phases like this are normal and pass quickly, ask the people closest to you to be more considerate and understanding, avoid doing too much, instead set aside time for relaxation.


·         May 11 to May 20

Confronted with new ideas


Be sensible about new ideas and the risks involved. There is only a slight difference between a risk taker and someone who appears to be arrogant. Hold your nerve and you receive encouragement and support from those close to you. Unusual ideas suggested by your partner may supply the answers you need to reveal an entirely new side of yourself.


·         When we were young and hadn’t learned to walk yet, the prospect of walking appeared daunting. Adults who towered over us appeared to do it effortlessly. In truth, we didn’t know at the time that we were expected to walk at some point soon. Eventually, through trial and error, we learned to do so. Something is giving you cause for concern. You know a brave step must be taken in a particular area of your world. You can, however, trust that the learning curve will not be as steep as you believe it will be. Take it slowly and confidently. All really will be fine. 

·         As you move into the new week you’re in the final days of your birthday month and after last week’s wakeup calls you’re now ready to tie up loose ends or at least that should be the case. In reality, while it’s important to get as many options on the table as possible and have your eyes open when it comes to being true to yourself, you’re far from ready to make any firm choices, decisions and plans. 


For while the Sun will leave your sign on Wednesday, bringing your birthday month to an end, with Venus not returning until next week your heart has yet to have its say. Yes, you have your head around your options and an idea of what’s possible, but the defining question of what do you want from the future is yet to be addressed. What you will find is an increase in energy and enthusiasm. 



·         May 21 to May 31

المزيد من الدعم


اليوم تساعدك صراحتك في التعامل مع المواقف الصعبة في حياتك المهنية، حيث تتلقى دعمًا غير متوقع. تَقَبل ذلك، وحاول بناء علاقة أقرب مع المؤيدين لك. سوف تتلقى أيضًا بعض الدعم في حياتك الشخصية؛ استخدم هذا المناخ للتعامل مع الموضوعات التي تشغل بالك منذ فترة طويلة. إذا كنت لا تجد الحافز الكافي للوصول إلى الرشاقة في الوقت الحالي، حاول ممارسة الرياضة مع الأصدقاء – وسوف يصبح الموضوع أسهل.


·         June 1st to June 11

سلام داخلي


اليوم أنت متفق أخيرًا مع ذاتك، وهذا يتضح للآخرين من خلال سلوكك. في العمل، سوف يطلب منك الزملاء النصيحة، وكذلك الحال في حياتك الخاصة. تأكد من الاحتفاظ بالتوازن بين الأخذ والعطاء حتى تتمكن من الاستفادة من الصداقات. يجب أن تكون مهتمًا بذاتك بعض الشيء للحفاظ على هذا التوازن. قد يكون التأمل هو المدخل الصحيح.


·         June 12 to June 21

كن نشيطًا


صحتك الجسدية والعقلية في أحسن أحوالها، فلا تدع اللحظة تمر دون أن تسعى وراء أفكارك. سوف تكسب المؤيدين الذين يشاركوك في الأهداف ويمكنهم المضي قدمًا كفريق. هكذا تستطيع العمل اليوم بطريقة جيدة وتتقدم بشكل كبير لكي تصل في النهاية إلى أهدافك.


·         You don’t need much help or guidance, or as much as you think you do anyway. But some help or guidance would be undoubtedly be appreciated. The saying about not being able to see wood for trees definitely comes to mind now and it is perhaps your closeness to a situation that is causing the most confusion. Ignore what your eyes are telling you. What is your heart telling you now? A way forward doesn’t need to be dictated by what appears obvious.


·         There is a real push from fun, romantic, creative and adventurous forces today to challenge your excuses and to draw a new line in the sand. It’s not only that Mars turns direct in your romantic and creative sector, turning the tide and shifting the focus onto the future or the fact that adventurous lunar vibes create an opportunity to seize the moment, but pressure to ensure you’re not asleep at the wheel. That pressure is coming from Venus, who is challenging you to listen to and follow your heart.


·         You may be tempted to take the phone off the hook today. It seems to bring in more work and challenges than you really want to deal with. Paperwork may be challenging, and the commute is likely to be a pain. Leave home early in the morning so you get where you are going on time.

·         May 21 to May 31

Extra support


Openness in both your personal and professional life helps you deal with difficult situations and as a consequence you receive support from an unexpected source. Accept this and try to build a permanent connection with your supporters. Use your positive state of mind to address matters that have long been of concern and make some worthwhile progress.


·         June 1st to June 11

Natural success


You’re proficient and accomplished at whatever task you choose to undertake and you’re happy to take on more, which certainly pleases anyone you help. You do this in a way so people are pleased to share with you in your achievements and have no feelings of jealousy or resentment towards you. You may want to arrange a get together with your friends.


·         June 12 to June 21

Personal development


Your circumstances offer all kinds of opportunities to develop your ideas further, if in a group you take the lead easily. With personal issues don’t forget to consider your partners wishes, use this tendency to revive your relationship, others appreciate you more and are grateful. Reward yourself for your creative endeavors by taking a walk in the countryside.


·         In matrimonial proceedings, witnesses are sometimes requested to ‘speak now or forever hold their peace’.


 It would take courage for someone to speak their mind at that point because they would be aware of disruption and potential chaos they would cause through doing so. That’s why people choose to say or do nothing when they ought to do either or both. This week, you can, and ought to, speak your mind and not be so concerned about what upheaval doing so will bring. You have a valid point to make and can help someone enormously by doing so.


·         For two very different reasons you have reached a turning point in the year, with everything until now a practice run for what comes next. The first event is Mars’ direct turn on Tuesday, bringing you to a turning point where your heart and your romantic and creative passions kick back in, shifting your heart’s focus from the past to the road ahead. 


The timing couldn’t be better for it’s on Wednesday, during Mars’ first full day in direct motion and just as you’re ready to start looking to the future that the Sun returns to your sign, kicking off your birthday month and the start of a new solar year. This draws a firm line in the sand and whiles next week’s New Moon and your actual birthday will draw significant new lines in the sand, this is when the tide turns and the future begins.



·         June 22 to July 2

قوة الفريق


في الوقت الحالي، أنت تعمل بصورة جيدة من خلال الفريق، وأنت مستمتع بذلك أيضًا. حافظ على بيئة العمل الخلّاقة هذه لأن كلً منكم سوف يحقق أهدافه الشخصية أسرع إذا تكاتفتم معًا. حتى في حياتك الشخصية فسوف تشعر أكثر بالراحة في مجموعة عما إذا كنت وحدك. قد يساعدك هذا الشعور في التقدم في حياتك العاطفية والاستمتاع ببعض الرومانسية.

·         July 3 to July 12

كن نشيطًا


في الوقت الحالي، يبدو أن حجم المشكلات في تزايد، ولكن يجب أن لا تطغى المشكلات عليك. فقط عندما تواجه مشكلة واحدة تلو الأخرى سوف تبدأ في الشعور بالسعادة مرة أخرى. من الضروري أن تتصرف في الحال، وإلا فسوف تواجه تعقيدات أكثر. لا تخف من قبول المساعدة من الآخرين في حالة عرضها.

·         July 13 to July 22

اظهر مشاعرك


يمكنك اليوم العمل بشكل بنّاء من خلال الفريق، وهذا يعني أنك سوف تستطيع تطبيق أصعب الأفكار اليوم. سوف تتلقى دعمًا بشكل خاص من خلال العمل وكذلك حياتك الشخصية، أظهر حبك للآخرين بهدف تقوية العلاقات. قد تقابل اليوم حب حياتك، فافتح عينيك جيدًا!

·         There are many qualities that make people popular. Some of these are superficial. How they look, how much money they have or popular people they’re connected with are can make them attractive to others. If you’re not seeing evidence of your popularity increasing, then you will do soon. Trust it is based on others’ genuine desire to want to know and be with you for all the right reasons. All you need to keep doing is be yourself.


·         Mars’ direct turn in your home and family sector is going to have consequences in every aspect of your life and not just on the home front. This is the point where you’re able to finally put some challenging months behind you, but because Mars is the planet that governs our drives, fighting spirit, passion and call for action, this is the point where you’ll find your enthusiasm for life kick back in.


·         You have an intuition about an elder family member. You must go and speak to them, take action on their behalf, or find some way you can help them. Your generosity and good will can work wonders right now. A little home improvement chore will make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

·         June 22 to July 2

Unsettled phase


Your friends and your work colleagues find you irritating and are easily provoked by your attempts at being aggressive. All this stems from the inner turmoil you feel but don’t be too disappointed if some things go wrong, instead put off big plans until you regain your equilibrium and trust in the positive influence of your partner or someone close to you.


·         July 3 to July 12

Emotional feelings


Feeling rather confused, you experience many different emotions you find increasingly difficult to make any sense of. Overly emotional, finding fault with everyone and anything except yourself, if you do not accept any responsibility, you’re likely to undermine the relationships you have with the people you care about most. Alternatively, let it all go.


·         July 13 to July 22

Control irritability


You tend to be nervous and make others restless too, as a result they find it difficult to deal with you and you become increasingly more disgruntled. Accept that you have responsibilities to live up to that need to be approached calmly, with composure, making sure you don’t upset those closest to you and at the same time don’t cause needless arguments.

·         Our belief that we can’t achieve something sometimes stems from a separate belief that we don’t deserve whatever-it-is or simply don’t possess the energy needed to make it happen. You’re being encouraged now to assess how much time, energy and possibly expense will be required to progress an ongoing plan. It might appear there is only one last gasp of breath left in it but you’re about to be surprised how much life remains and how appropriate it is you pursue it. The cosmos is simply trying to ensure any investment of effort is channeled properly and fairly.


·         With Venus spending her last full week in your career sector and Mars turning direct in your home and family sector on Tuesday you have a busy week on your hands, making it important to learn from the work/life balance issues of the past. Yet just when things are starting to come together on so many fronts this is when you’re likely to feel the wind go out of your sails or the air from your balloon, especially from midweek. It may even feel like you’re suddenly running on empty, so great is the need to put out the ‘do not disturb’ sign and tell the rest of the world to go away. Don’t be alarmed for nothing’s wrong. The Sun’s return to a reflective part of your chart on Wednesday begins the month long wind down and review of your old solar year, as is the case at this time each year. 



·         July 23 to August 2

تقوية المعارف


يمكنك اليوم تبني موقفًا مؤيدًا لتقوية الروابط الأسرية، وسوف تتقبل عائلتك ذلك بسعادة وسوف تدعمك بشدة في خططك. هذا التعزيز في العلاقات سوف يستمر أيضًا في حياتك العاطفية. قد تتقرب من شخص محدد، قد ينتج عن ذلك علاقة طويلة المدى.


·         August 3 to August 13

وازن الأمور


لا يبدو أن جبال المشكلات والاضطرابات اليومية في طريقها إلى التلاشي. كن حازمًا وحاول استعادة رأيك فيما هو مهم، وإلا قد تعاني من انتكاسات دائمة. وازن الأمور بعناية، وفكر في الأهداف التي تريد تحقيقها عن جد وتلك التي يجب التغاضي عنها. إذا استطعت تنفيذ ذلك، فسوف تجد أيضًا أن الحلول أصبحت أسهل.


·         August 14 to August 23

بدون حظ


لا يبدو أن الأشياء تسير بصورة جيدة اليوم، فلديك أيضًا مشكلة في التركيز على المهام اليومية. على الرغم من صعوبة تحفيز ذاتك، لا تخفض رأسك في يأس. إذا قمت بأفضل ما عندك فسوف تحصل على بعض النجاحات المحدودة، إلا أنه لا يجب أن تتوقع الكثير. عندما تستعيد هدوئك وتصبح أكثر ثقة، سوف تتحسن الأمور


·         If someone nods in agreement, then we’ve reason to believe they understand or agree with us. It’s only when we feel a need to reiterate a point in order to be certain of this that we push a bit harder to make sure we really are being understood. Someone appears to have agreed with you in some way yet their actions are showing otherwise. It might appear you’re returning to Square One by entering into a discussion all over again, but this time, it will be different.


·         In a case of either perfect timing or queue jumping, your relationships manage to benefit from Mars’ direct turn in your communication sector today thanks to the Moon’s arrival. With no planetary activity in your relationship sector they weren’t even on Mars’ radar, yet the Moon’s arrival and the emotional and intuitive responses this triggers will see your relationships benefit from the turnaround and/or breakthrough now possible.


·         You will be looking for ways to enjoy yourself in your coming time off, and will find that movies and music are your most gratifying choices. Be open minded about the new music that your children or younger people in your social circle are listening to.

·         July 23 to August 2

Strengthen contacts


Making plans for the future, you adopt a position that increases the strengthening of family ties, your relations happily accept this and support you firmly in your plans. The consolidation of personal relationships continues in your love life. You get really close to a certain someone, and a long-lasting bond results from the well-meaning advances you make.


·         August 3 to August 13

Avoid misunderstandings


It’s difficult to avoid misunderstandings. Unusually eager to push yourself forward this is misinterpreted and taken the wrong way, especially with regard to any overly familiar advances you make. Resist this urge and instead demonstrate necessary restraint and appreciation for the people you encounter and the type of situation in which you find yourself.


·         August 14 to August 23

Appetite for life


Don’t think too much, instead imagine you’re stuck and you can only extricate yourself by making an energetic jump. As you do, momentous and enjoyable outcomes result. Other people prefer your warmth and understanding ways to a cool-headed approach and return this warmth. Be careful not to get engulfed by your overly passionate appetite for life.  

·         Some people are experts at saying much but actually say very little. Others can spend half an hour explaining how to put a postage stamp on a letter. It’s easy to become frustrated with those whom we simply want a straight answer from. This week, you could find yourself increasingly frustrated with someone who consistently fails to grasp a simple point you’re trying to make. It’s ‘make or break’ time. They need to know you won’t keep trying or hang around waiting forever for them to get the point. However, don’t be too quick to give up yet.


·         If you’re going to keep your professional hat on it needs to be in the early days of the week. As you move into the new week you have the Moon in your work sector, wrapping up a visit that began over the weekend. As well as a chance to move into the new week with your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, with the Sun in his final days in your career sector this is a chance to gain some real professional perspective. However, with the Moon leaving your work sector on Monday and the Sun your career sector on Wednesday, this is when you’ll have a chance to focus on life’s other distractions. Things won’t go off the boil for Venus’ return next week will kick off the best professional weeks of the year. In the meantime social and adventurous forces need to be embraced.


 The Sun’s return to a reflective part of your chart on Wednesday begins the month long wind down and review of your old solar year, as is the case at this time each year.




·         August 24 to September 3

·         توقعات غير واقعية


·         لا تصاب بخيبة أمل كبيرة مع سير مجريات الأمور اليوم، فعلى الرغم من خططك، فإنك لن تتمكن من إنجاز الكثير. قاوم الرغبة في لوم الآخرين إذا سارت الأمور ضد رغبتك. توقعاتك غير الواقعية قد تصيبك بخيبة الأمل. على أية حال، لا تيأس، ولكن استغل الفرص التي لا تزال معروضة. بدلاً من تنفيذ كل شيء بالقوة، واجه الأشياء بشيء من التواضع.


·         September 4 to September 13

·         قلب خالي من الهموم


·         سوف يكون لديك سببًا جيدًا لكي تفرح، وتكون مستريحًا مع العالم من حولك وفي مزاج مناسب للاحتفال بهذا الإحساس. جميع المقابلات، سواء مع زملاء العمل أو العائلة، سوف تكون مجدية للغاية. لكن لا تتمادى في ذلك، وفكر في هذا اليوم على أنه هدية واظهر امتنانك من خلال المعاملة اللطيفة لمن هم حولك.


·         September 14 to September 23

·         عفوية


·         هدوءك وثقتك يمنحاك مصدرًا طبيعيًا للحيوية، فأنت مفعم بالحيوية وحتى أصعب الظروف لن تمثل أية عواقب بالنسبة لك. تستطيع الانغماس في الحياة بدون تردد. استعد لشيء خاص، وذلك لأن المحيطين بك مبهورون بك. إذا أردت البدء في مشروعات جديدة، لن يكون لديك نقص في عدد المؤيدين.


·         Is there something about your current situation that makes sense? Or are you wondering how recent events have led to where you are now? In some ways, dwelling on all that has happened is irrelevant. It’s the fact that you are where you are that matters. If you’re not yet seeing evidence of the stronger and more potentially fulfilling position you’re in now, then you will do soon. All it will take from you is willingness to accept the worst of a tense scenario is over.


·         In a case of perfect timing, just a day before the Sun is due to return to your career sector and just as Mars turns direct in your income sector the Moon has returned to your work sector. This will not only ensure you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, but through your emotional and intuitive responses you’re able to put your income, work and career objectives on the same page, getting a real sense that the tide really is turning.

·         Alternative healthcare options could bring help and healing into your life. You may particularly find comfort by letting go of the “musts” and “shoulds” you have been beating yourself up with lately. Acupuncture, homeopathy, or an intuitive consultation could help.

·         August 24 to September 3

·         Unrealistic expectations


·         Don’t be too disappointed with how events turn out. Despite your plans, you’re unlikely to be able to make a great deal of progress and if things don’t go your way, resist the temptation to blame others. Unrealistic expectations leave you feeling disappointed, don’t give up, take advantage of opportunities on offer. Instead of force, tackle things modestly.

·         September 4 to September 13

·         Seek quietness


·         Feeling tense, don’t unleash any of your bad feelings against your partner or you may come to regret such an outburst. You may have to wrestle to control your temper, remember that the people you know are certainly not deliberately trying to get on your nerves. Treat yourself to some quiet downtime to help you get through this rather testing phase.

·         September 14 to September 23

·         Directness


·         In any other circumstances, the clarity of your thoughts and words might lead to your plans being carried out more quickly. In reality this turns out to be self-defeating, as others find your direct manner offensive, and they challenge you. Choose your words with care and to be diplomatic. A verbal dispute wastes your time and uses up all your energy.


·         Investors talk sometimes about preferring to have ‘a small percentage of something than one hundred per cent of nothing’. Goal-setting people know that if they aim at nothing, they’ll hit it. Effort you’re making in a particular area is bringing a result, but much smaller than you’d prefer yet you know doing nothing isn’t an option. This week, you will recognize what you have that appears small or insignificant has potential to become something much bigger and better. You have all you need to build upon a certain plan. Don’t succumb to the need to find more.


·         While Venus’ last full week in your financial sector means there’s a need to keep your money hat on and even more so with Mars turning direct in your income sector on Tuesday, this is more a case of letting things unfold naturally. Venus is focused on cementing your financial desires and expectations, while Mars’ direct turn marks a major turning point for income matters and the timing couldn’t be better. The Moon’s return to your work sector on Monday and position here until Thursday, not only means that you’ll have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground when the tide turns on the income front, but when the Sun returns to your career sector on Wednesday. From out of nowhere income, work and career matters come together to create a stunning week on all three fronts. 



·         September 24 to October 3

·         طاقة


·         أنت مفعم بالحيوية والشجاعة، ولن تجد ظروفًا أفضل لتنفيذ طموحاتك. لكن تقدم بحذر، لأنه يمكن أن تفقد التركيز بسهولة من خلال التفاصيل المعقدة التي قد تبدو شيقة للغاية. تأكد من الاقتراب من الأشياء بطريقة عاقلة وحساسة وركز في الجوانب الرئيسية ولن تضطر إلى انتظار النجاح كثيرًا.


·         October 4 to October 13

·         حمل ثقيل


·         أنت تحمل حملاً ثقيلاً من المشكلات؛ ابدأ بتخفيف الأثقال عن كاهلك، وإلا فسوف تستمر المصاعب في الزيادة. يجب أن تصل إلى استراتيجية في التعامل مع التحديات المهنية والخاصة بدون إضاعة الكثير من الطاقة في نفس الوقت. لكن لا تضيع الكثير من الوقت في التفكير. فكل يوم يمر هو يوم مفقود من العمر. لقد حان الوقت لمواجهة الأمور مباشرةً دون تأجيل.


·         October 14 to October 23

·         تحديات


·         عن قريب، ستواجه تحديات وعراقيل صعبة. قد يتواجد من يعمل ضدك أو يسبب مضايقات بتواجده بالمكان، وذلك سعيًا للإخلال بتوازنك. بالتالي يجب الأخذ بعين الاعتبار أقل تأثير سلبي قد يكون لتلك العوائق العابرة على مسار حياتك في حالة ما اذا قررت تجاهلها بكل بساطة.


·         It’s interesting how certain people are looking toward you for answers or support. It’s also interesting how you’re looking toward the same people for both. There’s something you need to do that you’re unable to do entirely on your own. A desired outcome relies on you and at least one other person collaborating in some way. As much as you might wish you could, singlehandedly, make something happen, allow those who want to help you to do so.


·         Your world, your experiences and the tone of the year itself turns today and everything shifts. This is all to do with the fact that Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos not only turns direct in your sign today, but comes out of the funk that he has been in and has washed over you. While it will take several weeks for Mars’ warrior spirit to really start pumping through your veins today, this is the day that your fighting spirit comes out of hibernation.


·         Important relationships are changing but today you find that there are benefits in change you did not anticipate. You find that there are lucky breaks and fortunate intuitions that lead you to a better understanding of those closest to your heart.

·         September 24 to October 3

·         Energetic


·         Full of energy and courage, you need not ask for better conditions to achieve your ambitions. Proceed with caution as you easily get side-tracked by intricate details that appear to be interesting and distract you. Approach things in a level-headed and sensible way and avoid taking too long to reach a successful outcome by concentrating on important tasks.

·         October 4 to October 13

·         Personal happiness


·         You feel self-assured and confident, many aspects of your personal life run smoothly and the friendships that maintain your good mood are important to you. Given the added responsibility of important tasks occupying more of your time, it’s important for you to avoid any neglect of your partner, they contribute much to your overall welfare and happiness.

·         October 14 to October 23

·         Extraordinary clarity


·         Your ability to understand any situation is good and you’re able to undertake any sort of mental task. Equally, you’re communicating without any difficulty, possible negotiations or similar conversations turn out to be successful. You also find your general level of curiosity is heightened and you’re keen to acquire knowledge and learn as much as you can.


·         Sometimes, knowing when to stop is as important as embarking upon completing the task itself. When we become focused on getting a result, we sometimes fail to recognize when it might be appropriate to stop and take stock of what effort invested already might bring. As tempted as you might be this week to keep giving time and effort toward a particular cause, consider that you might have done already enough to produce a pleasing, delightful and well-deserved result. Have faith in the fact that your recent support of someone or something isn’t going to go unnoticed.


·         There are a lot of different dynamics in play this week, which is likely to see you wearing many different hats, this time for all the right reasons. As Venus, planet of love spends her last full week in your relationship sector the Moon’s position in your romantic sector midweek is going to make matters of the heart a priority, while bringing some much needed romantic sentiment into play. 


At the same time Mars’ direct turn in your sign on Tuesday brings you to a major turning point in your year, a point where you’re finally able to feel that you’ve got your power back. This could be so profound as to be life or game changing. It’s been over 3 decades since Mars has spent so long in retrograde motion in your sign and you won’t appreciate how much this has dragged you down until it’s over.



·         October 24 to November 2



اعتني بصحتك، فقد تشعر بالإرهاق والاضطراب اليوم، حيث هناك بشائر بمصاعب وشيكة الحدوث في الأفق. تعلم كيفية مواجهتها بالصبر والتركيز في تحقيق توازن داخلي وكبح رغبتك في إحراز تقدمًا مهما كلف الأمر. بدلاً من حرق تلك الطاقة ظاهريًا، استخدمها لتحقيق نوع من السلام الداخلي، فتكون هذه الفترة أقل إرهاقًا. قد تجد أن نتائج تلك الأمور مقبول وغير المتوقع لها.


·         November 3 to November 12

ضعف اللياقة


لا تندهش اذا شعرت اليوم بأنك متوعك الصحة، سيء المزاج ومشوش. يفضل أن ترى ما الخطب والاعتناء ببدنك. ستعيش فترات تملؤها الحيوية والارتخاء. لا تسمح بانعكاس عدم رضاك أمام الآخرين خاصة في العاملين بالمصالح العامة أو أمام رؤسائك، لأن هذه الفترة ليست بالوقت المناسب للدخول في مجادلات ونزاعات.


·         November 13 to November 22

حماس ونشاط مفعم ممزوج بفتور العزيمة وإحباط


تتأرجح اليوم بين الحماس والنشاط المفعم وبين فتور العزيمة والإحباط أكثر من المعتاد. حاول تذكر الماضي، فسوف تتيقن أن ما يبدو اليوم معقد جدًا، لن يكون له أهمية تمامًا عن قريب، ويساعدك هذا أيضًا في تقدير الأمور والصعوبات نسبيًا. هذا ما سيجعلك في وفاق مع ذاتك ومع محيطك وسيحقن جو المعارضة من حولك.


·         Our sense of adventure is often driven by how we’re feeling. If we’re negative, then the last thing we want to consider is something that takes us out of a comfort zone. As your ruler continues to move backward, there can be much to be said for ‘playing it safe’. This is likely to involve you focusing on what you know to be tried and tested or ground where you know where you safely stand. Focus on what can be consolidated and you can make something special happen.


·         While your imagination is likely to be just as active there is a real shift today, one that shifts your attention from the rear view mirror to the road ahead. While Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos is still just over 2 months away from returning to your sign, this is the point where he does a U turn and instead of moving away from your sign turns back and starts moving towards you. This is the point where the future starts demanding your attention.


·         Someone from your family will help you regain your balance with some wise advice. You are not quite sure what to do with a relative or loved one who is not taking care of their health the way they should. It may be there is nothing that you can do right now.

·         October 24 to November 2

·         Mood swings


·         You find that your mood fluctuates more than normal, you’re easily irritated and find it difficult to put up with the whims of others. Regardless of the way you’re behaving, problems with your love life become apparent for reasons you find difficult to understand. Address any existing tensions between you in order to relieve the stress and take it easy!

·         November 3 to November 12

·         Strains and tensions


·         You feel edgy and anxious with your partner and life is not running smoothly. Feeling uncomfortable with this situation you get worked up over the smallest of incidents. Don’t upset your partner over something trivial, you regret this later and realize how foolish you have been. Avoid any arguments; don’t let the feelings you have knock you off balance.

·         November 13 to November 22

·         Boldness and restraint


·         More frequently than you expect, you find it difficult to decide between acting confidently and showing some restraint. Reflecting on the past helps you appreciate the relative merits of any difficulties. Identifying some as insignificant, you are more at ease with your situation and consequently experience far less resistance from people you live closely with.


·         When did the first public relations people appear? I guess it could be argued they had their place before Biblical times and famous composers required some form of profile-raising activity hundreds of years ago to fill concert halls. I mention this because you appear to be attracting considerable attention from certain individuals who recognize what you can offer them. This week, let this deserved attention continue finding its way to you. You need only be yourself for it to do so. Expect, in some way, recognition of a particular talent – and not before time!


·         Make the most of the Moon’s position in your communication sector in the early hours of the week, for wrapping up a visit that began over the weekend this is giving you a chance to make the most of the Sun’s final few days in your relationship sector. The Sun, making his annual visit to your relationship sector, had a tough week last week, first thanks to an opposition with Saturn that demanded both personal and relationship authenticity and then from last Thursday’s Full Moon. Due to leave your relationship sector on Wednesday, shifting the focus onto money matters, the Sun is working with the Moon in the early hours of the week to ensure the communication lines are open. Don’t be surprised if this when you feel spent, having nothing left to give yourself, let alone everyone else. 


·         November 23 to December 1st

·         حيوية مفعمة وغضب بلا رابط

·         طاقتك مشحونة بالكامل وممتلئة بالحماس، لكن للأسف قد تنفلت هذه الطاقة بدون سابق إنذار وتظهر في نوبات من الغضب والغطرسة والعدوانية فيلحق بك وبالآخرين الضرر. لهذا، عليك في الوقت الحالي تجنب النزاعات والبحث عن الحلول الوسطى وأن تكون متعاونًا.

·         December 2 to December 11

·         مشاكل غير متوقعة

·         يـُتنبأ باقتراب وقوع مشاكل غير متوقعة وتحفيزك على حلها أصعب من المعتاد، فلا تيأس وأعثر على بدائل. تساءل أيضًا إلى أي درجة ستأثر تلك المشاكل سلبيًا عليك شخصيًا. من الأفضل الانتظار والسماح بأن تجد المشاكل طريقها إلى الحل بمفردها.

·         December 12 to December 21

·         جرب أشياء جديدة ومختلفة

·         لأول مرة خانتك الأنماط السلوكية الاعتيادية الخاصة بك ووضعتك في مواقف حرجة. استراتيجية الحلول التي تنتهجها في المعتاد لا تحسن من الأمور، مهما حاولت مرارًا وتكرارًا. كنوع من التغيير، حاول التخلي عن تلك الأنماط الاعتيادية واتخذ منهجًا جديدًا! القيام بتغيير حاسم سيكون المخرج للمواقف والمشاكل المستعصية.

·         Are we ‘steered’ certain directions sometimes? The answer is, yes. We undoubtedly are pushed, sometimes gently, sometimes not, toward certain directions that lead to new situations. Something similar is happening to you now. You can probably sense it. There’s something you must do. There is a task you must fulfill. That’s why you’re being helped to sort out whatever it is and must trust that encouragement you’re receiving is happening to help you.

·         As the Sun spends his last full day in your work sector it’s important to keep your eyes open, head out of the sand and not only focus more on working smarter, but ensuring the communication lines are open. While this is the last day of your annual month long review of your work situation, matters and options, with Venus not returning to bring things home for another 9 days you’re still in a phase that is more about putting as many options on the table as possible.

·         You might have to cancel that trip or vacation you were thinking about yesterday, and the most likely cause is the schedule at work. You may be asked to put aside personal goals in order to sacrifice for the “good of the team”. All well and good if you truly feel it is worth it …

·         November 23 to December 1st

·         Uncontrollable

·         Using your irrepressible drive, it’s easy to get your way without much consideration for the welfare of people who are reliant on you. Your energy and enthusiasm manifest as bouts of arrogance and aggression and you need to be far more cooperative, avoid any needless confrontations or disputes and be of extra help towards those people in need of support.

·         December 2 to December 11

·         Cooperation

·         Nothing stands in your way, cooperating with others seemingly helps most of your group activities turn out to be very rewarding. You’re able to encourage others and make progress with any project without too many hitches. All this goes a long way to creating bonds of trust that last a long way into the future and help you through less advantageous times.

·         December 12 to December 21

·         Differences of opinion

·         No one seems to agree with you, it’s obvious you’re the one that’s right, but it’s advisable in this case to hold back if you can, as long as this doesn’t have any adverse consequences, otherwise things get out of control. Eventually they see their error for themselves and come round to your point of view without losing face, next time they’re inclined to listen.

·         In what way does someone need to be shown ‘the way’? What’s obvious to you probably isn’t obvious to someone else and therein lies your frustration. As easy as you might believe it to be to hold someone’s hand and ask that they simply follow you or your suggestions, are you really helping someone by doing so? This week, give someone a chance to see what you already know to be obvious. It might take some time, but the sky insists they will get there eventually. Be willing to lead, but only to a point.

·         It has been a trend over the last few weeks that the Moon seems to show up at the right place at the right time and that’s especially so this week. As you move into the new week the Moon is in your income sector, giving you a nose for money in the Sun’s final days in your work sector. With that job done the Moon will return to your communication sector where until Thursday this will give you a chance to give your emotional and intuitive responses a voice and a chance to ensure the communication lines are open. Once again the timing couldn’t be better, for it’s while the Moon is in your communication sector that the Sun will return to your relationship sector on Wednesday, beginning your annual relationship review. You even have Mercury on board working to keep the communication lines open. 



·         December 22 to December 31

أوقات ممتعة


أنت أنسان مرن وتتقبل التغيير، كما أنك تمر بفترة سلسة، فكل ما تقوم به لا يتطلب مجهود من قبلك ونتيجته جيدة. انتفع من هذه الأوقات الممتعة للتقدم في تحقيق أحلامك وطموحاتك! مع ذلك، يجب اتخاذ الحذر من تحمل عبء القيام بعدد كبير من الأعمال دفعة واحدة ، فتجد نفسك مُحمل بما لا طاقة لك به عندما تتغير الأمور ولا تسير كما توقعت.


·         January 1st to January 10

ظروف مناوئة


العديد من الأشياء لا تسير كما ينبغي، فتواجه عراقيل أينما توجهت ويبدو أن الجميع يعمل ضدك. حاول أن تتريث أمام تلك الظروف التي يبدو أنها مناوئة وتعامل معها كونها تحديات. إذا جرت الأمور على غير المتوقع، قد تكون النتائج في نهاية المطاف إيجابية كغير المتوقع. كل تجربة تمر بها تجعل من مسار حياتك ممتع ومفيد.


·         January 11 to January 20

تزايد الثقة بالنفس


كل ما تقوم بعمله حاليًا يتم على الفور وعلى أكمل وجه. كل شخص تتعامل معه من أصدقاء أو معارف أو زملاء بالعمل معجبون بحماسك وموهبتك في التعامل مع الأمور من الجانب الجيد وقدرتك على أداء كل شيء بكفاءة، مما يزيد من ثقتك بنفسك بدرجة عالية. احرص على تبادل هذا الإعجاب بنفس القدر وأن لا تنتابك النرجسية، فمتى ساءت الأمور وصارت بالعكس ، فإنك ستحتاج إلى ذلك الدعم والمعاملة.


·         We’re taught from young ages that life involves accept there are some things we must do that we won’t enjoy. Even when we know we must do something that will bring tension, uncertainty or change, we sometimes find reasons to delay the task. That’s natural. Few people willingly allow themselves to enter discomfort zones. You though, now have a choice. You don’t need to be as quick to enter a particular discomfort zone as you might feel pressured into entering now.


·         Having the Moon in your income sector as Mars turns direct in your career sector today will ensure that you have a nose for money as the tide turns on your professional year. This marks the point where you’re able to not only turn your back on some challenging months but appreciate the leverage this has created. Yet while this begins a major professional comeback and turnaround there is a call to pace yourself, refusing to forget the work/life balance lessons of the past.


·         You may be hearing some good news about a bonus, raise, promotion or job offer shortly. It may seem kind of last-minute, but plans have been in the works for a while now. Keep the phone lines open – good money news and good career opportunities are heading your way.

·         December 22 to December 31

·         Unrealistic goals


·         Your normally go-getting ways aren’t particularly realistic. On other occasions they may be appropriate, but you’re inclined to put off strenuous activities and let your time pass idly by. With such an indifferent attitude you’re unlikely to feel very satisfied and unsurprisingly your attempts to find gratification lead to some less than pleasant consequences.

·         January 1st to January 10

·         Unreliability


·         Acting rashly and in a spontaneous way has a rather adverse effect on your situation. You’re likely to forget agreements you’ve previously made and may turn up late for your appointments. Unreliability causes your relationship to suffer, especially if you’re attracted to others, rein in these feeling and see what develops first – before doing anything rash!

·         January 11 to Jaunary 20

·         Self-confidence


·         Whatever you take on seems to work out well and everyone you come into contact with admires the enthusiasm and expertise you show, giving a welcome a boost to your self-confidence. Make sure you respect those who admire you and don’t behave in an egotistical way, you may still need their continuing support if things not turn out as expected.


·         Even when we have reached a mutually agreeable decision with someone, there is always scope to improve upon it, even slightly. This week, something between you and a certain person or organization gets discussed and agreed. This is likely to culminate with closure surrounding a plan or project that has occupied much of your time of late. A fresh start with a new level of agreement is about to commence and looks set to last for a long time to come. That’s why it’s important you make an effort to see how much positivity it truly offers.


·         While Venus’ last full week in your home and family sector will keep you grounded, with pleasure from things close to home, this is the week where life is set to get a lot busier and when the work/life balance lessons of the past will prove their worth and especially as the turnaround is likely to be abrupt. It begins with Mars’ direct turn in your career sector on Tuesday, which not only ends his longest retrograde phase here in 3 decades, but creates a major turning point in your professional year. It’s during Mars’ first full day in direct motion that the Sun’s return to your work sector on Wednesday will cement that turnaround, marking the start of the most important professional months of the year. This is an important week for communication, friendship and relationship building.



·         You could be stressing about a simple misunderstanding that has created an awkward situation. Paradoxically, the more you try to make it right, the worse it becomes. Instead of fixing anything in your outer world today, the solution may be easier to find if you simply alter your own frame of reference. Everything changes when you change your mind.

·         Passion, romance, and unexpected changes color your world today. An unforeseen trip may be necessary, or a last minute invitation could be extended. You’re longing for excitement, which is fine, as long as you exercise a bit of discipline and don’t let self-indulgent tendencies get the better of you.

·         January 21 to January 30

·         مواصلة المسار ومتابعة الأهداف


·         بسبب الظروف المتغيرة، يبدو أن هدفك خارج السيطرة من جديد. لا يجب أن ينتابك اليأس والإحباط؛ ابدأ بإعادة التفكير في الموقف بتمعن. قد يكون مجرد انطباع ويمكن جعل الخسارة في أضيق الحدود باتخاذ الإجراءات المناسبة. اذا لم يكن هذا هو الوضع، فتذكر إن مخطط الرحلة غايتك في حد ذاته.


·         January 31 to February 9

·         اقتصد في مواردك


·         تتزايد المشاكل التي تصادفها في مسارك، ولذلك احرص على عدم نفاذ مواردك البدنية والنفسية. تأنَ في تحديد المشاكل التي تمثل حقًا إعاقة في مسارك وتستحق التفكير فيها وتكريس طاقتك في مواجهتها. في هذا الشأن، إن إساءة تقدير الأشياء قد يؤدي بكل سهولة إلى مشاكل صحية.


·         February 10 to February 19

·         تخطي العقبات


·         على الرغم من أن كل شيء كان يسير بسلاسة من قبل، يقف شيء أو شخص ما في طريقك الآن. حدد مقدار القوة التي تحتاجها للتغلب على هذه العقبات أو ما إذا كان من الأفضل تجاهلها ببساطة. الآن يجب أن تستخدم قوتك بحكمة؛ لا تسمح لنفسك بأن تتعطل أو تتحول بسبب موضوعات صغيرة. لا تسيء استخدام طاقتك وقدرتك على الاحتمال بحيث لا يكون لها تأثير.


·         There are people in this world who want us to agree with them. They want no resistance from us because it makes their life a bit harder. They believe that, as long as we do as they tell us, all will be fine. Sometimes though, these people discover that they must deal with opposition and resistance. Someone who thinks you were an easy target is about to discover otherwise. You don’t need to adopt an aggressive stance, just a firm and fair one.


·         The Sun’s last full day in your home and family sector is a chance to look at home and family matters objectively, but in a way that leaves the door open to a change of heart and for you to decide what you really want. Every aspect of your life is set to be influenced by Mars’ direct turn in an adventurous part of your chart, not only reminding you that it’s all about the journey but getting you excited about what lies around the next corner.


·         A friendship is developing in new and important ways. You may share a moment of insight, or take time together to explore shared spiritual interests. Meditating or praying together could bring you closer and open up new ways for you to understand one another.

·         January 21 to January 30

·         Increased activity


·         You feel impatient, on edge, unable to relax, it’s particularly difficult to find any peace. If you’re normally calm and well-balanced this is the stimulation you need to put plans you have been thinking about for a long time into action. With such an enterprising attitude you may be overstretched, if you feel on edge, allow yourself the peace you need.

·         January 31 to February 9

·         Positive attitude to life


·         Your positive attitude to life is infectious, you create an agreeable atmosphere that’s enjoyed by everybody and used to mutual advantage. You’re able to smooth over any emotional concerns within your relationships with the added benefit of creating a solid foundation, which enables you to confidently face any challenges you’re likely to encounter in future.

·         February 10 to February 19

·         Hurdle obstacles


·         Something or someone is standing in your way. You need to work out exactly what is required from you to overcome these obstacles or whether it’s advisable to simply avoid them altogether. Use your abilities wisely and don’t allow yourself to be held up or distracted by inconsequential issues or be lead into anything that limits your ability to proceed.


·         When looking at what we’d like to change, we need to be realistic. We risk wasting time and effort trying to change what can’t be changed, no matter how hard we wish it could be changed. We need to focus on what can be changed or learn to accept what can’t be altered. This week, as much as you wish there was more you could do to change a situation, your time will be better spent repairing it rather than investing effort in a process you have little or no control over. That process is unfolding in its own way and time. Have faith that you’ll know more soon enough.

·         Life becomes a lot more fun and vibrant this week and it’s a theme that is set to continue and grow over the coming weeks and it’s also a week where a passion for adventure and a hunger for life’s richer experiences is set to return. However, it comes just as things are starting to move professionally and especially on the work front, with having a balance between work and play essential. It’s the Sun’s return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Wednesday that not so much puts the focus onto matters of the heart, but cements it and gives what was already there validation. This comes just as Mars’ direct turn in an adventurous part of your chart declares war on all things routine. This comes just as you’re starting to regain your professional stride.




·         February 20 to March 1st

·         في صلابة الصخرة


·         بما أنك الآن تنضح بهالة خاصة من القوة والاستقرار، فإن الناس سوف يلجئون إليك من أجل المساعدة والدعم. حاول استخدام طاقتك في مساعدة الآخرين، حيث أنهم سوف يردون الجميل بالتأكيد في المرة القادمة التي تحتاج فيها إلى مساعدة. لكن حاول ألا تغفل عن أهدافك لأنك الآن تملك القوة اللازمة لتحقيقها.


·         March 2 to March 10

·         لقاءات


·         الوقت مناسب جدًا لجميع العلاقات الشخصية، سواء كانت جديدة أو قديمة. سوف تجد عمليات التواصل مع من حولك ملهمة وغنية لأفكارك الخاصة. لكن يجب ألا تفكر فقط في المزايا التي يجلبها لك هؤلاء المعارف، وحاول التفاعل أيضًا على المستوى العاطفي، وإلا فسوف تكون مدة الاستفادة والتناغم قصيرة.


·         March 11 to March 20

·         القوة والصحة


·         تشعر بالراحة التامة فيما يخص ذاتك والأمور التي تقوم بها، ويظهر عليك هذا الجو وينتقل إلى من هم قريبين منك. استغل الفرصة الآن للتواصل مع أشخاص بنفس العقلية. اكمل خططك بأفكار الآخرين وابدأ في العمل بطاقة مركزة، فما كان يبدو غير متاح قد أصبح الآن في متناول يدك.


·         Quitting is an easy option. Walking away is always easier too, compared to the alternative that surrounds a need to think, weigh up, assess or even dissect it. The latter requires a need to want whatever it is, hence the need to make a thought-through decision. Do you walk away from a confusing and uncertain situation? Or do you consider what you’d lose from doing so? You’re in a much stronger position than you might realize. Don’t quit now while the upper hand it yours.


·         With the Moon in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart your natural sixth sense is heightened today, giving you an intuitive read on everything. This will be especially helpful on the financial front, with today’s lunar vibes sharing a special link with Mars as he turns direct in your financial sector today. Chances are you will sense rather than see by any tangible measure that this is the day that the tide turns.


·         You may find that your subconscious mind is a huge asset today. Listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you about your loved ones, relatives and neighbors? Who needs help, advice or mentoring? You can make a huge difference in their lives.


·         February 20 to March 1st

·         Remaining patient


·         If involved in unfriendly discussions, keep a cool head, otherwise you endanger your career plans with careless words. Genuine patience is necessary, as needless confusion continues in your personal life, hold back and behave impartially, not in a biased or in any way hostile manner. Relieve the tension you feel with fun activities, let go of any aggression.


·         March 2 to March 10

·         Agreement


·         The hectic pace of recent events slows down and provides you with a good opportunity to improve your relationships. Your relaxed manner makes you popular and potential partners react positively towards you. Physically you feel even stronger and are able to take part in new recreational activities and importantly spend time with like-minded people.


·         March 11 to March 20

·         React calmly


·         React calmly to any gibes or provocation you receive from others. If you feel deceived, take extra care when choosing who to confide in. You place far too much emphasis on any adverse comments and overreact to slightest criticism. Deal only with those who don’t take your mood too seriously and are used to your conduct. Resting makes you feel better.


·         When looking at what we’d like to change, we need to be realistic. We risk wasting time and effort trying to change what can’t be changed, no matter how hard we wish it could be changed. We need to focus on what can be changed or learn to accept what can’t be altered. This week, as much as you wish there was more you could do to change a situation, your time will be better spent repairing it rather than investing effort in a process you have little or no control over. That process is unfolding in its own way and time. Have faith that you’ll know more soon enough.


·         As has been the case for several months now, the focus is on money matters this week, except this time around for all the right reasons. With Venus spending her last full week in your income sector she’s not only boosting your confidence and a sense of entitlement, but will be triggering the laws of attraction as well. At the same time, Mars’ direct turn in your financial sector on Tuesday marks an important turning point in your financial year, one where your focus not only shifts from the past, but the handbrake is released and your financial passions and fighting spirit kick back in with a vengeance. At the same time home and family matters become a lot more important, at the same time that matters of the heart and a sense of adventure are working to get your attention.

Use your abilities wisely and don’t allow yourself to be held up or distracted by inconsequential issues or be lead into anything that limits your ability to proceed.


·         When looking at what we’d like to change, we need to be realistic. We risk wasting time and effort trying to change what can’t be changed, no matter how hard we wish it could be changed. We need to focus on what can be changed or learn to accept what can’t be altered. This week, as much as you wish there was more you could do to change a situation, your time will be better spent repairing it rather than investing effort in a process you have little or no control over. That process is unfolding in its own way and time. Have faith that you’ll know more soon enough.

·         Life becomes a lot more fun and vibrant this week and it’s a theme that is set to continue and grow over the coming weeks and it’s also a week where a passion for adventure and a hunger for life’s richer experiences is set to return. However, it comes just as things are starting to move professionally and especially on the work front, with having a balance between work and play essential. It’s the Sun’s return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Wednesday that not so much puts the focus onto matters of the heart, but cements it and gives what was already there validation. This comes just as Mars’ direct turn in an adventurous part of your chart declares war on all things routine. This comes just as you’re starting to regain your professional stride.




There is strength and vigor in this situation 

– like a ram who has knocked down a fence to free himself from captivity. 

This points to a time when a strong force comes into its own and achieves power.


When a leader finally comes into power, his or her personal strength usually has peaked. Great strength has been required in climbing to the mountaintop, but once at the summit, the support of others is needed to maintain position. A shift in attitude becomes necessary. Raw strength must be tempered by wisdom; to maintain power, the strong leader must learn to give it away, to share it with others. Only then will his position be secure, for he will not only be the possessor of power, but the source of it as well.


If you find yourself in a powerful position, it is especially important to act responsibly and react with care. Power must not be allowed to degenerate into raw force which rides roughshod over everything in its path. A strong sense of responsibility to the collective good is the key to the successful exercise of power. By following what we intuitively know to be for the greater good, we avoid reckless abuses of power which in the end undermine the source of our strength. Arrogance contains the seeds of its own undoing.

moving line interpretations

Line 1

Simply possessing great personal vigor does not assure success. If you start your movement from a lowly or weak position, attempting to advance prematurely through forceful efforts will only bring misfortune. Even for those of great strength and ability, progress is achieved step by step.

Line 2

The gates of good fortune are swinging open; the time has come to plunge ahead. In times of great opportunity, beware of premature celebrations. Keep your balance.

Line 3

A ram crashing through a hedge gets his horns tangled up. He may be the strongest animal in the flock, but a proud, haughty ram only brings misfortune upon himself. Avoid empty displays of power or force.


A wise leader measures success in terms of finely-tuned performance, not raw power. Power is the fuel, but precision is the carburetor.

Line 4

The resolute application of a strong force brings success. Like the axle of a large wagon, a powerful person’s real strength is often hidden inside. By quietly bringing inner strength to the outer world, great achievements become possible.

Line 5

When a strong person finds himself or herself in a loose and easy situation, a loss of alertness and a weakening of power can set in. If external resistance is absent at work, relax and enjoy the situation – but avoid becoming complacent, and learn to create challenges for yourself in recreational activities.

Line 6

Use of excessive force can generate strong opposition, often leading to deadlocks which make it impossible either to advance or retreat. Once you have pushed things too far, the only option is to recognize the impasse created by an overly-aggressive attitude, and make the proper adjustments.


Good times ahead seems inevitable; there is vitality in the air. 

This is a most auspicious time. Like a snake emerging from hibernation, negative forces are only just beginning to stir, and can be effectively controlled. This is a time of hopeful progress, and must be used to best advantage. When approaching good fortune, conscientious work pays great dividends. A clear road lies ahead.


Act now, for at some point this ripe opportunity for advancement will be reversed. No spring lasts forever. It’s always wise to stay alert and note the changing signs of the times.


Spring is always the season of new relationships. In the bounty of good times, new bonds are formed effortlessly. Relationships born in spring can serve well to warm the following autumn and winter.


moving line interpretations

Line 1

When the forces of good begin to prevail, people of influence take notice, and men and women of ability are drawn to the center of action. If you sense such movement, you are well advised to join in. But don’t let yourself be swept away by the tide of events.

Line 2

When you are offered a good opportunity, prospects for success are very favorable. This is a good time to take strong, valiant action. When a person possesses inner strength and self-confidence, the future need not be a concern.

Line 3

When things are going well, the great danger is that you will relax and become careless. Enjoy your successes, but remain mindful of how you have achieved them. There is a natural human tendency to let up once you are ahead, but the great players challenge themselves until the end of the game.

Line 4

An open-minded approach brings success. Organizations that value performance over superficial qualities advance much more quickly than those which take a complacent, clubby attitude. Avoid prejudices against those of different backgrounds. When complacency creeps into your personal life, radical action may be necessary to change the prevailing mood.

Line 5

The greatest leaders reveal their true power by attracting people of excellent ability, and by allowing these key associates the freedom to exercise their own judgment. The person able to give power to those who can effectively exercise it, gains much more power in return.

Line 6

When a sage returns from seclusion to re-enter the day-to-day world, great good fortune falls on those whom he teaches and helps. Seek objective advice from those you respect, particularly those who have not been caught up in your worldly affairs. Their perceptions may be to provide you with a new window on the world.



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